VBA: Table Limits and Overrun Error 6

I am trying to get the table boundaries of an excel sheet using VBA. I have already done this using C#, but now I need to try and translate that code to VBA. One problem is that the syntax seems to be so different that the code does not look even sim

Search for images in resources

I have a project, which contains images in its resources. For example: image1yellow.png, image2red.png, image3green.png... The number of these images could be different, but my app has to know the number and their names. So I want to collect these im

How to create a pick list that is also an input text box?

I want to create a select-list like one shows in google mail search. The special thing of that selectlist is when we click over the select list it becomes a input text box and when we click over the right-side down arrow of that selectlist it shows a

How to draw polygons on an HTML5 canvas?

I need to know how to draw polygons on a canvas. Without using jQuery or anything like that.Create a path with moveTo and lineTo: var c2 = canvas.getContext('2d'); c2.fillStyle = '#f00'; c2.beginPath(); c2.moveTo(0, 0); c2.lineTo(100,50); c2.lineTo(5

JQuery UI functions do not work locally

I got the following JS, CSS and HTML files running http://jsbin.com/esubag/2/edit I have a JQuery UI .hide('bounce'); function running in the JS file. It works fine on JSBin but, when I runs it locally no JQuery UI functions execute! I have include t

The sql UPDATE statement fails with an SQL error

Keep getting this warning: Warning: odbc_exec(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in string in query expression '' WHERE id = 86'., SQL state 37000 in SQLExecDirect no matter how I edit this SQL UPDATE command: $sqlU

Facebook Extended Permission in C #

I'm developping a Facebook Application (using ASP.NET C# and Nathan Totten's Facebook C# SDK) and trying to access to extended permissions. I tried on localhost (with an existing app in facebook), and everybody works. But when I try to use it directl

What is the competition model of Erlang in fact?

I was reading a paper recently Why Events are Bad. The paper is a comparative study of Event based and thread based highly concurrent servers and finally concludes stating that Threads are better than events in that scenario. I find that I am not abl

Move text to xml using

EDIT: Thanks for the help anyway, forget it.. i'll parse the xml directly on my server with java, and then download it to my device directly from the server... it's easier and faster that way... Can someone help me with sed command? i'm not so good w

In Rails, how to add a new method to the String class?

I want to build an index for different objects in my Rails project and would like to add a 'count_occurences' method that I can call on String objects. I saw I could do something like class String def self.count_occurences do_something_here end end W

C # DataSet - Column-based Single Value Recovery

I'm having some issues trying to retrieve unique values from a DataSet in csharp, is that possible? Actually I'm doing something like this that gets a dataset from a webservice: webService.getInstructions(Username, Password, AppKey).Tables[0].Select(

Pass the object on with ng-click

I have template which starts like : <li class="list-group-item" ng-repeat="question in question.ChildQuestions" collapse-toggler ng-click="collapseQuestion(this);"> ... In collapseQuestion i want to pass object that wil

SQLAlchemy column_property basics

I have two models: class Report(Base): __tablename__ = 'report' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True) class ReportPhoto(Base): __tablename__ = 'report_photo' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True) report_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey(Report.id), n

Message php hidden with img

I have a page with images. on the images is a button to favourit the image. if they click the button i have a php script wich adds the image to theyr favourits. i want to execute the php code without going to the page with the php script. my html is

How to use Captcha in asp.net mvc

can any one tell me how to use captcha in asp.net mvc? is there any need to download any control for it?Hoping it's not too late to put my two cents in... Introducing MvcReCaptcha I faced this exact same issue when trying to implement CAPTCHA validat

MySQL can not create foreign key constraint

I'm having some problems creating a foreign key to an existing table in a mysql database. I have the table exp: +-------------+------------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-------------+---------

MySQL uses LIKE and AND does not receive correct results

Hopefully a simple question to people with better brains than me - I am having trouble with my MySQL syntax when Selecting rows from a table. $query="SELECT auth, first_name, last_name FROM main_user WHERE (auth='1' OR auth='2' AND CONCAT(first_name,

Problem with video recorder

i am doing a application to record video.I got many samples that are working but issue is while recording camera is not opening in portrait mode, it is opening another mode This is the sample i have used including xml file: package com.example.Record

Edit Boxplot Axis Labels

I have a data frame mdata which has the columns variable and value that I am plotting on a BoxPlot in R. I am plotting log10(value) on the Y-axis & variables on the X-axis. I want to change the labels on the Y-axis such that it shows the original val