AWS Error: Error validating the URL; check the URL and try again


I'm trying to deploy a test site to AWS via the toolkit for visual studio, and I'm getting a strange error at the environment selection page. Google searches are yielding no real information on it.

The error appears when I try to validate the url choice. It says, "Error during URL validation; check URL and try again." I have changed the url to everything I can think of, with no luck. When I hit next, no matter what the URL is, a message box appears informing me that the URL is not available. Is there a way around this error?


First, go to AWS, click on Services -> IAM, at the top left. Follow the instructions at to create an IAM user. This will create an alias, essentially, for your account. You will need the access key and secret key, so download the file when prompted.

Second, while in the IAM management portal, click on Policies, on the left. You can check up to two options, and use them to create a Policy. Choose EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk, full access for each. You should do this with the IAM user you created, though I believe that you can use your main account.

Finally, you'll need to assign that profile to your web project. In the AWS Explorer, click on the New Account Profile at the top. You'll be prompted to enter some information; here is where you will need those keys. Once that is all done, try the Publish to AWS wizard, again.