post and get attribute in the ASP.NET action method

Let's say I have two create action methods, one for get method, one for post method: [HttpGet] public ActionResult Create() { return View(); } [HttpPost] public ActionResult Create() { return View(); } If I just add a view to Get method, so there is

Ignore the generation of read-only fields for Html.ActionLink

I have a base request-object RequestBase defined like: public abstract class RequestBase { public abstract string Area { get; } public abstract string ActionName { get; } public abstract string LinkName { get; } public abstract string ControllerName

Write the selected columns in Excel to the .txt file

I am building an Excel add-in in Visual Studio and trying to write user-selected ranges of data to a text file. Users can select several (can be non-contiguous) ranges on a Windows Form. Addresses of the selected ranges are stored in a collection ran

How to pass a 'null' action

I have the following function definition private void DoExport(Action<ColumnView, bool> UpdateColumns) { ... } private void UpdateNonPrintableColumns(ColumnView view, bool visible) { ... } Example of it being called: DoExport(UpdateNonPrintableColum

WebResource.axd 404's

I get this error many times a day showing up in my event viewer. It generates 404's. I have never actually seen it when browsing the site and never had anyone contact me about getting that error either. I am trying to decide if it is something seriou

change the value of the parameter passed by reference

How can I change the value for the parameter passed by Reference in a method inside the class? ie: Public Class Setting Public Sub New(Optional ByRef target as String = Nothing) _target = target End Sub Private Sub Go() If Not IsNothing(_target) Then

Pop up for the alert

I'm going to ask the end users to clean their cache addresses using Outlook.exe /CleanAutoCompleteCache command in outlook. I can create a batch file and ask them to click on it.It works, but before proceeding they should get pop up alert that runnin

Convert from IList & lt; T & gt; to non-generic IList

I am implementing IListSource that requires a method GetList() with the following signature: IList GetList() I am using .NET framework 2 and I'm wanting to return an object that implements IList as follows: public System.Collections.IList GetList() {

Prevent all copy operations with msbuild and a great solution

I will immediately admit completely unfamiliarity with msbuild and hope that I'm not asking a dumb question. We have a large .NET solution that has about 316 projects in it. During the build process, it seems like a large amount of the build time is

Super slow server after SSL Cert renewal? (IIS 6 / .NET)

I am kind of stumped. Recently our sys admin updated our expired SSL cert. Afterwards, all of our forms authentication applications are performing very slow, very slow to log in, very slow to go to any pages. However our Windows auth apps have no suc

HttpRequest and POST

I keep getting one of the following error messages : "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request." OR "System.Net.ProtocolViolationException: You must write ContentLength bytes to the request stream before calling [Begin]GetResp

How to convert PDF to TIFF with GhostScript?

Possible Duplicate: Best way to convert pdf files to tiff files I'm looking for a free library that allows me to convert a PDF document to a (or several) TIFF images. If Tiff is not possible it can also be other images formats. I read about a way to

save application configurations

Is there a way to save application configurations and settings that user have customized in a way like we use the app.config file? the app.config file is read-only so I cannot add keys or edit values in it. I want something easy to use that have add

Can unused namespace directives cause changes?

I am sure that codes will produce same result but CLR will consider unused namespace directives while allocating memory ? Another question can be that CLR consider unused code blocks while allocating memory ?It will not make a difference at runtime w

System.IO.Path or equivalent use with Unix paths

Is it possible to either use the System.IO.Path class, or some similar object to format a unix style path, providing similar functionality to the PATH class? For example, I can do: Console.WriteLine(Path.Combine("c:\\", "windows")); Wh

XML database in C # .net

I am developing a WPF client program for some websites. It uses XML database. I am new to XML. Would someone please explain how to create,append(Most important),edit,read&encrypt XML file. It is a big question,i know . But, it is urgent.Have to compl

How can I get the reference to the currently active modal form?

I am writing a small class for driving integration testing of a win form application. The test driver class has access to the main Form and looks up the control that needs to be used by name, and uses it to drive the test. To find the control I am tr

domain driven design with nhibernate and sql server

I have a reference application that I use to work through DDD issues, and my current focus is on persistence. An alternate title for this post could have been DDD / TDD persistence tools and methods, but that is a (very) broad topic and I do have a s

Interface + Extension (mixin) vs Base Class

Is an interface + extension methods (mixin) preferable to an abstract class? If your answer is "it depends", what does it depend upon? I see two possible advantages to the interface + extension approach. Interfaces are multiply inheritable and c

XML serialization issue

Have an XML with next form: <categories someAttribute="test"> <category id="1"> <title></title> </category> <category id="1"> <title></title> </category> </categories&g

Join multiple DataRows in a single DataRow

I am writing this in C# using .NET 3.5. I have a System.Data.DataSet object with a single DataTable that uses the following schema: Id : uint AddressA: string AddressB: string Bytes : uint When I run my application, let's say the DataTable gets fille