Android WebView disables keyboard predictions


I've been scouring the web for hours now looking for answer to these two questions, to no avail.

  1. How do I disable all keyboard auto-complete suggestions within an app/activity/WebView? Most answers focus on scenarios that include an EditText, but in my scenario, there is just a WebView with input fields.
  2. In the scenario described above, how do I keep the keyboard open all the time I am in the activity containing the WebView? Pressing the "Done" button on the keyboard makes the text field lose focus and the keyboard collapses.


For your first requirement

android:windowSoftInputMode="stateVisible" // Add this Manifest section

For your second requirement



Sets whether the WebView should save form data. In Android O, the platform has implemented a fully functional Autofill feature to store form data. Therefore, the Webview form data save feature is disabled.

You should read Android Webview private browsing