Android Wear, connect to a Bluetooth device


I want to connect a 3rd party bluetooth device to my Android Wear watch (Samsung Gear Live). I am trying to find documentation on how to do this but I am not having any luck. All the searches I do seem to think I want to attach to a phone.

Does anyone know of a good example that shows how to connect, for example, a bluetooth heart rate monitor (or other device) to the Android Wear so I can keep a history when the phone isn't present? Is this even possible? Would it be the same protocols as doing it from a phone/tablet?

It is not possible to connect 3rd party bluetooth devices to an Android Wear watch as you describe. You will need to pair your heart rate monitor with your phone, extract the data you want, and then use the Data Layer API to send the data to the wearable for display to the user.

EDIT: Android Wear devices now support the ability to pair with Bluetooth devices.