Ajax Jquery and php: How to control comments?


Let's suppose you're sending data through ajax. The server will process it (PHP) and sends a feedback that you can grab using Complete: function(data) { //WRITE HTML TO DIV $('#somehing').html(data) } The question is: is there a way to modify data (edit, delete) before passing it to an html element?

Here's a simple example of what I mean :

//php side
echo 'Invalid email';
echo 'Enter your username';
echo 'fine';
echo 1;
echo 2;

// Jquery and Ajax
type: 'POST',
url: 'render.php',
complete: function(data) {
$('#something').html(data) /* all those messages in php will be printed
into #something including the numbers. how to delete or edit those numbers
from appearing in #something? */

Try this to remove the numbers like,

   data=data.replace(/\d+/,''); // Regular expression without quotation marks.
   // or you can replace the something text like
   // $('#something').text(function(){
   //     return this.innerText.replace(/\d+/,'');
   // });