Angular using ng-model with expression in the model of the directive


I want to use the ng-model attribute in a custom element. The problem is, that I need to set the ng-model with an expression:


The problem is, that I always get an error as soon I add the expression to the ng-model attribute in my template:

Error: Syntax Error: Token '' is unexpected, expecting [:] at column 3 of the expression [{{}}] starting at [}}].
    at Error (<anonymous>)
    at throwError (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:5999:11)
    at consume (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6037:7)
    at object (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6327:9)
    at primary (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6211:17)
    at unary (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6198:14)
    at multiplicative (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6181:16)
    at additive (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6172:16)
    at relational (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6163:16)
    at equality (http://localhost:9000/public/javascripts/angular.js:6154:16)

The code used:

function addFormFieldDirective(elementName, template) {
    app.directive(elementName, function() {
        return {
            restrict: "E",
            scope: {},
            replace: true,
                              // adds some extra layout
            template: buildFormTemplate(template),
            link: function(scope, elm, attrs) {
                scope.x = attrs;
addFormFieldDirective("textfield", '<input id="{{}}" ng-model="{{}}" type="text" name="{{}}" value="{{x.value}}" />');

I couldn't find a way to pass an expression to ng-model within the directive template.

Following solution creates an isolated model within the directive and directive controller dynamically creates the property name in main controller model object and watches the isolated model to pass updates to main model:

app.directive("textfield", function() {
    return {
        restrict: "E",
        scope: {},
        replace: true,
        controller:function($scope,$attrs)  {

            }) ;

        template: buildFormTemplate('<input ng-model="directiveModel" id="{{}}" type="text" name="{{}}" value="{{x.value}}" />');


Plunkr Demo