Modify the Bootstrap mode effect

I found this Demo , The demo have a pretty effect, I wonder if any one have way to apply this demos to be easy to use with bootstrap Modal specially the first one (Fade In & Scale)If you take a look at the bootstraps fade class used with the modal wi

MySQL Search Query?

I'm new to MySQL and want to know that if I have a table with 25 column and the first one of it is the "id". Would the computer render every time through the whole table to search the particular "id".if you construct the query like SEL

Chrome Extension: URL for capturing the last open tab

my purpose is to capture the URL of the newest tab opened using a content script. I want to capture the URL of the new tab only if it was opened from a webpage which matches the pattern specified in the manifest. My first though was to use this code

How to collect source files with CMake without globbing?

The CMake documentation explicitly states that file(GLOB ...) is not recommended to collect source files for a build, but it doesn't mention what the recommended method actually is. Specifying every source file manually sounds a little bit too manual

Dialog box that returns an object

Is it possible to create a JDialog in swing that would return an object when OK button is clicked? For example the Dialog box has text fields that have components that make up an adress ( street name, country etc.) When the OK button is clicked an Ad

Why would not insert in std :: map not be updated? [C ++]

I'm trying to insert multiple times this same key into map but with different values. It doesn't work. I know that operator[] does this job, but my question is, if this behaviour of insert is correct? Shouldn't insert() inserts? I wonder what standar

Array of random numbers like Object in java

I am new at java and want to ask you one question. So first what I have to do: My goal is to create different points in one area. I decided to create a class Koord for saving the coordinates of the points. I have used an array of 2 elements for this

When should I use primitives instead of packing objects?

Actually here is a similar topic with little practical value. As far as I understand, primitives perform better and should be used everywhere except for the cases where Object-related features (e.g. null check) are needed. Right?Do not forget that, s

Github: How many developers are working on a public project?

Does anyone know if there's a way to view the number of developers working on a public project on Github? I'd like to know how active a project is before deciding whether or not to use the software. I can see the number of people watching the project

A Shell Script to simulate the wc command with its options?

we have to write a shell script program , which works similar to wc command. receives -l, -c and -w as its options. Shell scripting syntax aside; MY QUESTION is that can we simulate logic of wc -c or wc -l or wc -w using sed or grep or anything else

ModelForm for HttpResponseError

First off, I know what the error means, I'm just confused on the configuration. I'm getting an error of: views.Registration didn't return an HttpResponse object The issue is when I visit localhost/Register, I get the above error. Q: If I want localho

What is the preferred way of linking a radisbox in a walkway?

I've seen a lot of questions close to this but haven't found my answer. Here's the key points of my example below: RadGrid has a GridTemplateColumn GridTemplateColumn has a RadComboBox in it's EditItemTemplate RadComboBox is bound to an ObjectDataSou

GridBagLayout does not obey gridx and gridy

I am having trouble getting some components laid out correctly in a game I am making. My GUI consists of an outer JFrame with a BorderLayout, and on the East side of the BorderLayout I have a JPanel with a GridBagLayout. I am trying to position 4 but

Fancybox does not open

for some reason my fancy box does not show up when clicking on the hyperlink (the page just moves up a few pixels), see (haven't been able to reproduce that in jsfiddle). Any idea what the issue is? Many thanks, HTML <div class=&qu

How to find the longest substring using trees?

The longest common substring problem according to wiki can be solved using a suffix tree. From wiki: The longest common substrings of a set of strings can be found by building a generalised suffix tree for the strings, and then finding the deepest in

C ++: high-speed battery

As far as I assume, std::stack and all such 'handmade' stacks work much slower than stack which is applications one. Maybe there's a good low-level 'bicycle' already? (Stack realization). Or it's a good idea to create new thread and use it's own stac