Why have a resource in mysql_real_escape_string?

I've been wondering for the longest time WHY I actually need a live resource to SQL connected in order to use mysql_real_escape_string ( string $unescaped_string [, resource $link_identifier ] ) Does this function not simply escape the data? What's t

Examples of uncomfortable acts?

I have a model that I want to be commentable. I am having difficulty creating a form on my model's 'show' view that will allow comments to be created. I am not finding any good or useful examples. Can anyone point me to or show me an example of how t

Need advice for image hosting sites

I'm developing my personal photography portfolio using Ruby on rails. I'm not at all saving those images in my assets/images folder as there are many high resolution images which will cost increase in size of the site folder. So i thought to upload t

WEB API returns all objects instead of one

I want to expose a list of services from my DB or just return one service detail via Web API with my EF DBmodel . I used VS2012 Web API scaffolding, quite easy so far and it works and return the list of services in JSON when I hit the URL(.../api/Ser

Railless Tableless Model

I'm creating a tableless Rails model, and am a bit stuck on how I should use it. Basically I'm trying to create a little application using Feedzirra that scans a RSS feed every X seconds, and then sends me an email with only the updates. I'm actually

Is SQuirreL SQL Client compatible with QODBC?

Does anyone know if the SQuirreL SQL Client is compatible with QODBC? If not is there a plugin for SQuirreL to enable so? Any insight would be appreciated as I have never used either.An Example of QODBC Driver working with the Java ODBC Bridge Produc

When Google Map generates events

My javascript function looks more or less like this: function drawMap(data) { var mapOptions = { mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("mapDiv"), mapOptions); var bounds = new google.ma

local thread of a function

I am working on a program that requires a queue operation to be performed in multi threaded environment. I am not sure about the thread local storage for a function, not just a global variable i tried __thread int head,tail; __thread int q[MAX_NODES+

How to handle the change event p: inputText

I am using p:inputText and my requirement is to fire a javascript function, that would update the backing bean searchField <p:inputText required="true" placeholder="#{cc.attrs.searchTip}" value="#{cc.attrs.queryProperty}"

Designing Class Hierarchy - Multiple Inheritance in Java

I am aware that Java doesn't support multiple inheritance. But if I have to design a class system for say, Animal kingdom. How to represent animals that are hybrids of two different animals? For ex, a Mule (Donkey or Horse?), a Liger (Lion or Tiger).

Obtaining the value of a specific key in a dictionary

I have a dictionary like so: li = {'a': 'apple', 'b': 'benana', 'c': 'cherry'} So I have: >>> for key, value in li.items(): ... print key, value ... a apple c cherry b benana >>> I want to say: if param == 'a': print value # Here I want

How to display the data in the 3: 3 grid format?

I want to display data from table (column :- ID) at FastReport in Grid format as shown below. Suppose there are 22 records in table then it would display same in 3 * 3 grid at FastReport in following manner. I am using subreport at main page inside M

The command program does not run from the PYTHON subprocess

I downloaded a python program (PYPDFOCR) that runs through the command line. PYPDFOCR has several dependencies (ghost script, image magick, etc..) When I execute the program in the command line, it fails. The code executes GhostScript with all its ar

Width of the background image not 100% on iPad

My background images have not been spanning the full width of the browser when viewed on an iPad. This has happened more than once now, so it must be in the way I'm writing the CSS. Here is an example of a footer whose bg image is stopping about 70%

Google Test with CLION does not work with tests

I am trying to get a simple test to run with google test and CLion. I think I have cmake setup properly and I am able to "run a test". When I do it says no tests were found. Any ideas? CMakeLists.txt cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.7) project(e

Make text smaller with HTML / CSS

I'm trying to figure out how to emulate this image using HTML and CSS. It will be something that will be displayed below the avatar on a message board. This is what I have so far: https://jsfiddle.net/J7VBV/220/ table.avatarStats { border-spacing: 0;

Remove HasMany Association in HQL

I have the following association in my classes: class A { } class B { static hasMany = [ objects: A ] } I want to use an HQL query to remove a the associations from all Bs. Here is what I tried: B.executeUpdate("update B b set b.objects.id=NULL"

C # Reading a log file from a list

I am trying to import a logfile and display it in a listview in a grid format ( much like excel ). I am wondering what may be the best approach to take with this. Filereader and a data table possibly ? I have not programmed anything like this before.

How to find a user clicked 3 times on my site with javascript

Is there any way in JavaScript how to find out user clicked through the same domain 2 or more times? I need to popup a window after user clicked anywhere on the site for 3 times. I know how to do it after one click - with document.referrer or addEven

Applications Apply When Updating Data in SQLite

I am able to insert data's into SQLite and then populate my ListView with the data. But whenever I try to update the data my phone would freeze and I need to reopen the app to continue This also occurs on other devices which means there's something i

Calling Functions in a LINQ Query

My question is that how to call a function in LINQ query? e.g source.Where(x=> double.Parse(x.Col1)==3) or source.Where(x=> AnyUserFunction(x.Col1)==true) Basically my requirement is to check weather Col1 is a numeric value or not, but I occasionall

NULL when loading data into the Hive table

I have a text file which consists of six fields. Here is the sample: 1,8,07-Jun-14,12:31:38,14:54:04,0.5 1,7,07-Jun-14,10:18:34,13:30:56,0.5 1,6,05-Jun-14,13:37:43,15:18:57,0.5 1,8,03-Jun-14,08:15:10,11:28:17,0.5 1,7,05-Jun-14,07:15:40,11:15:24,0.5 1