Android - What should I use to get remote db data?


I'm working on an Android app that uses data stored in a remote database. I'm now working with for my data storage but I might change to mysql. What structure should I use to load the data on to my screen? The data are objects that I want to pinpoint on a map. So from the moment an object is loaded from the database, I want to place it on my map as fast as possible. So before all the objects are done loaded from the database, there should already be some objects shown on the map.

Should I use AsyncTask, Loader, Content provider, Service, ... ?

In general if you want your Android application to interact with remote database you have to develop a webservice that has all the methods that you want to use in your android app like insert,select,update and delete, and here is a good tutorial to start with.Click Here Please Also you can use JDBC driver library for SQL Server which allow you to connect to a database directly without using database Click here please