Bundle Identifier differs from the previous batch identifier


So this really put headache on my head and I finally gave up and posted question here. I am trying to update one of my client Application in iTune store and we are facing below error while uploading to App store.

So, I already tried couple of solution by creating new app id with the bundle sid id twice. Also delete all old profile etc. But nothing worked yet.

1). iTunes Connect App Bundle ID = 8X8ZP823D6.com.pregnancytoolspro.55freebabysamples
2). Info.plist Bundle ID = com.pregnancytoolspro.55freebabysamples 3). Provision profile ID = 8X8ZP823D6.com.pregnancytoolspro.55freebabysamples

When I Changed Info.plist App ID to com.pregnancytoolspro.55freebabysamples then it show me provision profile active in the list.

If I changed Info.plist App ID to 8X8ZP823D6.com.pregnancytoolspro.55freebabysamples then it doesn't show me provision profile active in the list.

When I build app and upload to App store it pop up this message and I can't understand how it should be in info.plist and in provision profile so that it can match iTunes Bundle ID.

Is anyone faced this problem before ? Please help me out.

We contacted Apple support and they said they will have to change Bundle Identifier in the App we have added in our account. So probably Apple will solve this critical issue.