c # / sql-server, trying to get two ddl data from two tables & hellip; in a sqlDataReder


Well, i am tring to do something nice (nice for me, simple for you guys), i was told i can do it, but i have no idea where to start. I have two DDL's in a page, i need on page_load to popolate both, each one gets data from deferent table with no relaition between them (suppliers/catagories). i know how to do it with two DB connections, that is easy, but i was told that i can do it with one connection. I was not told if it is only the connection that is united or also that SP deal with both tables in one SP (doesn't seem logical to me that i can do it with only one SP...but what do i know..lol) thanks, Erez

I think you could separate your SQL statements by a semicolon.
e.g. SELECT myColumns FROM Suppliers; SELECT otherColumns FROM Categories

You could open the datareader in a regular way.

Once you are done reading all the data for 1st resultset, you could make a call to NextResult which will try to execute the next statement and will get you the reader for 2nd resultset.

Note: I have not done this. But this is what I can make out of the documentation.