Block ALL keyboard access, mouse access, and keyboard shortcut events


In order to block ALL keyboard access, mouse access and keyboard shortcut events in one of my projects, I:

  1. Created a full screen transparent borderless window, in front of other windows, but invisible.
  2. Handle all keyboard and mouse events with simple return; the window itself.
  3. Make the window modal [NSApp runModalForWindow:myWindow] in order to block keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Release window from touchpad's gesture events only.

But this guy made it look simple in a tiny app -MACIFIER:

How did he do it?

not really sure if this would be usable, but you could use the program hotkeynet (generally used for gaming, but I have had success using other methods) and map every single key/mouse action to do nothing. I did something similar by blocking access to a specific program with it in about 20-30 minutes.

not sure if it will help; but it might be the solution you need?