Billing via the Android app: Error while consuming sku android.test.purchased (answer: 5: developer error)


I have sent a test purchase intent via standard helper:

String SKU = "android.test.purchased";
mHelper.launchPurchaseFlow(this, SKU, 10001, mPurchaseFinishedListener);

The purchase was made successfully, but when I try to consume the purchased item using:

mHelper.consumeAsync(inv.getPurchase(SKU), mConsumeFinishedListener);

I get the following error:

Error while consuming: IabResult: Error consuming sku android.test.purchased (response: 5:Developer Error)

  • I've created a Play Store signed apk and uploaded to the Developer Console
  • I've setup a test item in the Dev Console
  • I've implemented onActivityResult

Am I missing something?

I got the same error since 2013/03/08 til now. Before 03/08, consuming android.test.purchased works fine. I observe this product id, it seems to be cleared automatically with some period.

EDIT An anonymous user added the following:

Here is the issue: