Android & amp; Web: What is the equivalent style for the web?


I am quite impressed by the workflow I follow when developing Android applications: Define a layout in an xml file and then write all the code in a code-behind style. Is there an equivalent style for the web? I mean, with a predefined list of widgets that can be defined using a markup language and then control them using code?

I have come across Google's Web Toolkit that does something like this but I'd like to hear what other's think as well.

I know this a fairly old thread, but if you haven't tried it by now, Wicket is exactly like this. I came from doing wicket development to Android and it has made it tons easier. Exact same concept. Define your UI with HTML and then any html objects you need any control logic on, you set a Wicket ID. Then in a wicket java file, you write your logic referencing the html wicket ID's that were set. It has tons of predefined widgets that handle so much behind the scenes. It's one of the best web frameworks I've dealt with.