How do I run my first child in css?

I wanted to remove the red background in the last article-container. Anyway here are the html code I'm trying to work on... <section id="intro" class="intro text-center"> <div class="container"> <div class=&quo

Angular ng-style on the body label for different backgrounds?

I am new to angular and ngroute and am trying to use ng-style to have a different image background for each page of a website. Currently it sets the background of all the site's pages, even when I have different controller scope image urls. My html i

CSS style - missing second line of text

I'm currently writing a quiz app where the three potential answers are styled with the following css: .answer { color : Black; background-color : Aqua; border-radius : 5px; height : 38px; width : 320px; padding : 5px; line-height : 38px; text-align :

Bootstrap - Floating action key size and shadow menu

I am building an app with Bootstrap 3.3 and Bootstrap Material Design framework. I am trying to make a floating action button that opens when you click it. In an attempt to do this, I've created this Bootply, which has the following code: <div class=

See using a dark chisel css and jquery

I'm doing a site with a "hidden" image. I hide the image using a dark overlay, but now I want the cursor to see through the dark overlay. An almost working example is here: What I want to know is, how I make the li

Site in the office very good, but in the very small mobile

This question already has an answer here: My @media queries aren't working on mobile devices 3 answers I'm making a website for dissemination with a logo, one spritezinho and a small text with a message. When you access it from the desktop, resolutio

Make sure all child divs have the same height

My website has 3 boxes but also, a very definitive margin between all 3. As such, I don't think I can use CSS display:table to fix this issue so How to make div boxes with floats have the same height with dynamic content doesn't help :( .wrapper div

Select item to scroll the top of the page on iOS devices

I have a Bootstrap website with a <select> element inside a modal. My problem is that in iOS (tried on iPhone 5) when I try to open the select to choose an option the background content (behind modal) automatically scrolls up to the top of the page.

Filling height using css

This is an age old question, although I wasn't able to find a solution that suited me. Given a DIV inside a table cell (TD), I want to fill the DIV's height to fit the TD +-----------+ | TD | |+---------+| || DIV || |+---------+| | | +-----------+ On

images and css do not appear in apache cordova

I'm developing an android app using cordova. The index.html has the following: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Mobile</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

Bootstrap 3 Vertical navigation bar

I want to create navigation bar [vertical] with bootstrap 3. I tried this but it didn't work. <ul class="nav nav-pils nav-stacked"> <li>jedan</li> <li>dva</li> <li>tri</li> <li>cetriri</li> &

[solved] JavaScript: pulse button disappears when scrolling

I am working on a web site that has got a pulsing button (#scrollarrow) at the bottom of the page. When I start to scroll the page, this button disappears. I obtain this effect with the following jQuery code: $(document).ready(function(){ $(window).s

how to make a tree with a tile style in c # asp html?

i want to create something like this.. [----------------------------------------------------All---------------------------------------------------------------------------] [------------------------------------------Standar----------------------------

css3 background-size: white space output coverage to resize

body { margin:0; padding:0; position:relative; background:url(../images/imgs/backgrnd.png) no-repeat; background-size:cover; } The background-size:cover works perfectly for the most part and resizing is generally not a problem, but in some cases it l

CSS :: before pseudo-element line-height?

My paragraph has a height/line-height of 50px and text-align: center, which centers the text. But p:before is causing it to increase in height/line-height, causing the text to bump down. I want both p and p:before to be vertically centered. http://js

CSS ellipses with elements online?

I've adapted jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget so that the text would show all selected labels, but if too many elements are selected to display, the text would be trimmed and ellipsed. I've done it so: .ui-multiselect .selected-text { display: block; max

Hide first & lt; li & gt; element

My HTML structure is as per the following: <nav class="main-nav"> <ul> <li class="gallery-collection"> <a href="/">Welcome</a> <!-- Hide this --> </li> <li class="page-collect

How do I change the color of my navigation?

I just put up a sample of my custom theme here: Does anyone know how to change the navigation color from GRAY to WHITE? I have tried going into every div id and class within navigation and have added the "color:white;&q

How to order tiles on a dashboard?

This question may be a little long-winded and the images make it pretty large but stick with me :) I am tasked with creating a dashboard interface in our ASP.NET MVC 3 web application. First I will list the features that are required for this project

header not respecting the width of 100%

kindly check out this website: try resizing the window so small to the point that a horizontal scrollbar appears. Drag the horizontal scrollbar to the right and then the problem occurs. The header and footer does no

Editable context for & lt; div & gt; section

I want to write html where one section is like this: <div id="...." style="background-image:url(---.jpg);"> <p>...</p> </div> I am thinking of creating an image folder in the host-directory and give user option