UICollectionView in non-invoked TableViewCell

I have a UITableView contains one horizontal scroll UICollectionView in every cell like this override func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdenti

Can not create a clickable link in Swift 3

I want to have a clickable uitextview hyperlink in iOS Swift 3. My Code: private func setUpTextViews() { let attributedString = NSMutableAttributedString(string: "http://www.vitensenteret.no") attributedString.addAttribute(NSLinkAttributeName, v

Upload image to Cloudinary IOS

I can't upload images to Cloudinary hosting via HTTPS POST request, I want to use the simple API methods instead of the SDK. I'm having a problem with formatting the image in a byte array buffer or as Base64 encoded. Here's my code: UIImage *image =

How to detect the UITableView class in UIViewController?

I'm using PageMenu for viewcontrollers pagination. I have one main viewcontroller and later I've added 3 UITableViewControllers into it. Now when I go to some ViewController from my MainControllers second tab, for example, and return back, it see it

How to make the image of the tab bar icon small?

I want to make the tab tab bar icon images look little small.I have used 30*30 size images and also 60*60 images.but it still does not work for me.Please guide me how can i get the correct solution. following is my code //set the custom images for se

Why can not I drag UIBarButtonItem on the navigation bar?

I'm having a little bit of an issue. When I place the UIBarButtonItem on the tab bar controller it works perfectly, it displays as it should: However, I can't put a button onto where the black square is. Does anyone know how I could do this non-progr

TableView does not retrieve array elements

I'm having a problem about my tableView. I added a bunch of items into an array and asked the tableView to populate itself with those items from the array, it worked fine, but when I changed the items' indexes (orders) in array, the tableView didn't

How to retrieve the button reference using viewWithTag

This question already has an answer here: UITableViewCell with a UIButton 4 answers I created a dynamic prototype cell in storyboard and this cell is containing a UILabel and two UIButtons. Number of rows depends on my data which I am fetching from w

Adding a pedestrian crossing to my project Cordova-polymer

I Am Following this tutorial: http://blog.nraboy.com/2014/07/use-polymer-apache-cordova/ and i have found out that the polymer part in the app fails to work probebly beacause my device android version is only 4.2.1 . i've heard that crosswalk project

The screen moves after the start of editing CCTextField

I'm using cocos2d 3.0 RC4. When textField in CCTextField receive becomeFirstResponder screen moves down even though there is no need for it. I think this animation purpose is to show the text field if it's covered by keyboard. But I get this animatio

Show text alert after completion of some actions in iOS 7

I'm working on a iOS 7 application, which will have a feature to bookmark articles. I want to display a text message (e. g. a label) once a user bookmarks an article. The text message should then automatically disappear after, for example, 2 seconds.

update the iOS app with images from the web

I am working on free app and have 2 images (one transparent overlay) as background.I will have these two images changed from my web monthly. The update of images process, but how the app knows, if the image has changed on web? When launching the app

how to validate the youtube URL in the C-lens?

I am trying validate youtube url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdQfR4nsXvI .using below code (BOOL) validateUrl: (NSString *) candidate { NSString *urlRegEx = @"(http|https)://((\\w)*|([0-9]*)|([-|_])*)+([\\.|/]((\\w)*|([0-9]*)|([-|_])*))+"; NS

How to test Smart App banner URLs in the Dev environment

I'm wondering if it's possible to test iOS 6's smart app banners' app-argument URL parameter on dev builds of an iOS app. It appears the Open option in the banner only appears if the application is downloaded from the App Store.What worked for me was

The analyzer claiming an object was released when it was not

I am getting a static analysis error in this code which doesn't make any sense to me. The error is: Reference-counted object is used after it is released This is glue code to allow for PNG loading in a game originally written in C++. int pngLoad(cons

iOS html5 css3 button click on style

I write my application on HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. For my button I create style (all work fine in browser), but when I start my application on iPad my active effect override standart iOS click effect. How I can override this standart effect? My style :

How can I configure a source to host data for an iOS app

I have some experience using JSON to pull data from a .asp page. How would I go about creating my own JSON formatted data source and placing that on a server? Any other ideas to accomplish this task? I basically have a spreadsheet of information that

How to create a history for a web browser

I'm making my own web browser for the iPad, and I have a problem while I'm trying to make the history. Here's the code: .m -(void)viewDidLoad{ [self historyMethod]; //more settings... } -(void)historyMethod{ NSString *googleString= @"http://www.googl

IOS basic animation: CALayer bringSublayerToFront?

How do I bring a CALayer sublayer to the front of all sublayers, analogous to -[UIView bringSubviewToFront]?This is variation of @MattDiPasquale's implementation which reflects UIView's logic more precisely: - (void) bringSublayerToFront:(CALayer *)l