Access against MySQL or Postgres?


I have a (potential) client who has had several a several Access applications previously developed which they want to upgrade to use a database back end. Unfortunately because of costs they don't want to use SQL Server, and SQL Express is likely inappropriate due to licensing restrictions.

They have mentioned using MySQL and an option - which I am sceptical of, and I'm considering recommending Postgres although my direct experience of that combination is limited.

Are either of these two databases feasible options? Which would be preferred and is there any other alternatives that should be considered?

ADDED: They are looking to replace the database but keep the Access front end. Apparently these would seem to be fairly simple applications but used across a large number of users (80+) hence the cost implications of SQL Server and unsuitability of SQL Express.

We have very good experiences with Access -> ODBC -> MySQL / Firebird. I assume PostGres should be as easy.

This will not solve all your performance issues (if you have any). The best thing to do to gain significant performance increase is to use views / stored procedure / pass through queries to bring as much load as possible to the (fast) database server.