C # how do you return the sqldatareader dataset?


I have this in a public class:

SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection("Data Source=hermes;database=qcvalues; Integrated Security=SSPI;");
SqlDataReader myReader = null;
SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand(InitializeQuery(), myConnection);
myReader = myCommand.ExecuteReader();

I need the datasource of a control to get the dataset from myReader.

Unfortunately this is difficult to do because the control is on a form (a separate class). how would I return myReader dataset into the datasource property of the control on my form?

You don't. Use a DataAdapter instead:

var ds = new DataSet();

using(var conn = new SqlConnection(connString))
    var command = new SqlCommand(InitializeQuery(), conn);
    var adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(command);