Unit testing - How to do it?

I want to unit test my program (in C) because I know of the benefits of doing so as well, as it shows where the problem is. I also like to blackbox test, since it tells me if the program works (at least, for the tests). At the moment, I am using Auto

Adding Dependencies to an AngularJS Controller

I have inherited some AngularJS code. It has this function MainCtrl($scope) { // code goes here }; angular .module('inspinia') .controller('MainCtrl', MainCtrl) Now I want to add a custom controller which combines a datepicker and timepicker into one

Find an efficient algorithm for a matrix operation

This is an interview question: For a matrix, we define an operation that when we add 1 to one entry, all the surrounding entries (up, down, left, right) will also added by 1. Given a positive matrix, find an algorithm to determine if the matrix can b

Unable to get stacktrace when SIGSEGV uses gdb

I have web daemon and request that makes it fail with SIGSEGV. So i start daemon, attach with gdb, continuing, send request and getting this: $ gdb attach -p 630066 (gdb) c Continuing. Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. The p

Instructions for counting a process using PTRACE_SINGLESTEP

on a Linux machine, I am using ptrace with the PTRACE_SINGLESTEP parameter to count the number of machine instructions of a program. I followed this article: http://www.ncsu.edu/it/mirror/ldp/LDP/LGNET/81/sandeep.html. However, the result seems odd t

QueueUserWorkItem with COM in C ++

I have a performance issue where clients are creating hundreds of a particular kind of object "Foo" in my C++ application's DOM. Each Foo instance has its own asynchronous work queue with its own thread. Obviously, that doesn't scale. I need to

Using a regex in a conditional vs. An absolute awk / sed?

I have the line: 03:1b.0 USB Controller: Intel... (lspci -k output) I'm trying to use regex to check if the first field of the input line follows the form ??:??.?, but not sure how to implement it. I came up with the expression: ([0-9])\w+:([0-9])\w+

Backporting a VB.Net 2008 application to target .Net 1.1

I have a small diagnostic VB.Net application ( 2 forms, 20 subs & functions) written using VB.Net 2008 that targets Framework 2.0 and higher, but now I realize I need to support Framework 1.1. I'm looking for the most efficient way to accomplish this

MySQL Query Optimization with MAX ()

I have 3 tables with the following schema: CREATE TABLE `devices` ( `device_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `name` varchar(20) default NULL, `appliance_id` int(11) default '0', `sensor_type` int(11) default '0', `display_name` VARCHAR(100), PRIM

Delete Confirmation, jquery, bootstrap

This question is an exact duplicate of: Pop up delete confirmation bootstrap 1 answer Im trying to do a pop up which says("are you sure you want to delele?") and have OK - CANCEL options.. Here is my delete button: <a href='borrar.php?borrar=

git how to store different files in archives of 2 branches

I am new to GIT, learned few tutorials and I have created master branch and an other working branch where i am working on a task. I have created this on my local machine. My client dont have git or any thing. So when I have to update the server. I do

Using the String in Python 2.7

I'm trying to do some scraping using Python 2.7.2. I've just started with Python and unfortunately it is not as intuitive as I thought it will be. I try to collect all specific -s from all pages. I don't know how to accumulate results from all pages

Android: Implement Shared Preference

I am making an app in which i have to draw image in canvas and then SAVE that image in shared preference and then show in next screen .Any help will be appreciated public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);

Check if a regex covers another regex

I'm attempting to implement a text clustering algorithm. The algorithm clusters similar lines of raw text by replacing them with regexes, and aggregates the number of patterns matching each regex so as to provide a neat summary of the input text inst

Dynamic, ever-evolving set

is it possible somehow change array which is processed by foreach? I tried this script $iterator = 10; $cat = array(1 => 'a',2 => 'b',3 => 'c'); foreach ($cat as $k => $c) { if ($iterator < 15) { $cat[$iterator] = $iterator; $iterator++; }

Node Inspector with Express 4

I am trying to run node-inspector with an Express 4 App -- I am running this in a Vagrant box but am able to view the pages in the browser without any problems (I have the ports on the vagrant machine available to the host machine). I fire up the app

Iterate and enter data into a column in a pandas data frame

I have a pandas dataframe with a column that is a small selection of strings. Let's call the column 'A' and all of the values in it are string_1, string_2, string_3. Now, I want to add another column and fill it with numeric values that correspond to

CSS Nav Menu Fade Out OFF Hover

Still learning as I go with CSS styling, and I want to implement a fade-in/fade-out navigation menu. Reading up, I was able to code a fade in on hover successfully to the effect that I want. Now I'm being challenged logically and can't seem to come u

CMake and slow MSVC compilation

CMake generate project for MSVC 10 (2010) and build time are relativly low, ie. after I click build for given project it start compiling in like seconds, which is expected. For Qt Creator I choose CodeBlocks - NMake Makefiles as CMake generator, set

the query does not generate the desired xml output

I am trying to generate the following xml but it isn't getting generated as desired: <partyIds> <id>2222</id> <id>2222</id> <id>2222</id> </partyIds> The xml generated by my query is as follows: <partyIds

Design tips for publishing messages in a server

I am designing an application that needs to update a server at regular intervals, but I am unsure of how to go about sending these updates. This is what I am trying to do: When my Activity starts, I must send an initial connection message to the serv

can not access the NSDictionary key

I have the following code: - (id)initWithDictionaryRepresentation:(NSDictionary *)dictionary { self = [super init]; if (self != nil) { dictionaryRepresentation = [dictionary retain]; NSArray *allKeys = [dictionaryRepresentation allKeys]; NSDictionary

Integer for hexadecimal conversion to Python

a = 1 print hex(a) The above gives me the output: 0x1 How do I get the output as 0x01 instead?You can use format : >>> a = 1 >>> '{0:02x}'.format(a) '01' >>> '0x{0:02x}'.format(a) '0x01'

Multiple counting columns with multiple conditions

I have 2 tables that looks like this: People: 1 Andy Relative 2 Jim Friend 3 Anderson Friend 4 Pamela Relative Likes: 1 Pizza 1 Soda 2 Pizza 3 Soda 4 Pizza 4 Soda I need multiple counts with multiple conditions. If it were just the one string value I