How a DataGridView.Datasource is Stored in DataTable Variable

I have to store datasource of datagridview in any Datatable variable for merge the data in gridview Datatable dt = dataGridView1.DataSource; and please also tell me how can I merge a data of same datagridviewYou probably need to cast DataSource objec

For the loop containing if statements does not yet loop

Below is a method that takes in studentarray and the topStudentIndexof a value calculated by another method previous. I have multiple objects in my array. However, the for loop only managed to loop through once, and it returned the first value straig

How to prevent Doctrine from linking a couple relationship?

EDIT: If you're having similar issues This Topic will be of interest to you I have User and UserSettings with one to one bidirectional relationship. It appears that even if i do not use any UserSettings values in my page, doctrine lazy loads it anywa

The GUID main key is not created

When I add a user to my database, I am using a Guid for the primary key. But it is coming in as just a solid string of 0's. Where am I supposed to set it? I set it to "RowGuid()" in the MS-SQL server...try to set the default value of the column

Enable secure exception handling in C ++ Builder

For Windows 8 application certification, there are (among other) these requirements: 3.2 Your app must be compiled using the /SafeSEH flag to ensure safe exceptions handling 3.3 Your app must be compiled using the /NXCOMPAT flag to prevent data execu

Reuse class code in class

I have 2 winforms called AppNamespace.MYForm and AnotherNamespace.AnotherForm. They both have a button. When the user click on the button of AnotherNamespace.AnotherForm I would like to perform a click on the button located on AppNamespace.MYForm. Ho

Keep the current loop to check several conditions - Java

I have an array with integers inside it. I want to iterate through them to check if its divisible by 2, 3, 5. At the moment my code only run once. So say if I have 6 in the list. It will only return "6 is divisible by 2" where it should be "

Dynamic Index with SpringData ElasticSearch

How can I parameterize a SpringData ElasticSearch index at runtime? For example, the data model: @Document(indexName = "myIndex") public class Asset { @Id public String id; // ... } and the repository: public interface AssetRepository extends El

Unix 64-bit timestamp conversion

Is there any C++ implementation of 64 bit unix timestamp conversions for 32 bit systems? I need to convert struct tm to 64 bit integer and vice versa, including leap years, timezones, UTC. Also need it portable, at least for GNU/Linux and Windows.You

Flash Application VS Flex

Possible Duplicate: Flash versus Flex What are the main features that distinguish Flash from Flex? When you have to create a web application, what do you look for select between Flash, Flex or using both?Well, you'll need to be more specific to actua

C - Saving a small file as a string

Hey guys...In C, I wish to read a file in my current working directory (nothing fancy), into a string. Later, I'd like to print that string out so I can do some work on it. I'm more used to Java, so I'm getting my chops on C and would love an explana

Why are my Minitest tests not run in parallel?

I just recently figured out that my Minitest test cases can run in parallel. All I had to do was require "minitest/hell" and so I did. Unfortunately, my tests run exactly like before. Everything passes and it takes exactly as much time as it usu

SQL request on extremely slow internal connection

I have a database in SQL Server. There are 2 tables in it, let's call them MASTER and SLAVE. There are a one-to-many relationship between them, so one MASTER record can connect to many SLAVE records. Here are the table creator SQL commands (you can s

Handling a Pork Data Structure

Earlier I asked about manipulating a data structure in Hive or Pig. I was able to get an answer in SQL, and from there figured out the answer for Hive. I'm still looking for a solution in Pig. I want to change myTable: Into myTable2: I tried: myTable

Visual Studio 2010 macro problem - Quit Working all together

I built a macro today in VS.. testing as I went, and it worked great. I proceeded to build another, but accidentally pasted it into EnvironmentVariables Module... I removed it, and saved, but now no Macros that I create work. I tried the built-in sam

GitLab CI and MsBuild (with tests)

I am in the process of migrating my svn repsitories to git with GitLab. Now I have seen that there is a continuous integration implementation with GitLab CI and just want to try it out. I already installed and configured a Runner but Gitlab complains

How to create this layout with CSS?

I'm not new at CSS, but this is problem for me and I can't solve it. I need to build layout as below: Layout Divs that are at the bottom and at the top have fixed heights. The one in the center

How to change Android text SearchView

Is there a setText() method for SearchView or something like that? I try to set the search text in the searchView like this but there is no method for like this. searchView.setText(searchToken); After wondering and trying I found out that there is a

Sitecore Active Directory

We are going to use the Active Directory module to sync our users. We are still debating on whether to maintain roles within Sitecore or AD. We have had performance issues in a previous implementation of Sitecore when syncing with AD, so that makes u

Inference of type in stream

Why can't the compiler infer the type of the wildcard in the filter? scala> Stream.from(1) takeWhile(_ < 1000) filter ( ( _ % 3 == 0) || ( _ % 5 == 0)) sum <console>:18: error: missing parameter type for expanded function ((x$2) => x$2.$per

Adding child paths to ember.js

I'm working on ember.js tutorial now. I got a problem on "adding child routes" chapter. My todos list is not displayed. The "todos" template outputing just fine but "todos/index" template doesn't work at all. The console does

Asymptotic analysis of the code fragment

I need to find the big O running time of the following fragment: sum =0; for (int i=1; i<n; i++) { for (int j=1; j< n/i; j++) { sum = sum +j; } } I know the outer loop is O(n) but I am having a problem analyzing the inner loop. I think it's O(log n)

How to integrate a PDF file on a website?

I simply want to embed a PDF file in a web site. The best solution I've found is Google Docs Viewer (, but it does not work for IE and obviously that is not going to work for me. Anyone have a clean, easy solution to thi

How do I get three non-collinear points on an airplane? - C ++

I'm trying to implement at line-plane intersection algorithm. According to Wikipedia I need three non-colinear points on the plane to do that. I therefore tried implementing this algorithm in C++, however. Something is definitely wrong, cause it make

Better object architecture to manage data between controllers

I would like to develop an application where the main Window would have a NSTabView with several NSTabViewItems, and in each item it will have a different NSTableView. How would you organize the class architecture in order to be able to access from e