Obtain the values ​​of a class

I have an html structure similar to this one: <div id="sound_collection"> <ul class="connected list"> <li class="highlight" value="1.wav">One</li> <li class="highlight" value=&qu

Track Update Form - No route matches [PUT]

I have a form to create adverts. Controllers: def edit @engines = Engine.all @car = Car.find(params[:id]) end def update @car = Car.find(params[:id]) if @car.save redirect_to root_path end end My routes: resources :adverts Create.html.erb <%= form_fo

Why does this jquery code not work in ie6?

i have some jquery code here that works fine in firefox but when i test in ie6, i dont see it working at all (the div is not being shown). here is my html <b>Calendar:</b> <select name="CalendarId" id="calendar_list">

Is there any missing data?

Here is some code quoted from Douglas.E.Comer's < Computer Networks and Internets > 4th edition. This program will send back any data it received. ... while((len = recv(conn, buff, BUFFERSIZE,0)) >0) // receive data send(conn, buff, len, 0); // s

Data type varchar to numeric

I have a table with Varchar values that are numbers, and I want them to be decimal values. I'm getting an error saying Error converting data type varchar to numeric. I've tried: SELECT ROUND(CAST(MYCOLUMN AS decimal(10, 2)), 2) FROM TABLE and ALTER T

Execution and use of costs

Some questions about Executors best usage for memory and time performance: Is there any cost penalty incurred for the use of ExecutorService e = Executors.newSingleThreadExecutor(); e.execute(callable) e.shutdown() compared to: new Thread(runnable).s

Mono process. Start how to find bash?

In my webapp i do the below. I know its correct because i tried 1) dumping start_sz to a text file 2) su www-data 3) copy/paste the extract string and it worked. var start_sz = string.Format(@"bash -c 'ln ""{2}/{0}"" ""{

Social sharing on Android

So sharing on social channels is a hot topic these days. I have done some research on how to share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. Lets start with an example.. I want to share text, and an image to 4 social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI

CodeIgniter - Datamapper ORM - Autopopulate Instance

Just wondering if there is an easy way to auto-populate an object's related fields on an instance-by-instance basis rather than globally in the config file, or, for the entire class. I'd like to include all related models for a single instance withou

Structure separating a variable

I am trying to part a int16_t variable inside a structure. This structure is persisted in disk and loaded back across reboot. the old structure is struct details { int a; int16_t var1; int16_t b; } details_t The new one i changed is struct details {

nextInt () having problems in a while loop

Basically I need this while loop to perform 4 times It will ask user for input then use that input in the nested if statements. (repeat 4 times) The first prompt will show up and I am able to type an input. but after that it just gives me an error. a

Changing the color of the font without using the color style

I'm currently using a content management system that is automatically stripping any style="color:white;" inline css, but I need to change the font color of a certain element to white. Is there any trick I can use that can make it appear as if th

SQLite vs. LocalStorage

I am using Ionic 2. I have a simple Chat App which uses Meteor to sync the messages between users. At this stage, all messages are stored on the server in a Mongodb database. It works perfectly. I do however, want to store the messages on the uses lo

how to convert an array to a string format

i have an array in the format array() {["2011-07-29"]=> 39 ["2011-07-30"]=> 39 ["2011-07-31"]=> 39 ["2011-08-01"]=> 40} i need to convert it to a string format like this (the below is a var_dump result)

How Pack () works and what it looks for

This question already has an answer here: Using Java pack() method 3 answers I was messing with some code and came across the pack method which is suppose to find the "optimum" size for a window. But when I tried to out it simply made a window a

How to add a (custom) one thousand separators in D3?

I'm working with D3Plus and D3Plus accepts any D3 method. I could manage to remove decimals. What I cannot do is adding a '.' as a thousand separator instead of a ',' (in spanish 1.000.000 is 'one million') and this is for a spanish-speaking audience

Obtain the value of a dynamically generated anchor tag

I'm trying to insert a div element on click of every anchor tag that is inside a set of elements of a dynamically generated html table. So far i'm only able to click the tag but not able to identify which row's tag is clicked. //response from ajax ca

Removing Blank ULs

I need to remove empty ULs and those LIs which contains empty ULs so I use this script $("ul").each(function() { var elem = $(this); if (elem.children().length == 0) { elem.parent().remove(); } } ); After runing the script it can happen that I g

scrolling problem in uitableview

i have a table view and i am adding some labels to uitableview cell and the actual screen is as follows and while scrolling 2-3 times it will appear as follows and the code is as follows and code is as follows - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableV

I do not receive fcm push notifications in the background on IOS

This is my json that I am sending but I am only receiving notifications in foreground in IOS but not in background. remoteMessage.appData {          colorCode = XXXXX;         description = "XXXXX";     from = XXXXX;     notification =     {    

How to view mail with html / rich format?

Now I have an app to display a mail with html/rich format. First I retrieve the html content via javamail imap like: if(message.isMimeType("text/html")){ String content = message.getContent().toString(); } and then store them into DB, but how to

The function does not load on the page

Click event with jquery function is not working when it is before the a tag but it is working fine after the a tag. Also, if I use document.ready then it works. I would like to know why it is not working when it is before the a tag. <head> <scrip

Import Frame in Swift Project, Xcode

I'm trying to import myFramework into a project. I've added myFramework in Build Phases->Link Binary With Libraries. Objective-c works: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import <myFramework/myFramework.h> But with in Swift, I get a No such module my