Sign in to the E-mail account from the Desktop application

I have created one desktop form application in using visual studio 2008 and framework 4.0. I have one requirement like this: I have one link on one form and when user click on it, it will open up mozilla or chrome with and username a

I can not try to try to work in java

So here is my GUI as you can see. import java.awt.EventQueue; import javax.swing.JFrame; import javax.swing.JTextField; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JLabel; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; pu

VBA: Copies the date in the text. Problem with country format

I have a small problem with a date copy/paste in VBA. I want to get dates which appear in dd/mm/yyyy format into text. My Excel has original settings in English. I tried: Selection.NumberFormat = "@" but it returns text in mm/dd/yyyy format. Wou

FasterCSV: Read Remote CSV Files

I can't seem to get this to work. I want to pull a CSV file from a different webserver to read in my application. This is how I'd like to call it: url = '' records =, :headers => true, :header_convert

Return an iterative list in Java

I have Map <A, List<A>> map = new HashMap<A, List<A>>(); Say I want to print out each element in List<A> via an enhanced for loop doing map.get(KeyOftypeA) does not return an iterable list...seems it returns a generic Object

If x in the array in Java

This question already has an answer here: How can I test if an array contains a certain value? 23 answers In python, you can use a very simple if statement to see if what the user has entered (or just a variable) is in a list: myList = ["x", &qu

Automatic version of Hibernate

I have developed a customer maintenance application. Users can alter the customer details via web interface. I want to handle the following scenario: User 1 loads customer1 details. User 2 loads customer1 details. User 1 changes and saves customer1's

Sort and count the value in db

This question already has an answer here: need to return two sets of data with two different where clauses 2 answers this is my db(salelist) id     type        firstname     mob     affid      salestatus 1      refund     nike              ****      

How to get rid of specific warning messages

A lot of times I like to write try catch blocks like so: try { // do stuff } catch (Exception ex) { } Normally, I want to see warning messages telling me that I have an unused variable. However, in this case I put it there and don't use it on purpose

PHP Runtime Error

I'm programming PHP for some time. I use an Windows XP SP3 with PHP 5.4, SQlite 3, Apache 2.4 as a development environment. The remote host server (not mine) is a Windows Server 2008 with PHP 5.3, Apache 2.2, IIS 7.0 and SQL Server 2008. My editor is

Maximum execution time for JavaScript

I know both ie and firefox have limits for javascript execution (Source 1, Source 2). Based on number of statements executed, I heard it was 5 million somewhere in IE and based on number of seconds in firefox: it's 10 seconds by default for my versio

Constants of class / Statics in Delphi

In Delphi, I want to be able to create an private object that's associated with a class, and access it from all instances of that class. In Java, I'd use: public class MyObject { private static final MySharedObject mySharedObjectInstance = new MyShar

Excel VBA Loop x = x + 1

I'm new to Excel VBA and i'm trying to make a loop that sums X = X + 1 but when the loop ends it continues with the last X and doesn't starts again. This is what I have: For I = 1 To 3 J = 2 For K = 1 To J * 2 Step 1 Debug.Print K Next K Next I This

Index count method for iterators in ruby?

When moving over an iteration such as: array.each do |row| puts "Current row count: " + row.current_row_index # do some more stuff end Is there a way to get the index of the current iteration / row? Obviously I can just throw in a counter, but I

C # playing a video file

this.Background = new System.Windows.Media.ImageBrush(new System.Windows.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage(new Uri(MY URL HERE))); The above code helps me to display an image control along with its image. I want to play a video file. Does the System.Windows.

Keep in the content when resizing the browser window

Is there a way to stop the content from scrolling when a window's size is changed? I am working on a responsive website with long form content. When the browser window is resized the reader's place in the content in shifted. This makes for a poor use

"Placeholder" attribute using knock-out - JSON

I would like to use placeholder attribute using data-bind but I have a error message([object object]) . Please let me know how can I use it. html: input id="comments" class="form-control" data-bind="attr: { placeholder: { locale:

Java - How to compress an image buffer?

Also, which method (jpeg, png, gif) is best for compression in terms of bandwith?What format to use: JPG/JPEG is lossey compression- you will lose detail. (The quality level is controllable, which helps) GIF is lossless compression, BUT its conversio

HTML CSS, Bootstrap Reactive DIV Height

Good day, I am trying to make my first responsive layout with the help of the Bootstrap Framework. As a base layout I have taken an example template and I am now trying to modify this template. I have added the following: <div class="row col-xs-12

Incorrect results of the custom sort function in Python

I have created a sort function for sorting lists of integers, highest to lowest. Here is the code: def sort(list): s = [] dropnum = 0 l = len(list) - 1 counter = 0 s.append(list[0]) while 1: maximum = len(s) if counter == l: break if list[counter] <

Why a width percentage in the top li collapses children?

I can't figure out why If I change the top li in a menu from px's to a percentage the child menu items stop displaying normally and fall over each other. JS fiddle working: JSfiddle not working (added width:20%; to #nav li)