Using Minor Upgrade to provide some new files

I am doing a PoC that involves creating an MSI that has version; installing that version to a test machine. Next, I create another MSI (same name, same product code, different package code, same upgrade code). I merely added a single new .txt

How do I have a 2.x-like sorting behavior in Python 3.x?

I'm trying to replicate (and if possible improve on) Python 2.x's sorting behaviour in 3.x, so that mutually orderable types like int, float etc. are sorted as expected, and mutually unorderable types are grouped within the output. Here's an example

PHP Problems with LDAP Search

I am new to using PHP with active directory and LDAP. I want to retrieve a users full name, and then display it on a page. I gone to PHP's website to read up on the ldap syntax. I am having problems the ldap_search. I get the following error messages

Shared Library Protection

Is there any way to protect a shared library (.so file) against reverse engineering ? Is there any free tool to do that ?The obvious first step is to strip the library of all symbols, except the ones required for the published API you provide. The "s

Database Synchronization from MySQL

I have an VFP based application with a directory full of DBFs. I use ODBC in .NET to connect and perform transactions on this database. I want to mirror this data to mySQL running on my webhost. Notes: This will be a one-way mirror only. VFP to mySQL

Running a cron job in cakephp

I would like to write a cron job that has to run a PHP script at 6am, 11am,2pm,4pm on each day. Can you please help me with this? I wrote a shell task in shells and I want to run that task at the timings i said in the earlier statement. Thanks.Link f

Displays the content displayed on the browser in Laravel 5

My file authorsController.php contains the following code: <?php namespace App\Http\Controllers; class authorsController extends HomeController { public function get_index() { return View::make('authors.index', array('name'=>'James')); } } My file r

What is the name of the Quick Fix command from ReSharper

I want to reassign the Alt-Enter keystroke (for the light bulb suggestions) to another key but I can't find it in the Options->Keyboard list. All the ReSharper commands seem to have ReSharper_ in the name. but I can't figure out what name they used f

Add UIView to UIWindow not working

I am trying to add a UIView to UIWindow using the appDelegate I am using this code: NSArray *myViewArray = [[NSBundle mainBundle] loadNibNamed:@"View" owner:self options:nil]; UIView *myView = myViewArray[0]; UIWindow *window = [[[UIApplication

Android common footer with dynamic data for all activities

Can anybody tell me how to set a footer to all the activities in the application with dynamic data based on activity loaded? I need to change the footer text to selected student from the listview for all the activities and if no student selected disp

Functions that return the approach of functions in JavaScript

i have almost a half year since i continuously learn javascript and started to use more seriously. JS has the C like syntax and other parts like closures, dynamic typing, optional paramates, etc. The language feature that still i don't see his power

Gulp stops the bounce after a few times

I'm doing Wes Bos' react tutorials, but after few gulp rebundling it stops working and stops on this app state. It's really frustrating, because everytime something doesn't work I have to check if it's code or gulp just stopped working. Here is my gu

The MySQL query lists the rows according to another field

I have this structure: table1 table2 id_t1 id_t2 id_t2 Now, I need to enumerate the rows within table2 but by the id_t2 in a single query. Example of the output: ennum id_t1 id_t2 1 1 1 2 2 1 3 3 1 1 4 2 2 5 2 4 6 1 Leading to rows enumerated with ex

Manipulating Strings

In my PHP 5.3 application I get string eg: ACTION data with lot of spaces I need to get ACTION and 'data with lot of space' as to strings. I have few actions.Use explode() like this, print_R(explode(' ', 'ACTION data with lot of spaces', 2)); Output:

C # Compare two lists of the same object type

I am trying to compare two list of same type using multiple properties of that type. For example, I have a class named Details public class Details { public int id; public string symbol; public string code; } I have below two lists: List<Details> li

Stop ReSharper or Visual Studio from reformatting my code

I am currently working on a Windows Form application, and setting the text of labels in the InitializeComponent() method of MyForm.Designed.cs. I'm setting it to a function call so it looks like the first line, but it keeps getting reformatted into t

.net RTF (or) HTML to image

In .Net (C#) server process, i want to generate image with lot of rich text (with paragraphs, font style, etc.. ). The richtext can be described using RTF or HTML. Is there any way to convert RTF/HTML to a image ? Since it is a server process, i want

Unable to update or uninstall NuGet Package Manager in VS2012

I am unable to update or uninstall the NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio 2012. I've looked around to several solutions, but have not found one that works. Running Visual Studio 2012 as the administrator... Attempting to update the NuGet Package

Convert RGB color to Hex

Below is a function to convert rgb to hex color. But it is not totally correct. With (0, 255, 0) (#00ff00). it return ff00 and so it is not valid color. I need help to modify it to return correct hex value. function rgbToHex(r, g, b) { var rgb = b |

Request a parameterized request to Ruby?

How do I make an HTTP GET request with parameters in Ruby? It's easy to do when you're POSTing: require 'net/http' require 'uri' HTTP.post_form URI.parse(''), { "q" => "ruby", "max" => &

query db from separate classes MVC

I am new to the MVC concept and seperating Data from the controller logic. I am using Linq to Sql - and now I create a new instance of my DbContext , then use that to query the db from the controller. I have to do a lot of the same queries in differe

Question about java generics

I am writing this query service that's suppose to work with couple predefined classes. However, it seems to me to be redundant that, when using this service class, I need to pass both the Type of the class and a class object it self. For example, to

AngularJS: Changing parental scope in ng-include

I found this thread in which the OP's original fiddle where an ng-included scope doesn't modify its parent scope. One of the replies suggests: It is ugly and unpredictable, so i recommend you to wrap your data in an object variable: http://jsfiddle.n