Zend Framework: gzip and cache

I have lots of javascript, stylesheets and images in my Zend Framework application. I want to cache and compress them so that there will be a little load to my server What should I do?You may want to use this: Cache JS & CSS Zend Framework Ref: Minif

I want to continuously display buttons in wpf

In my application I have 4 button. If user will click on a button, that will disappear and remaining 3 still display. The problem is that I don't want a control (button) gap between button. I want remaining 3 should rearrange itself. Which control I

Database Recording with Enterprise Library 5

Anybody knows how to implement database exception logging using EL 5.0? Thanks!You will need to run a script against the database so that it creates a specific table structure for you. Also, there will be a stored procedure that will be created that

Symfony 2 much to one

I am learning symfony 2. In documentation I saw example many to one relations. I tried do it in my code. I have two entities: products and categories. /** * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="Category",inversedBy="products") * @ORM\JoinColum

Call a simple javascript function

I have this code where I insert a read more link after a label with a specific ID: $( "<a class='readMore' href='/moreByggherre' id='moreByggherre'>Läs mer</a>" ).insertAfter( $("label[for='Byggherre']") ); The above code w

Optimization of initial search in Javascript

I need to search for initials (not sure if this is the right name, if it isn't, someone please alter the question) using Javascript. For example: Search for "mas" using the subject "Abraham Maslow" would return true, and search for &qu

Help required in a query

I wanted to take count of records based on some condition. Here's what the condition is. data: "col1" "col2" "col3 A Y Y A Y Y A N Y A N Y A N Y A Y A Y A N Y B Y N B Y Y B N Y B N N B Y Y B N Y C Y N C Y Y C N Y C Y Y C N Y C Y Y

CSV to C # FileHelpers

I want to use FileHelpers to read an extremely basic CSV file into C#. I have a Model that looks like this; [DelimitedRecord(",")] [IgnoreFirst()] public class NavigationButton { public int ID; public string Text; public string Path; } The CSV f

AWS Lambda: module initialization error: TypeError

I am trying to deploy AWS lambda function and I have written code in express: Code: var express = require('express'); var bodyParser = require('body-parser'); var lampress = require('lampress'); var request = require('request'); var app = express();

Does FaceBook php api receive updates in real time?

Hi i am trying to use Realtime updates in facebook application, My application basically backs up the user's photos, messages and friendlist, i want when a user adds a new friend data on server should also be updated, when a user adds a new album the

The entire MySQL field is returned as string in PHP

Hi guys I have a table field in a MySQL database: userid INT(11) So I am calling it to my page with this query: "SELECT userid FROM DB WHERE name='john'" Then for handling the result I do: $row=$result->fetch_assoc(); $id=$row['userid']; Now

ListView does not refresh after adding value in Xamarin Forms

What i am doing is passing data through more than 2 pages. I assign viewmodel to next page while i am navigating. In second page i have a listview that is not refreshing/updating after adding a value. Help me please!! Here is my code MyViewModel publ

Non-invoked connection / cancellation function

I am using angular with JWT token to authenticate the users. But i am facing an issue that login() which is assigned to $scope is not called. Any help would be appreciated. app.js file var admin = angular.module('admin',['admin.core','admin.auth']);

How to connect the derby database in soapui?

I am not able to connect derby database from soapui though I am able to connect Oracle database. Can anyone help me out. How to connect derby database in soapui?There are two ways of supplying the JDBC connection settings: Use a project level JDBC Co

Merge list after particular item

I wanted to merge 2 lists together (ListA, ListB). But the catch is, after a certain element within the ListA. The user enters after which element ListB should be merged with listA. For example; ListA = [2,1,0] ListB = [4,5,6] User Enters 1. Output:

The right way to detect the processor architecture?

I'm attempting to detect the right cpu architecture for installing either a x86 msi or x64 msi file. If I'm right, for the msi I need the os cpu architecture I'm not totally sure if my way is right because I can't test it. What do you think? private

Encryption Output Length Block

My questions is - how the length of output ciphertext be determined? I vaguely know that the output length must be a multiple of block size of the cipher being used. But does that mean: If the length of input data is a multiple of cipher block size,

unable to save a model of the rake task

I am writting a rake task that would connect to a legacy ORACLE database, get some 'issues' records from a helpdesk application, apply some transformation and store it in another database (Redmine). The problem is that even though the script runs smo

How do I return a sum of all entries in a list?

I am working on this NumberList class which represents a list of integers. The NumberList object has just one instance variable values, which is a reference to an array of int values. One of the methods I need to implement is supposed to return the s

Do you want to create a sonar plugin to parse the text file

I want to write a sonar plugin which can parse a txt file in case some specific words eg abusive word come in that file it marks it mark it's as critical warning, if some other category of words appears in document it marks it as moderate etc. We are