Draw several curves on the same axes using the plot handles

Is there a method to plot multiple curves on the same axes, but using plot handles. To be specific, I am looking for something similar to plot_handle = plot(x, y1, x, y2); for i= 1:n set(plot_handle, 'XData', x, 'YData', y1, 'XData', x, 'YData', y2)

Android: ListView, Last article - Show more

I have an issues, I want to show 20 items in the list. But there is a catch: if the user scrolls down to the bottom of the list, there will be an item that says: "Show more items", and when the users click on it, more items will be added to the

How do I enumerate sockets on a given Windows process?

I need my program to check if a given Windows process is abusing the network. I would like to enumerate the process tcp and udp sockets, and see how much data they transferred during a given period. Is there a C or .Net API that can provide such info

Css moving div below text results

I am trying to move a div below auto complete search results. But i am unable to push the div below autocomplete results after user starts typing. I am trying to implement searchbox similar to www.microsoft.com. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Validating the integer of jQuery Textbox

I have the script below, which I use to validate input to validate a textbox for no text, and it also usefully doubles to only allow a number between 0 and 10 with up to 3 decimal places. $('.sourceValidation').keyup(function () { if (!this.value.mat

Is it possible to have html inside a cell jcgrid treegrid

i have a jqgrid treegrid cell and i want to have content inside of a cell that has links and other html formatting. is this possible with jqgrid treegrid ? I don't see anything mentioned in the documentationThe most things which you know from jqGrid

How do I deposit a table that I declared in my SP

like i declared a table... declare @tempTable TABLE (Id bigint identity(1,1), bKey int, DateT DateTime, Addres nvarchar(max), unit bigint) and i want to drop it...but im stucked coz drop table n truncate are not working. ani ideaaa...???Table variabl

How to delete / delete an item?

How do you remove an element in python?If you want to delete an item at an index from a list, Given dropped_class is an integer and 0 <= dropped_class < len(list1) and list1 is a list del list1[dropped_class] or list1.pop(dropped_class) or if you kn

The query Rails 4, carried by condition from several assets

The question is : "given a company, how should I build the query that returns all events created by all employees during their respective employments periods ?" Ex: @company = Company.create # Welcome John @john = User.create @event_a = @john.ev

Creating zlib libz.a for 32 bits

I am trying to compile a 32-bit version (MinGW) of a program I wrote using zlib. Until now, I've never has to compile for 32-bit so the version of zlib I compiled from source (libz.a) is 64-bit. I tried to rerun the makefile in the zlib-1.2.5 directo

How to get the value of a drop-down list in Javascript

This is a really simple problem I can't figure out. I am trying to get the value of a dropdownlist using Javascript. I have 4 digit job codes in my dropdownlist. On a button click I got to this function and am trying to get the value of what was sele

operand type not supported for +: 'int' and 'tuple'

I need to complete a task where I am given a list of names and grades for each name and I need to sort these out by highest to lowest grade. However if two names have the same grades then sort those names out in alphabetical order. This is the proble

Redirection of the Python import error to the file

I get a huge error output in IPython when I import a certain module. I cannot scroll up to the top of this error so I want to re-direct the output to a file. How can I do this? Thanks! EDIT: I also tried the following, but it didn't work In [1]: logs

What features make designers design such a beautiful language?

It seems to me that some languages are generally being conceived as more beautiful than others. This seems to apply to all programming paradigms. Are there any abstract/paradigm-spanning characteristics which makes programmers consider a language as

Cross-class methods and object-oriented logic in Java

I'm in a beginners Java course, and I am working on my first object oriented assignment. I do understand the basics of OOP, but I don't have quite the knowledge required to put it into practice. If anyone could please point out any newbie mistakes or

How to adjust the height 100% of the toolbox element

I want to set height of child element of flexbox item to 100%. But it doesn't work. This is the jsFiddle link of these code. Now, I compromised this solution with setting position : absolute and top : 0; right : 0; bottom : 0; left : 0; of the inner

How to get the time zone in the UK in PHP and detect midnight?

I am learning some PHP. I have a script which checks to see if a JSON file exists. If it does not exist; it will populate it with some YQL and some data. If it exists, it will not do anything as it is better for cache and speed. In my code; I have th

Scala, how do I replace the static members?

I wan't to build a class Animal which I can find the number of animals were created. In Scala there is no option to static variable, so how can I implement such functionality in Scala (I am looking for non-specific solution)? Thanks! For example in J

Join two tables with exact match records

i want to join 2 tables with a varchar column and my condition is to join rows by its exact matched values. suppose table 1 : id   colname1                    name 1    sample text value(developer)    ram1 2    sample text value-coding           jeen

How to make a motion blur effect on UIImageView in Monotouch?

What's the way to do a realtime motion blur in MonoTouch? I need to apply a motion blur effect on an UIImageView when scrolling an inertial picture gallery, with strength and direction as parameters, as in Photoshop. I can't find any blur or motion b

Looping through deeply embedded properties - React

I'm trying to .map through data returned from an API (the NASA API). The issue I'm having is with deeply nested properties -- here's an example. What's the best way to get the nested name and estimated_diameter properties data in React? All the data'

Get a webcam feed on Mac OS X in Java

I would like to get the webcam stream of my Macbook (the integrated iSight webcam). I use Java, and I don't know anything about Objective-C so I'm looking for a "full-java" solution. I found some class example, but they were made in 2005 and the