CakePHP reverse routing does not work as expected


I need several routes in my application to allow for a dynamic string to proceed the prefix.

Here's my route:

Router::connect('/:location/traveler/:controller/*', array('action' => 'index', 'traveler' => true, 'prefix' => 'traveler'), array('pass' => array('location')));

For instance, if I went to /south/traveler/requests it would route successfully to RequestsController::traveler_index($location = 'south').

This is what I want, but I also need HtmlHelper::link() to properly reverse route a URL array into that route.

Here's my call to HtmlHelper::link():

$this->Html->link('List Requests', array('controller' => 'requests', 'action' => 'index', 'location' => 'south'));

The prefix routing is (or should be) implied since this is being called from a view within the traveler prefix.

The URL that call spits out is:

Have I not done something correctly? Is there any way I can avoid creating a custom route class to properly reverse route these URL arrays?

You need to inform the router that location should be a named parameter using Router::connectNamed. See