OpenGL Face Culling when scaling Y with -1

I have a simple stair (vertices in an array): [] [][] I want this stair upside-down: [][] [] To get this shape, I multiply each Y-Coordinate with -1, so basically scaling with -1 around the y-axis. This works great, but not with face culling, when fa

PHP return object variables inside a table

I'm writing a PHP script to work with some JSON data. Below is an (abridged) var_dump($data). I want to return the value associated with ["[question(13), option(0)]"] which is 20. I can't figure out how to do it. I've tried $data->[question(1

See if Touch ID is enabled on iPhone 5s

I know the Touch ID on the iPhone 5S cannot be consumed by any other apps through the SDK, but I wanted to see if it was possible for an app to at least see if the Touch ID is enabled on the device. This can act as an additional security factor for a

Need help completing code for these two activities?

I am working on an android app that launches two activities using the on click listener everything in my code checks out fine except where the public void onClick(View v) begins I have multiple errors starting on that line and I am unable to run the

Why does not my Reverse Prolog predicate / 2 work?

I'm new to Prolog and as an exercise I want to make an list invertion predicate. It uses the add_tail predicate that I made earlier-some parts might be redundant, but I don't care: add_tail(A, [], A) :- !. add_tail([A|[]], H, [A,H]) :- !. add_tail([A

How do I set a button on a button?

I need to set outline to a button and i tried .btn{ border: 1px double #A8A8A8; outline: 1px solid #9F9F9F; outline-offset: -4px; } It worked well in chrome... But it exhibits different behaviour in firefox... I knew that firefox reacts differently t

How to run PostgreSQL Query every day with updated values?

New to SQL, but trying to learn/do a job for a friend. I have a query set up that returns the number of bookings for the day. Example snippet: ... WHERE be.event IN ('instant_approve', 'approve') AND TO_CHAR(be.created_at, 'yyyy-mm-dd') BETWEEN '2017

The header is pushed down only in firefox

For some reason my header is being pushed down in firefox. It works fine in safari and chrome. I tried making the header position absolute but it sill is pushed down, when it should float up to the left corner of its parent- it doesn't. So this made

Server Error '/' Application C #

Parser Error Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Could not load ty

Qt opens the second window

I can't open a new window/dialog form mainwindow in qt project. Open function: void MainWindow::on_btDodajProdukt_clicked() { newDialog = new DodajProdukt(this); newDialog->show(); } MainWindow includes: #include "dodajprodukt.h" MainWindow.h

Need help counting characters in a list of tools

import* ; import java.util.ArrayList ; public class WordSearchPuzzle; { private char[][] puzzle ; private ArrayList<String> puzzleWords ; private int letterCount = 0 ; private int gridDimensions; public WordSearchPuzzle(ArrayList<String&

error in syntax

$sql="SELECT * FROM 'image_upload' where uid='$uid' "; I have written this query and it is showing me error :- You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near

send an email from localhost

I'm try learn about email in rails. I'm developing something on localhost. Is it possible to send an email from localhost to say a normal mail account like gmail? Do I have a install a mail server? I've just got a standard rails installation at the m

PHP: retrieve image from MySQL using PDO

I am refactoring some old code, including rewriting basic mysql queries to use PDO. The following works brilliantly in all browsers and for all image types: $query = 'SELECT image FROM image WHERE imageid=' . $image_id; $result = mysql_query($query,

Prolog add a variable to the list

I want to append to a list a variable, N, that's bound to a number. N = 1. append([N], [2,3,4], Z). Z = [N,2,3,4]. //Wrong output! I want to get Z = [1,2,3,4] How do I append the number part of a variable, not the actual variable itself?I'm afraid Pr

Printing the left and right values ​​of an avl tree

I am trying to write a piece of code that displays the integers as they are being loaded into a binary tree. I have written this so far: node*t; t = NULL; for( j = 0; j < 33; j++) { printf ("Table %d \n", j+1); printf ("LineNum Left Data

How do I change my ID?

Hallo experts, i'm newbie to TFS, but responsible for SW Test in my group. I'm trying to create a couple of test cases thru MS Visual Studio. I don't know how to change the Test Case IDs, which seem to be automatically assigned by the system. However