Analyzing JSON from a text file

I have a log file that appears to have a time stamp followed by a tab, then a string of JSON. 10/28/2014 00:04:51 {"servers":[{"id":833495,"account_id":39033,"name":"USTSMASCMSP113","host":"

Wordpress url resolution of subpages from in plugin

Say I have a Page "foo" in wordpress such that http:/ brings it up. Say this page has a trigger within its content such as <!-- foo --!> which is being tracked by my plugin through the add_filter('the_content', ..) filter.

Specify the gem version to use with a specific gem?

This is more of a general question, I'm new to rails. I trying to use a gem that requires an older version of json, json -v 1.6.5 other gems in my rails application depends on newer version of json, json -v 1.8 I'm wondering if it is possible to spec

Check if data exists on Firebase before creating a user

I have a little user login form, where the new user has to add his username, password and a nickname (as basic firebase auth only accepts e-mail as the username, right?). This is a users structure I created on Firebase to receive the nickname The key

Contents of the page & ldquo; Delete & rdquo; Context

I've run into a troubling situation on an unfortunately simple site. live site In the section on the right, the entire container should be filled with white. However the page content seems to be erasing - for lack of a better word - the background. I

Visual Studio 2008 debugger loses focus

While debugging an ASP.NET application I met with a strange problem on VS2008. When stepping through this code, second line shown below takes forever to execute. Visual studio loose focus as if it is waiting for current line to finish execution. var

MongoDB. The list of all servers

I use C# driver for MongoDB. Can I get the list of all MonogDB servers in my local network like with SqlDataSourceEnumerator for MS SQL servers? Thank you.No, there is not a built in way to discover all MongoDB servers within a network. While I see t

filtering from one to several in the multimedia database

With pms-mlx, I've been working on a media library to extend the functionalities of the ps3 media server for some time now and just recently discovered a major flow in my concept; it is not possible to filter if using more than one one-to-many proper

Why does the return of a floating-point value change its value?

The following code raises the assert on Red Hat 5.4 32 bits but works on Red Hat 5.4 64 bits (or CentOS). On 32 bits, I must put the return value of millis2seconds in a variable, otherwise the assert is raised, showing that the value of the double re

deselect UITableViewCell

I'm calling a view controller from a table view. When I return back the caller view the table cell that I pressed before stays selected so that I couldn't select it again before selecting another cell. I've added deselectRowAtIndexPath method like be

Get the file size without reading the file

Is there a way to get the size of a file in C without actually reading the file? I know about fseek but as that sets the 'cursor" to the very end of the file, I'm guessing that does actually read through all of the file. Am I wrong making this conclu

Expanding the two-dimensional array to c ++ 11

I have a question. If I read the txt file As follows: 12.5,14.8,17.4 21.6,25.9,32.4 27.8,36.2,45.1 23.8,28.6,40.5 I read values ​​to be stored in a two-dimensional array of a 2 x 3 How do I use C++11 write I originally 2 x 3 two-dimensional array can

Unable to display angularJS scope components

I am making a web application using AngularJS and Laravel. The application is meant to allow the user to post a note on a board. With the code I have, when submitting the note it gets saved to the database but it does not display on the page. angular

How to change the text error position in Android?

I have an app in which I have edit text fields in which I have to enter a mobile number and password. The problem is that the EditText error indicator covers the mobile number and password filed, and the user will not be able to enter mobile number.

The OnClick reminder thinks it's a javascript function?

I'm trying to use the OnClick callback to call a C# function, however javascript throws an error saying the function is undefined (even though it is in the C# code). This only happens if I add the control via Controls.Add in the page_load of the C# c

Get the image as a thumbnail

I am working in Android application but I'm stuck with the problem, when I get the image from camera I am displaying that image in imageview but I need to show the same image as thumbnail also. I have checked one application here is the link Here is

Global graphical imaging in python

I'm trying to print an array in python this way: ord = [] def printTest(): global ord print ', '.join(ord) def main(): ord = ["a","b"] printTest() main() But it prints only a new line empty. How can I solve this? Thanks!!I think you ar

Azure Storage Emulator 400 Bad Request

I'm suddenly getting the Bad Request (400) error when using the Azure Storage Emulator when trying to CreateIfNotExists. The Response on the Inner Exception says "The value for one of the HTTP headers is not in the correct format." All the table

JQUERY - Command + S, Control + S keyboard shortcuts

I have a text editor on my site and I want users to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to save, just like they would in Microsoft Word: For the Mac: Cmd+S For the PC: Ctrl+S What is the best way to accomplish this in jQuery? Also, this will be used to