Asian characters missing on Android 5.0 devices


I'm using Unity4.5.4 and NGUI 3.6, and want to support multi-languages.

When I try on devices using Android 4, it is totally fine. When I install the same build on Google Nexus 7 using Android 5.0, English version is fine, but almost all the Asian characters cannot be displayed(Chinese Korean Japanese). I tried different fonts(using Arial or load my own font from Resource folder), it didn't work either.

Does anybody encounter similar problem, or know how to deal with this problem? Thanks a lot!

It has to do with the image that you have flashed into your Android device.

Although the APIs for Android 5.0 are now final, the system image for end-users is not available yet.

Assume everything is done correctly, once the end-user-system images are released your problem should be corrected.