How do I get information from NSData?

I'm a new to iOS. NSData: { "results" : [ { "formatted_address" : "Proyezd Voskresenskiye Vorota, 3, Moscow, Russia, 109012", "geometry" : { "location" : { "lat" : 55.75622380, "lng" :

How can I change this Google Maps interface?

I have the following javascript: <!--Google Maps Script--> <script type="text/javascript"> var locations = [ ["1 Severn", 45.489886, -73.595116], ["16 Grenville", 45.486391, -73.607096], ["17 Winchester"

Where can I instant an UpdatePanel in my ASP.NET codec?

Background I have the following code that is supposed to refresh data when a button called refresh is clicked. public static void refreshBaan() { SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnectionString"].C

The conditional operator is confused, but why?

This question already has an answer here: Nullable types and the ternary operator: why is `? 10 : null` forbidden? [duplicate] 9 answers Conditional operator cannot cast implicitly? 3 answers Assume two classes, both descendants of the same superclas

Business Analytics: Which Platform Should I Use?

If I want to run business reports that are better than what Excel and Access does, where can I go? I have seen Google charts API, and some of the things like the time series chart with events really appealed to me. I have seen Adobe AIR and Flex, tha

Watin & amp; IE9 - Change OK Buttons

I'm using Watin to navigate through a large number of different websites, and I'm using the great solution here to automatically click ok on all the javascript and ie boxes that popup. The problem is, this solution works great for ie6-ie8, but no lon

Example Silverlight MVVM that does not use data grids?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a great example of using the MVVM pattern for a Silverlight application that does not utilise a data grid? Most of the examples I have read see links below and books such as Pro WPF and Silverlight MVVM by Gary Hall

Cross-platform Ruby method to clear the Terminal screen

How do I make sure that my command-line program in Ruby will clear the screen regardless of whether it is on Windows, MacOSX or a Linux-based distribution? If I'm on Windows, the command is this: system('cls') Whereas on Linux on Mac it will be this:

Web part to see the last documents accessed by the user

I've been asked to create a web part in Sharepoint that lists up the last 10 documents the user has accessed in a Site collection. My client wants a quick way for users to access documents so that they won't have to dig through a folder structure to

Make baloonTipText visible until it is clicked

I have a NotifyIcon in my program which displays a baloon tip in the taskbar. I wrote code as notifyIcon1.Icon = new Icon(SystemIcons.Application, 40, 40); notifyIcon1.Visible = true; notifyIcon1.Text = "Test Notify Icon Demo"; notifyIcon1.Ballo

Android - How to keep Android to resize bitmap images

For the past two days Ive been struggling with texture issues in opengl where the textures just come up as white boxes on certain devices and on everything else they show up fine. Ive double checked and used only POT (power of two) images and that di

Python: Using minidom to find nodes with certain text

I am currently faced with XML that looks like this: <ID>345754</ID> This is contained within a hierarchy. I have parsed the xml, and wish to find the ID node by searching on "345754". xmldoc = minidom.parse('your.xml') matchingNodes

Api Web Authentication Schema

I'm implementing a rest api to using the new web api framework. This api will be consumed by other companies so we'll be adding an authentication method. In relation to authentication, I'm thinking to implement something based on tokens. Something li

Something wrong with my statement if?

a confusing question. $msg = '' $match = $msg -match '^(.*)".+?":(\S+)\s*(.*)$' $match_linkalone = $msg -match '^(.*)(http://|https://)(\S+)\s*(.*)$' $match > False $match_linkalone > True if($match -eq "True" -a

context task in Windows Phone 8.1

I am using a 3rd party rest api to query data and display it in my app. I have to perform a task like at night 12 approx. it will perform a background task to query data from rest api and update live tile and generate notification. I would like to us

Entity Framework 4.0 includes only certain related data

I want my query results to only inlcude some of the reated data. For instatnce say I have the entities Sale and Item with each Sale having an Items property which is a list of Item for a particular Sale: from s in myContext.Sales select s; returns al

changeable rail mail model

I'm trying to do an editable template for Rails but I can't figure it out. Basically what I'm trying to do is a normal action mailer view but before I send it I want to be able to edit its content. So to summarize lets say I have a report_user.html.r

Debugging .NET Production

I've had a Windows app in production for a while now, and have it set up to send us error reports when it throws exceptions. Most of these are fairly descriptive and help me find the problem very quickly (I use the MS Application Exception Block). On

C #: Different forms of syntax during the shooting event

I found different syntax version of firing an event in c#, and I cant really figure out what exactly the difference is between: if (OnMyEvent!= null) OnMyEvent(this, new MyEventEventArgs()); and: OnMyEvent.Invoke(this, new MyEventEventArgs()); especi