Android: Google Map V2 Does Not Work as Expected by Using Eclipse


I'm integrating google map v2 to my android app, I'm using Eclipse with minimum SDK Version version 10. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Ace as a test device.

I've read and done the necessary steps in this site:

I've also consult this tutorials:

The problem is that the google-play-service_lib seems to be not included although I have done the step Project > Properties > Android > Add: google-play-service_lib

Here is a screenshot:

I've tried solving this problem by doing Project > Properties > Java Build Path and adding the google-play-service_lib, but this will cause a runtime error java.lang.noclassdeffounderror:$styleable

Has anyone encounter this problem, and how did you solve this?

Make sure that your project code and google-play-service_lib's code are at same place otherwise it will keep fireing import error.