Bitbucket not possible to merge, this field is required

I'm an ordinary bitbucket user who plays with git push git pull and git merge commands and never come across this weird situation. Now I'm trying to merge my feature branch into my master branch and getting this error: From bitbucket site follow thes

ComboBox elements overlap

Please have a view of the attached image. I use VLCJ to build this application. However, it is unexpected that the item in combobox is hidden by the Canvas (which is used in VLCJ player). How to solve it? Depending on the jre version the following li

Slide to wake up a menu like Tweetie

I've been working on a new app and was really hoping to implement a swipe to reveal more options menu inside my application. I've searched and searched, but it seems no one else has successfully made it work (aside from Loren). What I'm trying to do

Java Socket on a different machine does not work

I've tried many examples on web and one of them is this: All of the server-client socket examples work fine when they are tested with BUT it never ever EVAR works on two different computers w

What is the appropriate design model for this situation?

I'm trying to implement a model(gfx) class but I can't seem to find a proper design for it. What I have is this: [pseudocode] class Material { public: virtual void SetPerFrameInfo(void* pData)=0; //[...] } class SpecificMaterial : public Material { p

Switch.isChecked always false

I am using switch component inside my list item. But no matter I enable the switch or not. It's returning false. group_select.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { if (group_select.isChecked()){ Toast

How to debug curl on IIS?

How to inspect CURL requests? My PHP scripts are hosted on IIS and I want to find some debugging tool for CURL. Could you suggest something in fiddler-style? (Or maybe there is a way to use fiddler itself, I failed to do so because if I make my CURL

Battery calculator (postfix, Python)

The question I'm having problem on is calculating the postfix form expressions: for example, (1, 2, '+', 3, '*'). By calculating the expression using the following algorithm: 1. If the expression only contains an integer, return that integer. 2. Othe

Long-term packaging in nested tables

I'm trying to wrap a long word. I have seen this post : How to prevent long words from breaking my div? It works great in a simple case like this : .wrapWords { white-space: pre; /* CSS 2.0 */ white-space: pre-wrap; /* CSS 2.1 */ white-space: pre-lin

ANSI C - Replacing blank characters without using tables

I've started studying "The ANSI C Programming Language" by Dennis Ritchie and Brian W.Kernighan. So far I've just learned getchar(),putchar(),while, for, if. There is an exercise that I have to do only using what I've learned by now. The above a

select a property from an object using the sequences in F #

I am learning F# and have come across a question for which googling around did not help me much. I have an Xml document with XmlNodes which are selected using Xpath. I have filtered the attributes and the attribute collection is able to be returned f

The consequences of changing the inheritance into virtual?

I'm working on a huge project that I didn't start. My task is to add some additional functionality to what already is there. I'm in a situation where I have to use virtual inheritance because I have a diamond model. The situation is depicted in the f

Recover the same column twice with different conditions

This question is already answered multiple times but I just can't get it to works. I tied use some answer from this question but I always "get error more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression" I have following sql query: SELE

Using Angular Animations 2 to create an accordion navigation

I'm trying to create a collapsible accordion menu in Angular 2. At the moment my code allows the sub-menus to expand and retract using Angular 2 animations. The problem is that I need a certain sub-menu to expand when the parent is clicked on. My cur

Magento Magmi Categories Import only

I am trying to import/update categories using the module being developed for magento MAGMI, i have made my custom category csv file with columns: Categories ttf1 ttf2 2 and 3 are custom attributes, What i want to do is to update the categories differ

Define the background of the action bar when using the toolbar

I have been learning android programing for the last weeks and I have a question. How can I configure the background color of the action bar along with the status bar color when using the Theme.Appcompat.Light.NoActionBar theme and by setting the too

Need to add intent to hover?

I'm really stuck. Basically i'm totally new to jquery, but need to add some kind of timer on mousover so that the page doesn't get messed up if the mouse goes all over the page. here's my script.. anyway i can easily implement it? <script> jQuery('c

properties in order

This question already has an answer here: PHP syntax for dereferencing function result 22 answers I want to do something like this without using extra variables: class className { public static function func(){ return array('true','val2'); } } if(cla

Should I use test event handlers

I tend to veer towards the opinion that only public interfaces should be tested, thereby covering testing of private procedures. However, an interesting question arose yesterday - should one test event handlers? My gut instinct is that logic should b

Add & amp; Dynamically remove DIV from HTML

I have a problem to add and delete html div dynamically. Below is the simplified code that I am working on: <input type="button" value="+ Add More Division" name="add_div" id="add_div"> <div id="div_1&

Compilation error & ldquo; fortune & rdquo; on x86_64

I'm on an x86_64 machine. I'm trying to build fortune using its makefile, but I get an error about missing symbols: cd fortune && make CC='gcc' \ CFLAGS='-O2 -DFORTDIR="\"/usr/local/share/games/fortunes\"" -DOFFDIR="\"

Troubleshooting Mainwindow.xib in Xcode / iPhone Development

I was going through the Hello World tutorial for iPhone App. I recently bought a Macbook and have installed Xcode 3.2.3. The tutorial says that I should double click on MainWindow.xib and wait for few seconds to see an Interface builder getting opene