How to create Tetris blocks in XNA with C #?

I'm making a Tetris Clone in C# with XNA, and I'm unsure of how to actually implement the blocks. I don't think that making the shapes as images will work (because parts are removed when lines are formed), so I Have blocks to make up the pieces like

Iframe {height: 70%;} does not work in IE 8 and Firefox

I have a div contained site design in which i have inserted a iframe to load pages. header stays at top well footer stays at bottom very well content stays at the middle well too But the iframe isn't stretching to the full height of the container. i

By observing the value of a UISlider - iPhone KVO

By default, when I observe the value of a UISlider, it only updates once, when the slider is clicked, not continuously, even thought that is the slider's setting. Is there a way to get the continuous value change of the slider?UIKit doesn't actively

Pass the variable to void ^ () block

I have a method with a callback that looks something like this: - (void)doStuff:(void ^())callback { //Do a whole bunch of stuff //Perform callback callback(); } I would then call this method later on like this: [self doStuff:^{[self callbackMethod];

How to disable clustering in JBoss 5?

does any one know how to deactivate the automatic clustering in a JBoss 5.1.0? we have a JBoss running on each developer machine and because we are all in the same network, they do an auto clustering. The problem could be solved if each of us could g

The IOs7 application crashes in the background

My app sometimes crashes when in background and shows the following crash log: Nov 7 12:33:31 iPad backboardd[29] <Warning>: MyApp[3096] has active assertions beyond permitted time: {( <BKProcessAssertion: 0x14680c60> identifier: Called by MyA

How to encrypt the application of cracking. - iphone

I just was looking at some of the cracked applications. I want to know how can we encrypt our application from being cracked so easily. I also saw a video tutorial to crack the application using a simple software. Is there any way to protect the paid

Performance achieved using JAR files

Do you take a performance hit when packaging you classes into Jar files rather than just running the unpackaged classes? Say for example you have a large application, if many files need to be pulled from the archive, would this slow down your applica

Method of invoking another method in python

I have lots of database queries and I would like to use some methods to not repeat my code. I would like to call methods in other defined methods but it doesn't work I'm getting such error: class Main: File "", line 20, in Main for word in g

String or binary data will be truncated

I had web page where I add update to data in it it worked well later and when I add data today I had this error string or binary data would be truncated ..... although I tested that on other PC and this error didnot apear again so what the a problem.

How LaunchScreen.storyboard redirects to Main.storyboard

I'm newbie of iOS developer, and I know that is very simple question but I really can't understand reason. when I build SingleViewApplication, Xcode auto generate LaunchScreen.storyboard and Main.storyboard, but I can't find any code like [self.navig

Not all borders appear on the table in ie7 compatibility view

No sure why the borders are not displaying correctly. I tried: /* ------ global ------ */ body { margin: 0 auto; padding:0 0; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-align:center; color:#000; } /* ------ Content Wrapper ------ */ #wrapper { ma

How to make a filter group in Aurelia

I'm looking way to do something like JS $scope.players = [ {name: 'Gene', team: 'alpha'}, {name: 'George', team: 'beta'}, {name: 'Steve', team: 'gamma'}, {name: 'Paula', team: 'beta'}, {name: 'Scruath', team: 'gamma'} ]; HTML: <ul repeat.for="obj

setting the date property for the object causes an error

I have a table that has a smalldatetime NOT NULL field with a default value of getdate(). When creating a new record in the table, I don't set the smalldatetime field in code through LINQ To SQL syntax, I just let the database set the default value w

Repeat records based on date - Rails

I have a table of events that have start and end dates. Now I want to fetch events for particular dates. i.e if I supply 1 May 2014, 2 May 2004, I need all events happening on that day (based on start and end dates). And I need to group the events ba

How to get the accuracy of BigInteger in Java

I'm implementing a custom validator in my web application that can validate a BigInteger property of a bean. This property is mapped to a Number(8, 0) type of Oracle table. Like BigDecimal, I don't see a method for BigInteger that can return the prec

studio uses a lot of RAM on ubuntu

can anyone tell me why android studio on Ubuntu use to much ram memory and why it is so painful to code. My specs are: cpu: i3-2310m ram: 4gb ddr3 system: ubuntu 16.04.1 I had android studio on win 10 and with emulator was used only 3,4gb of ram. Cod

How to replace an object by another throughout the program?

I don't really think there is some method to do this- Anyway- How can I replace one object with another everywhere in the program? It would be like all the references to an old object start to point to a new one.If this is at runtime, have a look at

Wix Installer - ICE03: Not a valid foreign key

I'm really struggling trying to figure these error out. I'm trying to build a setup using the following sequence: Welcome Screen License Screen Scope Screen Browse Screen Features Screen Custom Screen Shortcut Screen Install Overview Screen Install/P

Create an OpenCV carpet with a simple pattern

In OpenCV, is there a fast way to create a Mat object where: odd columns are '1' even columns are '0' For example : 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 The pattern is always the same. The size of Mat can be big, and process by looping is really slow

How do I create a Caja preserve text in a script tag?

I was trying to see if I could use ICanHaz or Handlebars for building the sidebar of my Google Docs Add-on. However, it turns out Caja is stripping the actual HTML from my script tag. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Let's just say my

No injection of dll

I'm in the process of making a security program for my network. One of it's instances is to check and monitor what api's and libraries are called. The dll to do that and the program that go along with it are already finished. But there is a problem t

Get an attribute of a super class in python

I have been reading around and I haven't found anything that can be adapted to my problem. Any suggestion, or pointing to some other stackoverflow questions/paper/tutorial will be appreciated. I am in the following situation: I have a base class, the

angularjs returns another promise in $ q.all

in my angularjs/ionic application I'm getting data from a sqlite database and want to get data from a web service which depends on the values of the database variables. I thought this might be possible with: .factory('WebSrvs', function($http,Databas

Condition to control the multithreaded connection

I implemented a multithreading connection between a server and two clients, but when I start my program, the server starts an infinite loop. It is a problem because my server implements also a graphic interface that can't be run because it's blocked

What is the difference between 'and' in javascript

This question already has an answer here: When to use double or single quotes in JavaScript? 39 answers What is the difference between '' and "" in javascript? EG: 'Foo' vs "Foo"There is no difference whatsoever.