How can I prevent table row highlighting in the next segment?

When I select a table row and click 'Ok' under city tab, it is highlighting the row but when I change the tab to town, it is highlighting the same row in the town tab even though I did not select it.That is if I highlight second and third row under c

Testing @IBOutlets and @IBActions @ private

We can make @IBOutlets and @IBAction private. Example: class MyViewController: UIViewController { @IBOutlet private weak var myLabel: UILabel! @IBAction private func nextTapped(sender: UIButton) { // Do something } } We haven't access to this propert

The Bar button element is not added

Im facing a problem, i have a viewController that has both navigationController and tabBarController. Whenever in code i try to add a right or left barButtonItem or even to add a title to the navigationBar nothing happens. Is it because of the tab ba

Swift-can not present Game Center with SpriteKit

This the code block I'm having trouble with.It gives me error because of 'presentViewController' func authenticateLocalPlayer(){ let localPlayer = GKLocalPlayer.localPlayer() localPlayer.authenticateHandler = {(viewController, error) -> Void in if (v

How to use the MKMapViewDelegate methods in the MVVM

In my view controller, there is an outlet to a MKMapView and the view controller naturally conforms to MKMapViewDelegate to perform MapKit operations. I'm trying to migrate to the MVVM model before further progress in the project in order to keep it

IOS xcode 6 Storyboard Auto Layouts

I need to create a simple login screen in my iPhone app and finding it difficult to adjust my TextField to take full width with the container considering 'Trailing space to Container'... I have placed TextFields and Labels within a scroll view and ha

Share a link via a URL schema (via Telegram for example)

I want to share a link via URL scheme lets say for Telegram. I have created this: tg://msg?text = The link, opens telegram but nothing else happens. I have used the same code for Viber, and it works: viber://forward?text = www.ex

Real-time communication alternatives to WebRTC

I would like to develop a Real Time Communication (with video and audio) application natively for android and iOS. Ideally it would also be able to connect to a browser however mobile platforms are the most important for this case. I have been lookin

Swift date formatting with NSDateFormatter

i have a json object that contains a date from database: var showDateRaw = v["feedDate"].description println(showDateRaw) showDateRaw variable's type is String and looks like this way after parsing the json object: 2015-05-10T18:39:55+02:00 i wo

iBeacons and Local Notifications

I have developed a small iBeacon based application, when the application detects one of our iBeacons makes a call to a web service to obtain a data set and send a local notification to the user. All this is working correctly. I have now raised the id

Select item to scroll the top of the page on iOS devices

I have a Bootstrap website with a <select> element inside a modal. My problem is that in iOS (tried on iPhone 5) when I try to open the select to choose an option the background content (behind modal) automatically scrolls up to the top of the page.

Replacing UINavigationController with UITabbarController

This is a real beginners thing I know but I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. I'm going through the great Ray Wenderlich series about Table Views, here's the last one

How do I create a new user account in XMPPFrameWork in ios

Hi I have tried some code for new user registration using XMPPFrameWork in IOS. -(IBAction)Registaton:(id)sender { // iPhoneXMPPAppDelegate *appDelegate =(iPhoneXMPPAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate]; [[[self appDelegate] xmppS

index and range of corresponding characters in string ios

Is there any built in function in NSString to do the following? I have an NSString called str1 with text @"dental visit" and str2 with text @"vis". I want to get the starting index of the matching character of str2 in str1 and the rang

Is it possible to get the x and y coordinates of a contact?

is it possible to get the x and y coordinates of a touch? If so could someone please provide a very simple example where the coordinates are just logged to the console.Using touchesBegan Event - (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent

Adding two values ​​in strings together in ios

I would like to add the values in the strings together which are in the format:"HH:mm:ss.SSS" and display it back again. In my case, it is adding timeString with difference to get currentString. I am not sure of the correct way of doing it. I am

extract text from UIWebView

i have a UIWebView loaded with a simple rtf file. (containing one line "THIS IS A TEST") UIWebView* webview = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(5, 50, 310, 400)]; [[self view] addSubview:webview]; [webview loadRequest:[NSURLRequest req

Drag to remove the TableView row

I have my array: self.colorNames = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"Red", @"Green", @"Blue", @"Indigo", @"Violet", nil]; I've tried everything I can find, but there's always errors. I want to be able to

iOS. The AddFontSizeToFitWidth method does not work correctly

I need to fill in a rect with some text. The size of rect is fixed. I use the following function: - (void)drawText:(NSString *)text onView:(UIView *)view inRect:(CGRect)rect { UILabel *lbl = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:rect]; lbl.minimumFontSize =

iOS Multiview App

I am trying to build a multiview app i.e. based on some gestures, new views are shown, removed etc. I have found 3 ways to do so - [self.view insertSubview:newViewController.view atIndex:3]; Using UINavigationController Finally using modalViewControl

No conforming value code

I'm trying to get a ViewController hooked up to a tab in a TabController. I've set the tab type to be a NavigationController, and my ViewController subclass as the tab's identity. I've also set the NIB name for the tab. When I use any of the other ta