Meeting 404 Error not found when configuring TFS 2015

I followed the instruction on and was able to install TFS in my Windows Server 2012 successfully. I was able to access the TFS web site(http://SERVERNAME:8080/tfs/) from the browser so I thought it was all

Unable to simulate in C on a web page

I have the following simulation in C for cars in a traffic circle alt text For example, 7 <space> <enter> gives more cars to the simulation, while s1 <enter> puts a top sign to the incoming road

How to generate a LONG guide?

I would like to generate a long UUID - something like the session key used by gmail. It should be at least 256 chars and no more than 512. It can contain all alpha-numeric chars and a few special chars (the ones below the function keys on the keyboar

OOP is worth to be used in PHP?

There are many debates on whether Object Oriented Programming is good or not. But, using OOP in Php is slower. Would it be a good trade to use procedural programming and faster speed and OOP with slower speed (since classes have to be initiated every

How to Read an Extended File Using Nio2

I am trying to read a text file which has around 3 lakh lines as of now. How am I reading? I am reading using the Here is a small code snippet which represents my approach. int lineNumber = 1; BufferedReader br = null; String c

BLE on Xamarin Cross Platform

In Xamarin.Form cross platform , is there any way to show the list of available BLE devices (after scan) in a pop-up dialog box or in menu list and then connect the desired BLE device from the pop-up dialog box and show the data on the UI created for

updating an array in the view using ng-repeat angularJS

I am trying to update my array and rendering it in the view. After reading and looking at example it appears $apply is the solution. However how to apply it in the controller is has me confused. Template <div ng-controller="Controller"> &l

Printing with Ruby in Firefox

hi i have a question about using watir i am very new to ruby so i may ask stupid questions my question is how do i print a webpage with watir/ruby? is there a way to print the current webpage that i am viewing, if so can you provide some example code

Uipette to replace keyboard

Ok I am trying to replace the Keyboard with the UIpicker. I got the code in, the Uipicker always show, and when you click on the text field of course the keyboard comes up....I even put break points in to see if it makes it to the code that tells it

Passing arguments to sAjaxSource in jQuery datatables

I am working on codeignitor and I have a problem .. I have a controller function details.php which takes an argument. function details($id){ $this->datatables ->select('product_id,original_amount,quantity') ->from('orders') echo $this->datatab

impossible to get @ font-face to work properly

I have downloaded a font face kit from font squirrel, and created a css file with the given code. I copied all of the woff, ttf, eot, and svg files to my public folder, and have created a h1 code that references the font that I want to use. However w

Execute a python code with php

I have a python script which is needed to be run by php: <?php $command = escapeshellcmd('/home/Desktop/'); $output = shell_exec($command); echo $output; ?> The out put of the python script is a binary file but I get the following error in th

Declaration 'If' in the loop 'for'

In the following Objective-C code, when first inner 'if' statement is satisfied (true), does that mean the loop terminates and go to the next statement? Also, when it returns to the inner 'for' statement after executing once, does the value of p is a

Send an associative array of HTML to JS

I need to send few values through html data attribute to JS. <div class="article" data-article="[{% for data in article %}{{ data }},{% endfor %}]" > I use foreach to get each element of existing associative array to create new o

Questions about the name of Ruby

I'm attempting to build a gem for interacting w/ the Yahoo Placemaker API but I'm running into an issue. When I attempt to run the following code I get: NameError: uninitialized constant Yahoo::Placemaker::Net from /Users/Kyle/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p2

Measure the use of the code unit by the memory

I have a function memory that takes a function and measures the memory usage of it: import def memory[T]( f: ⇒ T )( mu: Long ⇒ Unit ): T = { val memoryMXBean = ManagementFactory.getMemoryMXBean memoryMXBean.gc()

Python decorator variable score

I created a simple decorator that received an argument (using functions instead of a class), when something strage happened: adding a line a code breaks the execution of a previous line. Here's the code: def my_decorator(sublabel): def duration_wrapp

Optimization of MySQL files in the database (blob)

due to internal reasons (framework structure) I save many images in a table with a mediumBLOB. Considering the query to retrive these images are sent with a pretty low rate is there a way to tell mysql to keep off this table from memory? I don't want

The same policy of origin with JavaScript extracting the title

I'd like to use JavaScript with JQuery to extract a title from an HTML page, as in $.get('page.html', function(text) { var pagetitle = $(text).title; }); so that when the user input a URL into a text box, I can show the title in another textbox. But