WPF: How do I delete the search field in a Document Viewer?

My XAML code is like this: <Window xmlns ='http://schemas.microsoft.com/netfx/2007/xaml/presentation' xmlns:x ='http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml' Title ='Print Preview - More stuff here' Height ='200' Width ='300' WindowStartupLocation ='

R addition of data lines and summarized by group

After looking at my notes from a recent R course and here in the Q and As, the most probable function I need to use to get what I need would seem to be colsum, and groupby but no idea how to do it, can you can help me out. ( first I tried to look int


so i have to write an a PL/SQL block that will display me an department id , department name and all the workers first and the last names for each department. There are 2 tables Departments and Employees and they have department_id value in common. I

JPA: Errors in Named Query

I get the exception org.hibernate.HibernateException: Errors in named queries: ElaborazionePagamentiMaggioriOneri.estrai but the named query looks correct to me. I also get org.hibernate.hql.ast.QuerySyntaxException: ElaborazionePagamentiMaggioriOner

How to make a DIV element reactive

So on my small website I have a div that I styled with CSS and as I was testing with various resolutions, the box looked distorted on a small 11 inch screen compared to my 27 inch screen. How can I make my 700 pixel heigth 200 pixel width div look th

Release / Debug hell, with V-studio C ++ project

I'm so tired of this happening. I'm working in Visual studio using C++, and go a little to far in developemnt before attempting a release build/run cycle, only to find my release build crashes. It leaves me no way to fix the problem beyond to hack ou

How to check landscape and portrait mode on appdelegate?

i want to run app in landscape and portrait mode, How to check landscape and portrait mode on Appdelegate? I try to call - (BOOL) isPad{ #ifdef UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM return (UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM() == UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad); #else return NO; #e

Swing Data Link Frames

Almost the same question has been asked a year ago, but the there has been some new development in this area. Selecting a (data binding) framework for swing application seems to be quite difficult. JSR-295 is abandoned, many swing frameworks which pr

How to check if the file already has data (in C)?

I am trying to write a simulation program in C where I am appending a file by opening it in append mode. This file is a csv (comma separated values). I would like to write the headings of my simulation information before I write the actual values so

Removing the red rectangle in the frame, seeing nothing

Here's the code: Class aa package com.MahBonnets.Game; import javax.swing.*; public class aa { public static ab f = new ab(); public static int width = 600; public static int height = 400; public static void main(String args[]) { f.setSize(width, hei

requirejs load script progression

Risking of asking a stupid question I will give it a try though. Is it possible to display a progress indicator while RequireJs is loading dependencies? For example: require(['jquery'], function($) { // Well, jQuery loaded in quite some time due to a

How to transfer the JSON object from Controller to

There are many threads on the subject, but I cannot find any that use PHP. I want to pass the json object to the view, where I will later update an element with the returned json object. Here is my code: View: <input type="submit" class="

XPATH: Selecting Multiple Records with Generic Namespaces

I am fairly new to XPATH and need to return a value from multiple XML objects when a certain node is equal to one of two values. The solution also needs to be namespace agnostic using local-name(). Given the following XML, I am looking to return all

Javascript or Jquery: Getting key entries without focus

I'm trying to check if a key is pressed without focus on any sort of field. The goal is to allow users to press left and right arrow to get to the next image. There is no need for them to click into any text field or anything... just simply press tho

Connection block does not redirect to previous page

I have seen quite a few questions with this in mind, but haven't been able to address my issue. I have a Flask app with flask-login for session management. And, when I try to view a page without logging in, I get redirected to a link in form of /logi

Flot - Doner Pie Chart - Customize Legend

I created a Donut Pie chart using Flot. Is there a way to customize "Legend"? I want to GFavorite, G2 and G3 to font to be bold. I added: pie: { innerRadius: 0.5, show: true, formatter: function(label, series){ return '<div style="font-s

How to read the .csv file extension in .net C #

How to read .csv file extension in .net C#I just write my own - it's a one-liner! using System.IO.File; return ReadAllLines(@"C:\V3.txt").Select(line => line.Split(',')).ToList(); This will return a list where each item is a string[], contain

IOCTL sniffing and serial port communication

I'm trying to reverse the protocol used by an early nineties logic analyzer an its PC software. The device is connected via RS-232 (propietary wiring) and communicates with a DOS program, successfully running on DOSBOX. I'm able to control the device

Using Java Regex find () vs match ()

Edited question I want to pull the date and time out of some strings. Here's an example. All Event strings start with [0r(1)2[000p[040qe1w3h162[020t*. upon encountering a new one, it should parse the last string set and get some data. an example even

How to provide a KeyPress event to a WebBrowser control?

i really need to catch "ESC" key press while focus is on WebBrowser control. I tried something like this: (webControl as Control).KeyPress += new KeyPressEventHandler(MyKeyPressEventHandler); But it doesnt work. The method is not called. I tried

Product flow sequence constraints for Amazon MWS

I am currently working on a specification for a software component which will synchronize the product catalog of an ecommerce company with the Amazon Marketplace using Amazon MWS. According to the MWS developer documentation, publishing products requ

Generating sublist of list strings

I am very new to LINQ and am wondering if there is a way to extract a sublist from a list of strings given that the string values are provided beforehand. For example, if I have: var movies = new List<Movie> { new Movie { Name = "Noah" },

Change the color of the EditText cursor using styles.xml

Right now, I can change the cursor drawable through reflection and using property android:textCursorDrawable. I looked at the TextView code, and its actually reading the drawables from Resources.Theme. I'm wondering if its possible and how to change

Apache Camel: consumption of beans

I have a question about how to invoke a bean as an uri like this: from("bean:MyBeanCall?method=beancallMethod(String1)") The Consumer has to be dynamic and returns the URI as a String from the bean. Inside the bean I want also use the @Header An

Persistence of connected user information

I know this is a simple concept, but I need some help. I'm creating a winforms app, in c#, and I'm trying to organize my code. The first screen is a log in, and once the user is authenticated I return the users details. How/where should I store these

USB communication, endpoints in Monodroid / Android

I have a USB device that I'm attempting to communicate to with my Android 4.1 device using the MonoDroid API, and I've run into some issues setting up a proper connection. First, the steps taken to arrive at what I "think" may be an issue: Filte

Show 3 higher results by date using sql

I have a website , and I created a book library in it. The table is: book It contain: book_id , book_title , book_cat , book_img , book_content , active , book_date , visits , book_sender ) The 'book_sender' is the ID of the sender because any logged