Average column length of table


I have a table with 50+ VARCHAR(255) columns.
The moderators report that some of the content is cut of after 250 characters in few of the fields.

As checked this is expected behavior for VARCHAR(255) and I have to update some of the fields to text. But the problem is they can not give me details/instruction which fields are making problems ..

So my best guess is to analyse the current data and find the columns that usually store long content.

Is there a good query structure I can use to get:
- AVG length for each column.
- Max length for each column.
- Count of rows with length 200+ for this column.

SELECT AVG(CHAR_LENGTH(col)) avg_length
       MAX(CHAR_LENGTH(col)) max_length
       COUNT(CASE WHEN CHAR_LENGTH(col) >= 200 THEN 1 ELSE NULL END) 200_plus_count
  FROM tbl;