How does the Lunar Lander example make the images transparent?

I'm trying to make a GUI program with the Android SDK, using their Lunar Lander example as a significant self-teaching tool in the process. I've noticed their sprites' images' backgrounds, which were at least usually pure white, did not show up in th

Sum of values ​​between MATLAB start and end dates

If, in MATLAB, I have a set of start and end dates that represent a contiguous period of time, how would I take a separate daily time series and accumulate any values from said time series over each start/end pair? Is this something that can be done

Get Wordpress Menu Values

All, I'm using the following code to get all of the defined wordpress menus that are created: $menus = wp_get_nav_menus(); I know the ID of the menu I want to use. Based on the menu ID I'd like to get the Pages that are in that menu and the correspon

NoClassDefFoundError for task ant junit

Another classic ant junit problem. Like the other questions I found on the topic, it is probably some subtle classpath error but none of the suggested solutions have worked for me. Here is my test code, which runs just fine in Eclipse -- package tria

What is the security of Lua object-oriented?

Lua beginner here, i am looking into lua. my question is: since an object in Lua is just a table, new fields can be added at runtime. if I have a typo in the code, and instead of changing a field, I create a new field, won't that bring mayhem? ;) I w

Constant input vs non-constant output

I have a function which traverses a tree of objects and does not modify any of the objects in the tree. The function looks something like this: static Node* findMatchingNode(const Node& root, const SomeFilterData& d); struct Node { Node* left; Nod

What does it mean in a stack trace?

I see this in a stack trace: myorg.vignettemodules.customregistration.NewsCategoryVAPDAO.getEmailContentByID(I)Lmyorg/pushemail/model/EmailContent; What does the "(I)L" mean?It means the method takes an int, and returns myorg.pushemail.model.Ema

Why python prints an empty line from a file

I read file and print lines using python 2.7.8. But python always prints some extra empty lines. I use the function: def reverse(x): linelist = open(x, 'r').readlines() linelist.reverse() for line in linelist: print line The content in my file is: Sh

resizable is not recognized

I have included the jquery ui in my page and try to appliy resizable to img but it is not working. <script src="jquery-ui-1.10.3.custom.js" type="text/javascript"></script> $('.jqte_editor').on('mouseup', 'img', function()

Stored procedure does not return correct result

I have a stored procedure like this CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE schema_name.CHECKS IS tbl_name VARCHAR2 (50); constraint_nm VARCHAR2 (100); CURSOR cur_constraint IS SELECT DISTINCT table_name, constraint_name FROM all_constraints WHERE constraint_typ

A small need to change in the sql query

Following is my sql query in which to facility_id i wat to assign value that comes from $fid. Kindly let me know what is wrong with the following code so i can remove them accordingly $fid = 101; $q = 'select r_present,r_reminder from z_events where

variable text indexing for numbered headers / paragraphs

My HTML/CSS task seems white simple: I need a number (variable length) before a multi-line paragraph and the text shall have an indention, so the second line starts at the same position as the first line: 1. This is text in two lines 10. This is anot

How to registerForContextMenu from ArrayAdapter

I'm displaying List of Message, using Activity that show ListView from Adaptar as show below. I need to register ContextMenu menu in the ImageView inside the below DiscussArrayAdapter class. if I just call registerForContextMenu(arrowImage); from Dis

powershell creates a new spweb

How can I create a new instance of SPWeb? I don't want to use Get-SPWeb or New-SPWeb as I don't want to get an existing object, or create a new page. I just want to create a SPWeb object and set it's GUID.I am not quite firm with PowerShell and Share

Assigning wildcard files to XML

XML file contains <Wildcard> tag, <Wildcard>r_prior*.obj</Wildcard> I want to access file with name r_prior[0-9].obj , there can be a file r_prior_dummy.obj (which I dont need), but with current code it's taking r_ram_dummy.obj also. Sch

.htaccess not matching

htaccess not matching RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/catalog/products_in_scene.php?(.*)$ RewriteRule ^(.+) "/services/hpv/index.php?%1" RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/shop/derivation_tree.php?(.*)$ RewriteRule ^(.+) "/services/dt/index.php?%1&q

C # - Should I use a connection to the static database

In my application to connect to Orace database I always create a new connection, open it, execute OracleCommands and finally close it afterwards. Recently I thought implementing a static connection would be a better idea. Say I have a static connecti

Open local PDF file in iBooks

I am trying to open a PDF file that I have stored locally within my app in iBooks. The app currently has a list of "literature" in a table view and when each cell is tapped the app segues to a webView that displays the PDF file (works great). I

Undesirable behavior of ArrayList remove () in Java

This question already has an answer here: Properly removing an Integer from a List<Integer> 9 answers I have following two scenarios: 1. int value as parameter int intNum = 2; List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>(); list.add(1); l

Source control - lock or merge?

A lot of programmers who are used Visual Studio have a hard time adjusting to the fact that in other source control systems, files do not need to be locked/checked out to one developer at any given time. Proponents of merging say that allowing two pe