AVAudioRecorder is not retained


I am using AVAudioRecorder in my mac app. In my .m file I declare

@interface RecordViewController ()
    AVAudioRecorder *audioRecorder;

further down I then alloc init the object like so:

audioRecorder = [[[AVAudioRecorder alloc] initWithURL:soundFileURL settings:recorderSettings error:&error] retain];
[audioRecorder prepareToRecord];
[audioRecorder record];

I can see that the file gets created, but it only has 4KB. I do not get an error but when I test if [audioRecorder isRecording] I can see that [audioRecorder is no longer recording. I am assuming that the object got released, even though I am not using ARC and the dealloc method was not called.

I had a similar problem with the AVAudioPlayer but the additional retain] appended to the alloc init solved that.

What am I doing wrong?



I have even tried to do the following (all in the same method):

[audioRecorder record];
NSLog(@"recording is ... %d", [audioRecorder isRecording]);

and the result is 0. ???

Do I have to use self ? or lazily instantiate audioRecorder?

UPDATE 2: I recreated the project - called it TEST and copied the source code from my old project. Now it works?!?! Go figure. The source codes are line for line the same. Is this a known problem with XCode?

First of all, based on your comment, if you can still access the instance means that your object isn't dealloc.

AVAudioRecorder provide a delegate (AVAudioRecorderDelegate) have you tried to use the delegate for log if the recording is successfully or you get some error?

Particularly the method audioRecorderEncodeErrorDidOccur:error: should give you some error if occurred while recording.

BTW the additions retain] is not need because whit alloc init you've got the ownership of the object and you should release.