How to solve the promise of another promise?

The title is confusing, sorry. I need to look at the contents of a promise for a subsequent promise. See my previous thread for context: How to sequentially handle asynchronous results from API? I have working code below, and I annotated my problem:

Good way to update state in redux reducers

I'm a newbie in redux and es6 syntax. I make my app with official redux tutorial, and with this example. There is JS snippet below. My point - to define REQUEST_POST_BODY and RECEIVE_POST_BODY cases in posts reducer. Main difficult - to find and upda

the application is not defined after grouping

I am running browserify on my code, it is as follows: import './app'; //--------------------------------------------------// // Components //--------------------------------------------------// import './components/_ntToggleClass'; app is simply cons

why style.height is not added?

I have the below code and it runs without any issues but for some reason the height is never set. function expandTextarea() { var textareas = document.getElementsByTagName('textarea'); for (var i = 0; i < textareas.length; i++) { if (textareas[i].scr

Using logstash and elasticsearch

I'm actually using node-bunyan to manage log information through elasticsearch and logstash and I m facing a problem. In fact, my log file has some informations, and fills great when I need it. The problem is that elastic search doesn't find anything

Restangular does not put the whole object

I'm very new to it all so if I've made some massive oversights don't shout to hard. I'm trying to update a table row using restangular. However it would seem like not all the object data is being set to the restapi. I have tested the restapi with POS

JQuery fills out the form but has not been recognized

I am using Flask as the backend. And I wrote a simple form with WTForm, say, field = StringField('input:', validators=[Required()]) And I write a JQuery to fill it automatically $('#theidofthefield').val('fillingin'); And I click the submit button in

Dynamic checkbox onchange & amp; javascript

This might be an easy one for you, but I'm stuck, so I hope you can help me. I'm creating checkboxes through a loop and want to specify a text somewhere in the website if a checkbox is clicked. I'v seen solutions where a make a script for each checkb

The Javascript variable is equal to the variable true

OK, I can't really describe it word by word so I will use an example: function f1() { document.write(vavariable) }; function f2(){ if(variablefot)'red'; }; variablefot = false; variablefotok = variablefot = true; variable1

JS game - shooting in random directions

I am working on a HTML5 canvas / Javascript based game. It is a fighter jet game, after I pass specific score my main boss will spawn. Everything works like I wanted to but, I dont how to do boss shooting. My jet fires a single bullet verticaly but m

JavaScript does not work in IE at first run

Having a rather strange issue within IE. When I launch IE and load a page (from a local domain, let's call it "") the JavaScript on the site does not run. I know what you are thinking, turn on JS you plonker (

Legacy in the Mongoose

Hello I need to inherit my schemas in mongoose library. Are there complete plugins for that? Or how should I do that myself? I need to inherit all pre, post, init middleware from a Base schema also.You may want to look at using a Mongoose Plugin: htt

Use a for loop to browse the xml

I am trying to use a for loop to iterate through an XML document and place the data in the webpage. What I want this code to do is take the first 4 entries in the XML and display their title, date, time and description. The code I currently have look

Fluid dynamic simulation, with obstacles

I'm trying to write a fluid dynamic simulator on the HTML5 canvas. I've found some real damn cool stuff on the internets that always look like a promising starting point, but they are all cell-based and use some crazy math. I'd like to be able to add

What are the main reasons that my website is very slow on IE?

I need to know what can be the main reasons (apart from the basics like grouping CSS selectors, reducing image size, using image sprite etc.) which makes a website slow on Internet Explorer, because my website works fine on the others like FF, chrome

Does $ (& # 39; body & # 39;) 'use Sizzle Engine?

I understand that $("#id") is faster because it maps to a native javascript method. Is the same true of $("body")?No it does not use Sizzle, there's a special shortcut for $("body") in place, you can see the code here: // The

Javascript key-codes for Alt, Ctrl and Shift

$("#text").bind('keypress', function(e) { var code = (e.KeyCode ? e.keyCode : e.which); alert(code); } It works fine for everything except Alt, Ctrl, or Shift. But in all tutorials that i found it should echos 17, 18, 19 Why?use .keydown() or .k

Detect idle time in JavaScript gracefully

Is it possible to detect "idle" time in JavaScript? My primary use case probably would be to pre-fetch or preload content. Idle time: Period of user inactivity or without any CPU usageHere is a simple script using JQuery that handles mousemove a