AngularJS - How to capture JSON returned from a GET service method regardless of http status returned


I have an AngularJS app that I want to alert or capture the message of the following two returned JSON values, either on success or failure.

Two problems occur. On status code 500 I can not get the Message value of the returned JSON I get undefined when I try to alert msg. On success I can not parse the JSON either.

Message in Network console

GET inviteUsers 500 Internal Server Error

{"Message":"Users are not available"}

What do I need to do to make this work?

JSON on failure - returns status code 500

{"Message":"Users are not available"}

JSON on success

{"Message": "Invitations sent successfully"}

Controller Method

$scope.inviteUsers = function(){
  var msg = JSON.parse(createNewUserService.inviteUsers().query()["Message"]);

Service Method (Method GET)

var _inviteUsers = function(){

  return $resource(serviceBase + 'inviteUsers',

In fail condition you can access your message in error callback function

var msg;
var inviteUsers = createNewUserService.inviteUsers().query();
inviteUsers.$promise.then(function(data) {
    // success handler
    msg = JSON.parse(data)["Message"];
}, function(error) {
    // error handler
    msg = JSON.parse(error)["Message"];