All alternatives to JSP type

Is there something safer than JSP? I haven't found any meaningful answers through Google. We currently use the Spring MVC framework and JSP to render HTML. I have came to hate the dynamic nature of the JSP rendering, in that you reference a model lik

How to replace the image by flipping the menu

On my website I have a menu bar with image. I want to replace the image whenever an user hover on that menu item. This is my menu: <ul id="css3menu1" class="topmenu"> <li class="topfirst"><a class="pressed

A custom ComboBox style

I am trying to create a custom style for a WPF ComboBox but whenever I do, the drop down does not open, I want to use the following XAML Code created from my buttons style but port it to work with a ComboBox Control, how would I go about doing this s

How to implement a real-time subdomain in PHP?

Suppose domain is, after a new user sign up,need to generate a new How to implement it? BTW,is there a limit for the number of sub domains?I would simply use a wildcard to point all subdomains to a certain direct

How to run an Eclipse-independent executable file

This question already has an answer here: How can I convert my Java program to an .exe file? [closed] 13 answers I have one library, one txt file for import some things with it and one output file to show the result. Only have one java file without a

Passing a reference to a pointer for base classes

I have a class Child that extends Base. In my class Foo I have methods with the signature like: void Foo::doStuff(Base *& base); // case A void Foo::doOther(Child *& child); // case B void Foo::doSomething(Base * base); // case C I have no problem

Extracting console.log from console

Considering that console wasn't overriden and refers to native object, console.log method (and possibly others) is extracted from console object with var log = obj.log = console.log; // instead of console.log.bind(console) log(...); obj.log(...); Is

How to add two image tags in the div tag using jQuery

Iam trying to place two image tags with different images/src values init, but in the end two image tags have been appended with same src value instead of different. May i know what s wrong with append: $("<div/>", { "id": 'card'+

Spring Security JDBC and Hibernate JPA

I'm writing a spring webapp that uses spring security with jdbc and jpa/hibernate (I'm 100% newbie with spring). I have made it work by configuring the database either in a "dataSource" bean for spring security and repeating it in persistence.xm

The export of Sqoop to Teradata is slow

I am trying to load ~700GB file to Teradata, using sqoop-connector-teradata-1.3c5.tar.gz[Cloudera Connector Powered by Teradata] the performance seems to be very slow. I have included below parameters in sqoop command sqoop export -D sqoop.export.rec

What do not I understand about REST?

I'm building a framework and want developers who build with it to have the ability to allow parts of it to both share data with other sites and allow other sites to add/edit/delete data. For example, if someone makes a site that has book reviews, aut

Any productive way to install a bunch of packages

I had one machine with my commonly used python package installed. and i would like to install the same package on another machine or same machine with different python version. I would like to know whether pip or easy-install or some other method can

Space between views in LinearLayout

I have a linear layout inside a scroll view, this linear layout contains many table layouts that are inserted dynamically during the application life. When I have more than 1 table layout they are too close to one another: Here is the code for the ta

Try to get non-object property? PHP / Codeigniter

I have been literally pulling my hair out with this one and its beginning to delay the rest of my project and it really is getting me down. I am trying to populate a pull down using values taken from a database table so that if in the future the user

PHP creates a nested array and passes with json_encode

I have the following, and while $data['details'] is being populated OK, there should be three results in $data['tests'], but "tests" isn't showing at all in the JSON result: {"details":["Clinical result","Signature resul

Online assembler causes a frost inside another function

This question already has an answer here: Is inline assembly language slower than native C++ code? 21 answers I've noticed that when using my inline assembly code is either incredibly slow or stops compared to my C++ code which finishes very quickly.

Haskell: Display for data with types like * * - & gt; *

i have a problem to implement a show instance for a datatype with types here is the code: data RMcom = LOAD Int | STORE Int | CLOAD Integer | CADD Integer | CSUB Integer | CMULT Integer | CDIV Integer | ADD Int | SUB Int | MULT Int | DIV Int | GOTO I


I am looking into using AWS Cloudfront to develop an API that third parties can use to access data stored in an S3 bucket. I have looked around alot and can not find any good examples if this is possible in the way I want to achieve it. Basically wha

Unlisted mysql query php mysql

hey, i`m just wondering what I should do to this query to have it not return any duplicate items. SELECT tag FROM tags WHERE MATCH (tag) AGAINST ('$sql_items' IN BOOLEAN MODE) LIMIT 5 Ive tried a bunch of different stuff but I cant seem to get it to

Dateformat FREETDS format problems

Below SQL statement SELECT getdate() go When I run from SQL Server management studio it gives "Jul 27 2016 22:00:00.860" When I run the same from sqsh it gives "Jul 27 2016 10:00PM" sqsh uses freetds to connect to SQL server from my li

Definition of typographical typologies of a property

I have a JavaScript object which stores a dictionary of words: var Words = {}; Words.Account="Account"; Words.Account_Login="Account Login"; My Typescript definition looks like this: declare class Words { Account: string; Account_Login