The drop-down selection option displays the price?

Maybe I didn't constructed my question very good but I am trying to add to an HTML page a drop down menu and when an option is selected it should display some price and everything is fine by now, but when I add multiple dropdowns the price is showed

URL parameters determine the URL load ()

I am building a jQuery based web app and I want to use URL parameters to navigate around it. I would like to display content based on the URL parameter, with the 'load()' function getting the main body of the web page from an external URL and replaci

Create a div for each array row retrieved from MySQL

We have a bunch of data in a MySQL database which call by using this phpcode: $query = "SELECT * FROM `dmt_objects` WHERE PipelineAndWorkflow = 'RWP WF Ready for 4Sprint' ORDER BY `Team` DESC ;"; $select_projects = mysql_query($query); $project_

100% portfolio holder receiving odd margins

I'm in the process of remaking my website, my coding knowledge isn't the best but I know enough to manage my own website. I've just run into a problem with the portfolio section of my website. I've defined the width of my container to and the width f

RotateY () text is blurry / pixelated

I've rotated and perspective-3d an element with text. The text is really low fidelity. Is there any way to improve it? Really simple example code: <h1 style = "transform: perspective(150px) rotateY(-45deg);width:150px;"> This is text </

Awesome font icon and text in the input quote button?

I have a similar problem like here , i want to place font awesome icon into my submit button and also a text, it looks so: Content of my input submit value is Buy now   The icon is visible because i set on input field font-

Make internal div 100% body width

I want the child div width to be 100% of the body. CSS #container { position:relative; width:400px; height:100px; margin:0 auto; background:red; } #inner { width:100%; height:30px; background:blue; } HTML <div id="container"> <div id=&q

How to repeat the onclick event?

In the following code, why doesn't it change the color of the ball back to red if I click on it again? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <script> function farbe1(){ var stern_style = document.getElementById('kugel1').style; var click;

navbar collapse does not work in bootstrap

try to start learning about Bootstrap. i create little code to create responsive menu, like this <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Bootstrap</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=&q

call the controller method in href in a button, in a view

iam back with another question to do with mvc and codeigniter. just getting a bit confused with the concept of MVC. First of all i have a button. i want it to reference another page. how i was going to access the next "view" or page was from thi

Form in the table

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm taking web design. I taught myself HTML and basic CSS over the summer. This was beneficial because my web deign teacher knows nothing about HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. We have to create a personal website and she

javascript problem - firefox

Hi all Why this piece of javascript code doesn't work on firefox var nfiles = 1; function Expand(){ nfiles++ var adh = '<input type="file" name="File '+nfiles+'">'; files.insertAdjacentHTML('BeforeEnd',adh); return false; }; It l

CSS webkit scrollbar show / hide

I'm using -webkit-scrollbar and what I want to happen is the scrollbar hidden on page load, and it stays hidden until you hover over the container div it is attached to. When you are hovering over a scrollable area, it would appear. I tried adding :h

Fancybox does not close

I'm getting an error on my website. When I try to close a frame of Fancybox plugin, it doens't close all. The screen is still locked. On console debugging I can see this error Object doesn't support property or method 'swing', in this line: this.pos=

Table cell width problem in Firefox

The following code is supposed to make the right 60% of the display red. It does in Chrome, but does not in Firefox. In Firefox, it makes the whole screen red. Can anybody help me fix this? <table border="0" width="100%"> <tr&

How to use cURL to find subdomains containing specific strings?

I am trying to build a list of all the city pages on, which does not have such a complete directory. To do this I am using their 'city id' which is unique for each city, but does not follow any particular order. I am using cURL and PHP to lo

Get JavaScript function information in HTML. How?

I have the following function to fetch the current position of a user (if allowed). <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript&quo

download the html page for offline use

I want to make an html page available for offline viewing by downloading the html and all images / css resources from it, but not other pages which are links. I was looking at httrack and wget but could not find the right set of arguments (I need the

Inline CSS for email body - can get the nowrap

I'm sending inline styles formatted tables to email bodies for sending out reports. The only problem I have is restricting the size of the table. No matter what I've tried, I can't get text to wrap inside a table. The tables just expand to the length

How can I know what is causing this very large table?

Lately, I've been running into more and more poorly designed websites that do things like this Hudson Website The page is some 1600 pixels wide on my 90 degree rotated monitor, it means you have to scroll left<->right a LOT. Having firebug installed

Change the node name of the element?

Is it possible to change the element's node name in GWT? I mean something like this: HTML h = new HTML(); h.getElement().setNodeName("mydiv") while there is no setNodeName() method for Element. I'd like to acquire <mydiv>some contents</

Order list (HTML) lower-alpha with straight parentheses?

The default lower-alpha list type for ordered list uses a dot '.'. Is there a way to use a right parenthesis instead like a)... b) ..etc?Here's a neat solution. (Honestly I surprised myself with this.) CSS has something called counters, where you can

Cause & lt; DIV & gt; content to spread?

Imagine I have a navigation bar in my page header, with a number of links. I'd like the links to spread out horizontally to fill the parent ; is there a way to do this using CSS which doesn't rely on me hard-coding based on the number of links? e.g i