Java: Printing an object for debugging

I would like an easy way to print out a java object, or to say it another way, serialize an object as a string. I would like to see the values of all variables contained within the object, and if there are more objects (like a list or whatever) it sh

Maximum size of characters that can be sent via the TCP socket

I have a c++ client that sends a large string (Minimum size 10 KB) to a Java server application after a certain interval. During that interval the c++ application accumulates huge bytes of data and sends it completely to server.The server also receiv

Addslashes PHP string length

Can anyone explain how I escape a double quote " character within a string variable so that the ensuing string is only 1 character in length? With addslashes it returns 2 chars: $str = '"'; var_dump(addslashes($str)); string(2) "\"&quo

Date string in perl

I am trying to check whether a variable $test contains a valid date format by attempting to parse it with Date::Manip. It works as expected when the format is 'YYYY/MM/DD'. If I change the format to 'DD/MM/YYYY' (my $test="20/4/2012") it's not w

External button to open / close the accordion

I need help to open or close accordion with extra buttons. Here is example of the accordion with buttons: $(function() { $( "#tab1" ).accordion({ collapsible: true, active: false, heightStyle: "content" }); $( "#tab2" ).accor

Text: same background color

My web site I will like to have the same color background size for my 3 section, commercial, personal project and info / contact. The blue need to be 180 pixels. /* section title */ #index span.section_title, #index span.

RichTextBox Replacement Winforms .NET2.0 +

I have been extending the RichTextBox control in VS2008 using C# (adding printer support and URL links). I have most of the functionality I need but the control is not that good. I do not know how to change the mouse cursor for image sizing handles.

The ASP.NET permission inherits the rules

I am trying to protect a (sub)directory in my ASP.NET website that contains files (Videos, documents etc.) So I created a Web.config file: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <system.web> <authorization> <deny users=

Using regex in jquery element selection

I have several elements on the html page, I call them through javascript like this: $('#element_1_value') $('#element_2_value') $('#element_3_value') $('#element_4_value') $('#element_5_value') ..... Now i have to create a single click event for all

To connect to the Entity Framework database

We are using .Net Entity Framework to do our database related work. Our database is Sybase SQL Anywhere. using (AndeDBEntities db = new AndeDBEntities(decryptConnStr())) { } We use a lots of above statements to access database. My questions are do we

JavaScript is this keyword surprise

I thought I knew how JavaScript's this keyword worked, but I've been caught by surprise again. Considering this snippet: function foo() { return 'Foobar'; } foo.valueOf = function() { return this();//this points to foo }; foo.toString = foo;//alterna

Parenthesis / brackets Correspondence using the Stack algorithm

For example if the parenthesis/brackets is matching in the following: ({}) (()){}() () and so on but if the parenthesis/brackets is not matching it should return false, eg: {} ({}( ){}) (() and so on. Can you please check this code? Thanks in advance

MKMapView setRegion how to stop animation

can u help me? I need to stop MkMapView method setRegion:region animated: true. I need to set new region animated with option to stop it. Thanks.If you create another animation but for a different region than the existing one, this will invalidate th

Show message when datagrid is empty

I want to display a simple message in the datagrid when there are no items displaying in the datagrid. Right now I have the following XAML code: <xcdg:DataGridControl x:Name="lsvSleutels" ItemsSourceName="Registratiesleutels" ItemsS

Run a read-only test in Spark

I want to compare the read performance of different storage systems using Spark ,e.g. HDFS/S3N. I have written a small Scala program for this: import org.apache.spark.SparkContext import org.apache.spark.SparkContext._ import org.apache.spark.SparkCo

Creating a wrapper class

I have two class definitions in my Spring MVC web application named Class and Object respectively: public Class { //instance variables int classId; int className; } public Object { //instance variables int objectId; int objectName; } I also have a se

Connect ng-repeat to empty array

Is there a more elegant way to do this? <input type="text" id="items" ng-model="items[0]" placeholder="item1"> <input type="text" id="items" ng-model="items[1]" placeholder=&qu

Can firebug or developer tools use to crack a website?

I was facing to an interesting issue when implementing some role specific feature in a web site. It's something like, if the logged in user has Admin role privileges then a button (called Transfer) will be enabled and otherwise for other user it shou

Parameters in a vba stored procedure

I have some problems with my code : Dim title, datee As String Dim ConnectionString As String Dim sPassword As String Dim sUser As String Dim sDatabase As String Dim sServer As String Dim req As String Dim Cmd1 As New ADODB.Command Dim AConn As New A

Chrome Development Tools Tools Login ID

I am using Chrome Developer tools (version 49). Under the Network tab, there is a series of columns such as Name, Status, Type..etc. Does anyone know what the purpose of the Connection ID column Each row has an ID such as 13461, 14410, 8738, 8741, 13

Xcode continues to generate a developer certificate (no key)?

I'm trying to start from scratch with all my keys for iOS development by deleting them, recreating them, and downloading and installing the new ones. The problem is that I keep deleting the iPhone Developer: MyName certificate (no private key associa