Background color JQuery does not work


I want to change the background color of 'exampleDiv' from the original white background to when I call the code below to immediate change the background yellow and then fade back to the original white background.

$("#exampleDiv").animate({ backgroundColor: "yellow" }, "fast");

However, this code does not work.

I have only the JQuery core and JQuery UI linked to my web page.

Why doesn't the code above work?

I've had varying success with animate, but found that using its built in callback plus jQuery's css seems to work for most cases.

Try this function:

$(document).ready(function () {

    $.fn.animateHighlight = function (highlightColor, duration) {
        var highlightBg = highlightColor || "#FFFF9C";
        var animateMs = duration || "fast"; // edit is here
        var originalBg = this.css("background-color");

        if (!originalBg || originalBg == highlightBg)
            originalBg = "#FFFFFF"; // default to white

            .css("backgroundColor", highlightBg)
            .animate({ backgroundColor: originalBg }, animateMs, null, function () {
                jQuery(this).css("backgroundColor", originalBg);

and call it like so:


Tested in IE9, FF4, and Chrome, using jQuery 1.5 (do NOT need UI plugin for this). I didn't use the jQuery color plugin either - you would only need that if you want to use named colors (e.g. 'yellow' instead of '#FFFF9C').