Converting HTML content to a PDF file using jsPDF

Trying to automatically convert this content to a pdf file. Based on how the rest of my code is setup, I have to have the button to click INSIDE the div that I want to export to pdf. Is this a problem? Here's what I have so far. When I click the butt

How to animate the div tag to slide from right to left?

I am trying to develope responsive web page. If i click an image, it has to display mymodal div from right to left like slidetoggle (from image has to slide out right to left). If i used below method nothings happen (used many other code which was su

Change the behavior of the button using AJAX

I'm trying to figure out how to change behaviour of a button using AJAX. When the button is clicked, it means that user confirmed order recently created. AJAX calls /confirm-order/<id> and if the order has been confirmed, I want to change the button

Loading JSON with jQuery, then viewing on the viewer

I'm trying to load a JSON file using the DataPoint API of the Met Office by calling the URL:[MY_API_KEY_GOES_HERE] A sample of the returned JSON would look like this: { "L

pass the drop-down value in the controller with Ajax

I have search many time in google but i did not find my a answers. I have one Select html tag that it have 3 option tag . i want pass these select value with Jquery Ajax but I cant . This is my Html tag <select id="discount" onchange="di

Consultation concerning dates in jQuery-mobile

i need to add 10 days to my date picker. my code for date picker <label for="bday" style="text-align:right">Pick Date</label> <input type="date" name="bday" id="bday"> How to insert to va

How do I get the last row / column using jquery bootstrap?

I am using a fluid container format. In that I created a panel and the panel has an id. I keep on adding data to the container in <row><col>data</row></col> format. I was wondering if it is possible to get the last row and column f

The text does not change in jQuery

I seem to be doing something wrong in the following code: When you click next, the text within the span .hiddentext should be displayed in the span .showtext on top and correspond to the right Race (Rn). For exam

Wrap all AJAX calls jQuery

I populate many parts of my website using $("#theDivToPopulate").load("/some/api/call.php", callBackToBindClickEventsToNewDiv); Where /some/api/call.php returns a built list, div, or some other HTML structure to place directly into my

The Div onclick event is not called Mozilla

I have this in my code: <div class="someClass"> <div id="22" class="otherClass" onclick="goToEdit();">Title</div> <div class="parent">Other title</div> </div> And: funct

The page load is triggered instead of the Web method

OK, so my websites been working normally up until now, I'm not really sure what I've changed. I have a jQuery AJAX call that sends a coupon code to the server, and retrieves a number (which is the discount). The Webmethod is no longer being fired tho

Filter Builder in Javascript

Anyone knows a javascript alternative to something like: -> click on the condition in the footer of the grid to see the filter Can be a jquery plugin, jqGrid plugin or anythin

Web service does not work in ASP.NET WebForms ajax call

I'm trying to call a simple web service like this, on the client side: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/service/local/newsservice.asmx/DoPost", // "/news/post/do", data: { title: _title, markdown: _markdown, categoryId: 1 }, suc

jquery / javascript - Simple split () problem

if ($(".productpage .description").html() != null) { var textToHide = $('.productpage .description').html().split('<br class="breakHere">')[1]; var visibleText = $('.productpage .description').html().split('<br class="bre

Read several jQuery.value () in the table

I have some code that looks like this that works just fine: var info = []; for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) { info[i] = $('#info_' + i).val(); } The problem is that this pattern is very common in my application with some minor variations. What i would like t

Add two parameters to href in jQuery Template using MVC

I am hoping I have given enough information for someone to help. (I have cut out the bits of code that I felt were not relevant) I have a jquery template, inside of which is a link that returns an id to an ActionResult. My question is: what is the sy

how to implement 'break page' in epub reader

Any idea how to implement 'page break' in epub reader? .epub is nothing but HTML pages, and epub reader renders those html pages. but i wonder how some epub readers like Adobe Digital Edition implemented page break. There,when we jump to any page, yo