& ldquo; AndroidManifest.xml does not exist or has an incorrect root root and rdquo; Error


I am new to AndroidStudio AND Gradle.

I imported a project from eclipse, created a module, and tried to run the project, but I got this error:

AndroidManifest.xml doesn't exist or has incorrect root tag

I have been looking at this previous solution for it: How to build an android library with Android Studio and gradle?

But that solution is WAY too advanced for me.

Could someone please help me understand in simpler terms what is going wrong and how I can fix it?

Thank you!

Update after one of the answers:

These are the options I have under the build menu:

Every Android project needs a file called AndroidManifest.xml to tell Android about itself. Either your project doesn't have one, or it's not in the place that Android Studio expects it to be. Try to find it, and move it to the root folder of the project.