Update_attributes with a non-standard form

I have cobbled together a form due to some oddities in my code and routes. Things work for adding data to the database, but I can't quite seem to figure out how to update data. Here is some code. new.html.erb <% form_tag '/list' do %> Episodes Compl

Changing Window Properties in Visual C # from Code-Behind (WPF)

I want the background of my WPF window to change in a specific situation (but could as well be any other property). Let's suppose the name of the window is myWindow1. If I treat the window just like any other item (like you would do in Windows Forms)

Model Django generic modeling

Say, there is a Page that has many blocks associated with it. And each block needs custom rendering, saving and data. Simplest it is, from the code point of view, to define different classes (hence, models) for each of these models. Simplified as fol

A method that should only accept cases of A or B or C in Scala

I would ensure that a method should only accept instances of A or B or C. And I don't want to modify the code of A, B and C. case class A case class B case class C def method(aOrbOrc: Any) = ??? // method("toto") should not compile You can use T

Move files by folders

I have D:\folder\1.jpg, D:\folder\2.jpg, D:\folder\3.jpg .... so on I need D:\folder\1\1.jpg, D:\folder\2\1.jpg, D:\folder\3\1.jpg .... This code FOR /R %I IN (*.jpg) DO (md %~nI; move %I %~dI%~pI%~nI\1.jpg) create folders like D:\folder\1\1.jpg\ Wha

Checking if multiple sets of pairs cover a given set of pairs

Suppose we have N arrays of pairs, e.g. for N=3: A1 = [ [3,2], [4,1], [5,1], [7,1], [7,2], [7,3] ] A2 = [ [3,1], [3,2], [4,1], [4,2], [4,3], [5,3], [7,2] ] A3 = [ [4,1], [5,1], [5,2], [7,1] ] We can assume that the pairs in every array are sorted by

Oracle Procedure - JOIN with Subquery

I need some help finishing this procedure. The problem is how to alias the different SELECTs so that I can match them on the RIGHT OUTER JOIN. The traditional AS doesn't work. Any ideas? PROCEDURE "GetProcessedEvents" ( "In_OccurredFrom&quo

Json Spring: the output is xml but I want JSON

All code is working fine, but output generated using code is XML not json, can somebody help me how can I get JSON format output from this code. Here is Controller class package spring; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; import javax.xml.

How to use the React native select check box

I was working on an IosApp using React Native. I need a form element like select box in HTML. Is there any ways to achieve the same in React Native Form components?Probably the closest to what you want that comes bundled with React Native is http://f

How to get an absolute path to the XSL file directory?

My Schema.xsd file is located in the same directory with the .xsl file. In the .xsl file I would like to generate a link to Schema.xsl in the generated output. The generated output is located in different directories. Currently I do it like this: <xs

Convert doc to pdf using Apache POI

I am trying to convert doc to pdf using Apache POI, but the resulting pdf document contains only text, it is not having any formating like images, tables alignment etc. How can I convert doc to pdf with having all formattings like tables, images, ali

Javascript for loops with negative numbers

Can anyone tell me why these javascript loops don't run? for(var i = -5; i == 0; i++) { document.write(i); } https://jsfiddle.net/0h2p6uod/ for(var i = -5; i == -1; i++) { document.write(i); } https://jsfiddle.net/xb4k0sub/ for(var i = -5; i == 5; i+

Unable to close frame by clicking close button X

I had been through this link1 link2 for an answer, but was not helpful. Because frame.setVisible(false); is giving below exception, Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at Simulation.drawOcean(Simulation.java:72) at Simulati

Table of parameters evaluated in example node / tedious

I have a function that works really well for Executing stored procedures and SQL snippets. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me make the equivalent callProcedure for Table Valued Parameters? My current function is as follows. `var exec

Combining Fixed and Dynamic Tabs in PrimeFaces TabView

Is it possible to combine fixed and dynamic tabs in a PF TabView? My use case is creating a tab for each object in an object list dynamically. A fixed tab will hold a form for creating a new object. Once the form is submitted, a new tab with a new ob

how to include XNA libraries in the C # project?

I am trying to make a C# game. I want to include XNA libraries there (e.g. Microsoft.XNA.Framework.Graphics). But, if I do so, I get an error : The type or namespace XNA doesnot exist in the namespace Microsoft. Can anyone please help ?First of all,

How to reduce the cost of select instruction?

I have a table in oracle 10g with around 51 columns and 25 Million number of records in it. When I execute a simple select query on the table to extract 3 columns I am getting the cost too high around 182k. So I need to reduce the cost effect. Is the

Effectiveness of arcsin computation from the sinus search table

I have implemented a lookup table to compute sine/cosine values in my system. I now need inverse trigonometric functions (arcsin/arccos). My application is running on an embedded device on which I can't add a second lookup table for arcsin as I am li

Spring: Creates simulations instead of real objects

I'm using Spring annotation based configuration in my Play application. Controllers and DAOs are Spring beans. Controller and DAO layers are defined with different Spring profiles and each layer could be disabled separately. I'd like to test controll

Failed to get Facebook connection status

I am new to facebook app development. I am trying to get access token from the facebook. For that, I am trying to check my login status using the following code <html> <body> <fb:login-button></fb:login-button> <div id="fb-

How do I put multiple items in a column?

I am new to designing websites and I had a question. I am designing the webpage to have 3 columns (fluid layout), and I was wondering how to make it so I can have multiple items in each column? What I am trying to accomplish with this webpage is to e

The reference StaticResource 'Parameters' was not found

A WPF application of mine has started throwing this error in the designer view for a window. It compiles and runs without issue, but will not load in designer. The strangest part of the error, however, is that it only occurs on the first reference to

Is there a numeric keypad for jQuery Mobile?

I have a peripheral for the iPad that needs to set the focus on a numeric field to allow the user to enter a qty. My problem is: When my JavaScript sets the focus on the field, the keyboard doesn't slide up. One possible solution would be to just thr