A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found for the debug mode


I am getting this error while I am trying to debug my app on device.

I created development provisioning profile as it is mentioned at the developer portal. My development device is selected in the profile and I am selecting the correct profile from Target's code signing identity menu. I recreated provisioning profile for several times and also removed and reinstalled it and recreated the project but I am getting that whenever I try to debug on device.

Btw, the adhoc distribution provision profile works.

I spent my whole day to find out a solution but nothing. Anyone have a solution?

It could be because your iphone is not recognized by the provisioning portal.


1) In Xcode, Goto --> Build --> clean all targets.

2) In "Groups & Files" -->Target --> expand it --> right click your app and select Clean "your app"

3) Goto->Window-->Organizer

4) In the Devices tab on the left, select your iphone

5) In the Provisioning section of the selected iphone delete all the current profiles (if any)

6) Unplug your iPhone and replug it in.

7) Goto->Window-->Organizer-->right click your iPhone -->Add device to provisioning portal

8) Now make sure you have selected the appropriate code signing identity in edit project settings -> build --> code signing

Build and run. Good luck!