Validation of hidden input fields

I'm trying to validate a phone number input field in a form. I'm using intl-tel-input (which is great, BTW) to get the extension and full number, then pass the value to a hidden field so I can send the form data to the server. This is the displayed f

The drop-down selection option displays the price?

Maybe I didn't constructed my question very good but I am trying to add to an HTML page a drop down menu and when an option is selected it should display some price and everything is fine by now, but when I add multiple dropdowns the price is showed

Unable to read 'textContent' property

I am trying to create an animated logo inspiration : I am getting error when I use document.getElementById instead of document.getElementsByTagName Jsfiddle Thanks in advance for helpThe reason p is null is becau

URL parameters determine the URL load ()

I am building a jQuery based web app and I want to use URL parameters to navigate around it. I would like to display content based on the URL parameter, with the 'load()' function getting the main body of the web page from an external URL and replaci

Make internal div 100% body width

I want the child div width to be 100% of the body. CSS #container { position:relative; width:400px; height:100px; margin:0 auto; background:red; } #inner { width:100%; height:30px; background:blue; } HTML <div id="container"> <div id=&q

Execution of the immediate function

CoffeeScript compiled this code: mod = (num) -> num % 2 into: // Generated by CoffeeScript 1.7.1 (function() { var mod; mod = function(num) { return num % 2; }; }).call(this); How can I call this JavaScript immediate function? For example, I'd like t

How to repeat the onclick event?

In the following code, why doesn't it change the color of the ball back to red if I click on it again? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <script> function farbe1(){ var stern_style = document.getElementById('kugel1').style; var click;

Initializing Javascript Nested Functions

I have a javascript function which contains another javascript function inside (closure) function function1() { $("button").bind("click", function () { function2(); }); function function2() { // code }; }; My question: When i call func

The jquery selector extension returns more data than expected

I'm trying to extend jquery selector (for the first time) and I'm trying to get more readable and maintainable code for my friends which work with me on this project. I'm trying to find all elements that have attribute deletable=true So when I look f

grab the string between characters with jquery

I have a variable which contains "j_id0:j_id11:i:f:pb:d:MyFieldName.input" (without the quotes). Now I would like to capture "MyFieldName". I had this: var test = "j_id0:j_id11:i:f:pb:d:MyFieldName.input"; var testRE = test.m

Google Maps removes the default man icon

i am using google maps with my project as you can see here ( Demo ) in left top you can see man icon and zoom i want to remove man icon and set zoom left-top what should i do? i am using this library js library and you can see other library in (view)

The collision table does not work properly javascript

just trying to implement collisions in my game. Im having a problem with how the tiles are tested for collisions and therefore the collisions aren't working. I have an array that looks like this: var coll_array = [ [[tile_index],[x],[y]] ] The tile i

Add an animation to this witness slider

I have created a slider using CSS3 to display my testimonials.. Now I need to add some animation to this slider using Jquery. But I dont have any idea how to use Jquery with this slider.. and what are the suitable plugin for this. So anybody can tell

javascript problem - firefox

Hi all Why this piece of javascript code doesn't work on firefox var nfiles = 1; function Expand(){ nfiles++ var adh = '<input type="file" name="File '+nfiles+'">'; files.insertAdjacentHTML('BeforeEnd',adh); return false; }; It l

Fancybox does not close

I'm getting an error on my website. When I try to close a frame of Fancybox plugin, it doens't close all. The screen is still locked. On console debugging I can see this error Object doesn't support property or method 'swing', in this line: this.pos=

Jquery Tooltip does not work on a new ajax append element

I have this jQuery tooltip that works fine on initial page loads. The problem is when I AJAX append another [tooltipwrapper] block the tooltip doesn't work on it. Please see codes below, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! $(function() { $('

Get JavaScript function information in HTML. How?

I have the following function to fetch the current position of a user (if allowed). <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript&quo

How to make a late binding with jQuery?

I have a form which gets introduced via XHR and I need to be able to bind an event on it, for submit. I've downloaded the jquery.form.js plugin. What's the best way to perform a late binding so that I can do something such as: $(document).ready(funct