How do you pass the values ​​of the .net objects in F #?

I am currently learning F# and functional programming in general (from a C# background) and I have a question about using .net CLR objects during my processing. The best way to describe my problem will be to give an example: let xml = new XmlDocument

How to assign all members of the class to both

In a Dapper ORM application, I want to assign one object to another, or all data members at once. Like this: public class TableA { public int UserId { get; set; } public string ClientId { get; set; } // ... more fields ... public bool Query() { bool

Problem with populating boxes in an ASP.NET MVC 3 application

I have completed the new tutorial (musicstore) on MVC 3 over on It all went fine except for the part where two dropdown boxes should be populated from the database - and they are not. I followed the tutorial and double checked my code. I

How do I manage version 2 of ionic on windows?

I know recently Ionic has released it's latest version in beta Ionic 2. But I was already using the older version for my project. I want to try Ionic 2 before I can migrate my app to Ionic 2. So is there a way I can keep 2 versions of Ionic at the sa

Adding elements of a while loop to a jray ArrayList

Simple one here, I have connected to a sqldb and from my database I am retrieving rows from a table. For each row i wish to save the data to an ArrayList. Each row being an item in the ArrayList. This is what I have so far. List<DVDProperty> DVDList

My phone does not move, but GPS data continues to change

I have a simple android code to send GPS location to a database periodically via a web service. For testing purpose I set the minTime to 2000ms. lm=(LocationManager)getSystemService(Context.LOCATION_SERVICE); ll=new SpeedoActionListener(); lm.request

How to create a (reasonably) simple contact form in Joomla?

I need to create a Contact Us page for a Joomla! site which I'm creating for a friend and I'm not having much luck finding a nice way of doing this. It is just a simple form which contains a few input fields (text boxes, checkboxes and comboboxes), a

.pop () equivalent in scala

I have worked on python In python there is a function .pop() which delete the last value in a list and return that deleted value ex. x=[1,2,3,4] x.pop() will return 4 I was wondering is there is a scala equivalent for this function?If you just wish t

Excel: Select all rows to empty cell

I'd to select all rows from 2 adjacent columns, starting with the row below the header (this is fixed) and ending with the row before the first row with a blank cell. Given the following the example... A B 1 Item Amount 2 Item1 1 3 Item2 4 4 2 5 I'd

Javascript modifies table values

Having trouble figuring out why I can't change a table value. function StartGame() { document.getElementById("Player1").value = document.getElementById("Name1").value; document.getElementById("Player2").value = document.getEl

Objects with arguments and array

Is there a way in C++ where an objects has argument added upon it, with an array such as: int x = 1; int y = 2; Object myObject( x, y )[5]; // does not work I was hoping that I could put arguments into the object, while creating an array of 5 of thes

Search for mysql data with type varchar

I have this query: SELECT * From checkfinale where AssociateID = 51 AND `CompletedDate` >= '16/04/2012' AND `CompletedDate` <= '22/06/2012' ComplitedDate is varchar type. because I am using view. when I am trying to execute it those dates not effect

Relation in Observer mode

Does the observer pattern model a one-to-many relationship or a many-to-many? I've found many resources where the relationship modeled by the observer pattern is one-to-many. This makes perfectly sense, but isn't it possible to also model a many-to-m

Linux: How do I change resolv.conf

I need to setup Open DNS but i cant edit resolv.conf Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8) DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN nameserver search Your sys

Separate implementations from an interface

I am looking for a technique to have a single entry point for my interface, but where each implementation is handled differently. Let's show an example. I have got a couple of implementations of an Instrument-interface. Instruments ofcourse share som

Set the last 8 bytes of char array to __uint64

I'm implementing the SHA1 algorithm from the pseudocode on wikipedia. It says I should append to original length as 64 bits to the message, so I tried the following: // new_message is of type char[] and is 9+ bytes long *((__int64*)(new_message-8)) =

How to get the domain of a specific cookie?

There is a web site All cookies are set to the www subdomain. Now there is a new subdomain and I want the cookies to be seen for all subdomains. The goal is to rewrite the cookies for all the old visitors to be .exampl

Can JAX-WS be used to generate Web services clients for TIBCO

In my project I am using a wsdl provided by TIBCO to generate web service client classes. These clients are responsible to to consume TIBCO web services over SOAP/JMS. I see that the designer has made a comment in design doc like this: TIBCO jms bind

Jersey must not consume any form parameters. exception

I am building rest webservice using jersey, when I add this function i got this exception, but when i remove it, the server works very good. Customer.orderWeb(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.l

3D animation between activity in Android

How to create animation between two Activity look like As Screen shot in androidSearch for jazzyviewpager. this is the link to the library. It has many cool animations to play with.

Style TableRow to export to Excel

I have following code that I am using for export to excel of a gridview. I am adding the gridview rows into System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table. Now, I need to apply background color to the header and data rows in the exported excel (There are two header