Converting HTML content to a PDF file using jsPDF

Trying to automatically convert this content to a pdf file. Based on how the rest of my code is setup, I have to have the button to click INSIDE the div that I want to export to pdf. Is this a problem? Here's what I have so far. When I click the butt

How to make a loop between dates in dmy format

Here is my 2 date var startdate = '11-12-2016'; var stopdate = '13-12-2016'; I want to loop between these two dates. So, i did like this var startMedicine = new Date(startdate); var stopMedicine = new Date(stopdate); while(startMedicine <= stopMedici

Change the behavior of the button using AJAX

I'm trying to figure out how to change behaviour of a button using AJAX. When the button is clicked, it means that user confirmed order recently created. AJAX calls /confirm-order/<id> and if the order has been confirmed, I want to change the button

Make sure all child divs have the same height

My website has 3 boxes but also, a very definitive margin between all 3. As such, I don't think I can use CSS display:table to fix this issue so How to make div boxes with floats have the same height with dynamic content doesn't help :( .wrapper div

Loading JSON with jQuery, then viewing on the viewer

I'm trying to load a JSON file using the DataPoint API of the Met Office by calling the URL:[MY_API_KEY_GOES_HERE] A sample of the returned JSON would look like this: { "L

Value set on page load in angular js

I made tabs using angular js, problem is that i need to set value sel=1 at page load to show first content when page load. How can i resolve this. <div ng-app=""> <div ng-controller="myController"> <ul> <li><

Filling height using css

This is an age old question, although I wasn't able to find a solution that suited me. Given a DIV inside a table cell (TD), I want to fill the DIV's height to fit the TD +-----------+ | TD | |+---------+| || DIV || |+---------+| | | +-----------+ On

images and css do not appear in apache cordova

I'm developing an android app using cordova. The index.html has the following: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Mobile</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

css3 background-size: white space output coverage to resize

body { margin:0; padding:0; position:relative; background:url(../images/imgs/backgrnd.png) no-repeat; background-size:cover; } The background-size:cover works perfectly for the most part and resizing is generally not a problem, but in some cases it l

How to run the asp code, extract from the database

I have one single page in my ASP project, where upon clicking a different link, I retrieve ,from the database, the according HTML and load it. So I have some links, that are sitting in the page at all time (the part of the HTML that is not retrieved

CSS ellipses with elements online?

I've adapted jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget so that the text would show all selected labels, but if too many elements are selected to display, the text would be trimmed and ellipsed. I've done it so: .ui-multiselect .selected-text { display: block; max

Access children's children in javascript

How do i access child nodes of a child node in javascript? I need to target the img inside of each li and get its width and height. I want to do this without using jquery. Just pure javascript. <ul id="imagesUL"> <li> <h3>title

How do I change the color of my navigation?

I just put up a sample of my custom theme here: Does anyone know how to change the navigation color from GRAY to WHITE? I have tried going into every div id and class within navigation and have added the "color:white;&q

Javascript event handler on the table?

Quick question, is it possible to put an onclick event handler on a <table> element? At the moment I've got a handler on each <tr> to detect when a row is clicked, but I was thinking it would be simpler and more efficient if I could have a sin

Wrap all AJAX calls jQuery

I populate many parts of my website using $("#theDivToPopulate").load("/some/api/call.php", callBackToBindClickEventsToNewDiv); Where /some/api/call.php returns a built list, div, or some other HTML structure to place directly into my

How to divide text by tags using PHP?

I like to split a huge text by <li></li> tags after a specified amount of characters. For Ex. "biger text1 123 text biger 678 biger text" to become "<li>biger text1 123 text</li><li>biger 678 biger</li>&l

document.write resets the body once

When I used document.write after loading the body (via onclick event), it overwrites the entire body. I want this for what I'm trying to achieve. However, when I do it again, it simply adds on to the previous content. Why does it overwrite everything

how to implement 'break page' in epub reader

Any idea how to implement 'page break' in epub reader? .epub is nothing but HTML pages, and epub reader renders those html pages. but i wonder how some epub readers like Adobe Digital Edition implemented page break. There,when we jump to any page, yo

The best C / C ++ library to defrag HTML?

I'm looking for a C/C++ functional equivalent to HTML::Defang, and my Google-fu has not been able to uncover anything. I want to keep any benign tags and strip out/defang everything else. Lacking an actual library, any pointers to complete lists of t

Syntax HTML5 - HTML vs XHTML

Even with HTML5 being the path forward for HTML we get two options as developers: XHTML syntax and HTML syntax. I've been using XHTML as my main doctype for 5 or so years so I'm very comfortable with it. But my question is given that non-xml syntax w