Angular - UI.Router does not load component


I am unable to get ui.router to load a component on index.html, through a localhost or otherwise:


    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script src="//[email protected]/release/angular-ui-router.js"></script> <!-- used to route views -->
    <script src="js/components.js"></script>

    <body ng-app="myApp">
    <div> <!-- main content -->
         <ui-view></ui-view>   <!-- this directs ui-router to put the home view here-->


    var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ui.router']); //makes a call to the Angular API to create our app, configured with the ui.router plug-in
    //configure our view router
    app.config(function($stateProvider) {
      //create our different views as objects
      var mainState ={
        name: 'main', //name of the object
        url: '', //url to point to, or that causes this view to be triggered
        component: 'home', //component that works with the data, loads the template
        resolve: { //data to bind to our component
          data: function(Resource) {
            console.log(Resource.test()) //returns "Hello World"
            return Resource.test()
      //call the states
    app.service('Resource', function ($http) {
      var service = {
       test: function() {
          return "Hello world"
      return service;
    app.component('home', {
      bindings: { data: '<'}, //make the data we loaded into the view from the factory available to this component
      template: "<p>{{data}}</p>", //this is the html that we will plug our data into
      controller: function () {
        console.log(this) //does not call

"Hello world" loads, as does data when I make $http gets through the service. But it does not get passed to the component. Any thoughts?

component attribute is available from [email protected](see here and in CHANGELOG.MD - it was added in 1.0.0-aplpha) so it's not available 0.3.1.

Here is working jsFiddle (with 1.0.3-beta)