Control overlay of videos on iPhone / iPad

I am writing a webapp where I need to display a video and some (non standard) controls for it, which should appear in overlay. So create some divs and position them over the video, with a higher z-index. Still, on iPhone and iPad, it appears those co

What is the best way to manage iPad / iPhone views?

I'm developping an iPhone/iPad application and I want to make specific views for both iPad and iPhone. I was wondering what was the best way to select the handle the view selection. Should I create a MainViewController with a custom push method which

Replace the second drop-down list of the first drop-down menu

I'm trying to fill the dropdown on run time from the database, whenever user selects the city from the dropdown, then in the next dropdown, it will fill the respective values from the database. How can I achieve this thing in JSP? Here is what I have

How to analyze url to get a basic URL? & Mdash; Rails 3.1

How can I parse urls like and only get ? PS. Some urls have subdomains etc so I can't use regexps here.Try to use 'uri' library: require 'uri' addr

SQLite3 :: ConstraintException: The constraint failed:

I'm trying to learn Ruby on Rails and have encountered a problem I need help with. What I'm trying to do is to create a "project manager" with a form, but whne I'm filled in the form and clicks submit the following error is shown: ActiveRecord::

DataGrid and MVVM with Undo / Redo

I'm playing with quite simple interface with buttons and shortcuts for adding, inserting and removing rows of datagrid (underlying bound collection). There's also a need to implement undo stack. But...I have no idea how to do with internal logic of t

Split Web application project in several projects

I currently know of a solution for creating "child" web application projects in VS that is detailed here. However that solution was detailed for VS2005. It still works in VS2010, however it looks like there are still a few issues with it as it i

Determination of new RSS items in .Net

I've been looking at some different options for reading RSS Feeds in .Net. I've seen frameworks like Argotic, etc. My question is, do any of these frameworks assist in determining which items in a feed are new? Or is that outside their scope?I usuall

Do something for something in the json table?

So I have this python list [{ u 'labels': [], u 'pos': 65535, u 'manualCoverAttachment': False, u 'id': u '58c7019327481c09a2a7d0c3', u 'badges': { u 'votes': 0, u 'attachments': 0, u 'subscribed': False, u 'due': None, u 'comments': 0, u 'dueComplet

Is it practical to implement cache invalidation using jms?

Suppose I have a local cache on each sever using a LRU Cache or something similar. If I invalidate an object at one node then other nodes should be noticed. I have seen this implemented with jgroups. I would like to know if a 'cache invalidation queu

ComboBox element too long

Some of the items in my combobox are more than 20 characters long, I wrote this code to make them smaller and add "..." but it´s not working. By example instead of "comboboxitemnumberthree" it would look like this:"comboboxitemnu.

Installing CocoaPods on Virtual Machines

I am using OS X EI Capitan, Version 10.11.4 using VMWare I am able to install the gem by using sudo gem install cocoa pods I want to use Firebase in my project and followed the guideline mentioned on official website. On pod install, I am getting the

Custom GIF Keyboard in iOS8

I am creating Custom GIF Keyboard in iOS8 using app extension. I was created layout of my custom keyboard. I was implement LongPress Gesture for selecting GIF Image but its not work. so what can i do for this or any suggestion regarding to this? - (v

print a list of categories as a column

I am taking example from pandas documentation. Let us say I have a series after reading an excel file import pandas as pd s = pd.Series(["a","b","c","a"], dtype="category") I know I can get different categ

How to change the border radius of the progress bar value?

I'm having trouble changing the border-radius of the value of an HTML5 <progress> element. I try applying a border radius to the progress element itself and to progress[value], but that doesn't seem to do anything. So I want the progress bar value t

Check whether the table value in the range

I have a table where one of the column contains surfaces like text: "200 300 450 557" The user searches for surfaces giving a range that i get with 2 variables $min and $max. I need to select all the properties that have surface in that interval

OpenCV / C ++ - How to free pointers

I had to do a trick involving cv::Ptr (pointers) in order to be able to call a specific function, but it seems that the program has some problem when tries to free the memory after the program execution because a segmentation fault happens. 1.Code: S

How do I join names using the same table in SQL?

I have a table SiteUsers with SiteUserID, FirstName, LastName and SiteUserParentID. Every SiteUser is assigned a SiteUserParentID which is referencing a SiteUserID. I'd like to show the relationship with the full name of the SiteUser along with the f

Extract the name / value of an object

I am a newbie to Javascript and Nodejs, I am using express and calling the link localhost:7080/v1/movies/order/notify/insert?breed=Whippet&age=10 then trying to extract the property name and its corresponding value: console.log(req.query.breed); //1