Android Retrofit publishes information about the API database

How can I post in my case information from the android device to my api route. Currently I do not get any response in my android monitor. I have created a basic RetrofitBuilder class. I have created an ApiService which contains this: @FormUrlEncoded

Android Image upload to server from camera error

I am trying to send an image to my server. I am doing this by taking a look on tutorial in the LINK However I need to send photo took from camera, not from gallery so I made a few changes, and I get an error like this: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process:

Get null bitmap when converting the URL to a bitmap

I want to download the image from server and convert it to bitmap. I tried to download the image and convert it to bitmap but it returns null. I get bitmap as null. To convert image to bitmap I have created one asyncTask. Passing url to Async task :

Facebook Android Video Download Error with Android 4+ API

I have this code, after logging in to Facebook, I want to upload selected video to Facebook through Facebook Android SDK v4.13.1, Problem: The response looks OK to me, but the video is not showing in the Test User's Timeline. Code: public void shareV

if declaration and Imageview

I need to display and image according a value. but with my code only display the last line. The value is 2 to put an example, so the image to be displayed must be "srm2", but my code display the image corresponding with the value 6. why??? totsr

Get the runtime of my Android app

This question already has an answer here: How do I time a method's execution in Java? 35 answers I want the duration/running time of my app in miliseconds. Is that possible? I've tried this: long timestamp = System.currentTimeMillis(); But that is th

Button Shape with Image in Eclipse

I have made an app in Eclipse and I am weak in finishings. I have a button which has a drawable image and a text(String). I want that button to have rounded edges. But I can use only one drawable command in a button. Is it possible to impart an image

JSON result analysis in Android

Hi i have the following JSON result: { "returnCode": "1", "result": [ { "id": "109", "account_id": "159", "created_on": "2013-11-29 10:46:41", "title": &qu

& ldquo; prefs & rdquo; appearing as unused?

I'm trying to save a string in preference by adding it to the editor when a user press a button. Then i'm trying to retreieve the strings from the preference and turn it into an arrayList. in onCreate this.context = getApplicationContext(); SharedPre

How to get nested Hashmap data?

This line of code returns List<HashMap<String, String>> List<HashMap<String,String>> map= restTemplate.postForObject(url,mvm,List.class); And through this code, I can succesfully get the value of id and name in index[0]. List<Ha

Why will not Android recover my entered text?

Edited below Marked with ////EDIT//// New Edit is below marked with ///newedit/// My code, which I will post below is borrowed from a few places and is just enough different than any of the tutorials or examples that I found on the internet that I am

Search as Mapview function

This is my project in where you click a name of a hospital in a list view and will display in the next activity the details and below the details is the mapview. My project crashes and i got this error from logcat 11-30 18:22:50.085: E/AndroidRuntime

can I integrate BlackBerry inApp payment into my Android app?

im trying to integrate inapp purchases (from blackberry market) into my android application. when i import this library "paymentapi.jar" into my project and run it i receive these warnings/errors: [2012-10-12 15:28:43 - com.jcentricity.forecasti

How to use the adb command to get the terminal output?

I want to get cpu usage of the phone and then draw on PC. I want to do like this: First, run a background process in the phone which caculate the CPU usage and show in terminal. Second, use adb commnad to get the terminal output. Finally, draw curve

It is possible to edit the activities of the Android system?

Someone knows if it's possible to edit a system activity in android? For example insert a new EditText in the activity of the ContactContracts.people..... If it's possible, how can i do? ThanksYes, It is Possible. Edit android IOS ContactContracts fu

Can not find the NOTIFICATION_SERVICE symbol?

package; import; import; import; import android.content.BroadcastReceiver; import android.content.Context; import android.content.Intent; public class run

Android Network

I'm new to android development I'm writing an application that will talk to a server over TCP/IP I was planning to use the package but then I've found that there is a also. Does anyone know the difference betwe