Java: No input from the Process object until the program ends

I'm trying to get input from the console of a .exe process started by a Java script. Nothing appears in the console window, and nothing is read by the program until the process is terminated. blServ = new ProcessBuilder(blPath + "Blockland.exe",

Conditional choices should be either

This is an example how the code exist currently : The only thing I need it to do now is based on the choice that was made make sure that it is the only choice available... for example: who are you? jim kyle becky (you chose

What does this notation in c ++

so I have: char inBuf[80] and then there's another line inBuf+9 what does it mean when I add that +9 to the array's name?It is same as referencing element number 9(0 based). An equivalent notation would be: &inBuf[9] If you want to get the value, you

How to debug & ldquo; Internal Server Error & rdquo;

When you do changes to .htaccess files and something is wrong with it you get "Internal server error". That doesn't help me. How can I find out what's the actual error?Error cause should be saved in server logs. Where it's exactly depends on you

How do I let cmd know that the VB script has finished?

I am using the solution from here to convert .csv to .xlsx: Convert .CSV to .XLSX using command line Dim file, WB With CreateObject("Excel.Application") On Error Resume Next For Each file In WScript.Arguments Set WB = .Workbooks.Open(file) WB.Sa

Accidentally run ifdown eth0 on AWS server

I can't ssh into the server anymore. How do I run turn the network interface back on?Reboot the machine from AWS dashboard or using AWS CLI. When the machine is rebooted, the network interface is brought up automatically.

Using AutoLayout to stack in two columns of different heights

Targetting iOS 8.1 I am using AutoLayout to lay out a number of Labels in a TableCell. Some of those Labels are optional and some can wrap their Text. They are split across two "Columns", these columns are simply two UIViews in the TableCell's C

Grails violation of data integrity exception and cause?

The definition of Map is class Map { MapCoordinate center Integer zoom List path static hasMany = [path: MapCoordinate] static hasOne = [center: MapCoordinate] static constraints = { } } The definition of MapCoordinate is class MapCoordinate { BigDec

MKPinAnnotationSee the password is not displayed

This is a pretty strange issue, but I think it might be that I don't really understand the finer points of MapKit yet. I have a bunch of annotations on a page. When I select one, I want a callout to appear. I have [pinView setCanShowCallout:YES]; and

How do I convert a byte [] to date

I m working with mysql and java Jtable In one case i can only get from the JTable a byte [] representing a date. I could not find a way to convert the byte [] back to a date. I built this code in order to simulate the problem: public demoJFrame1() {

select the ID that fills multiple clauses

It's hard to put in correctly, but I'm using MySQL and I need to select one id, let's call it parent_id which has to meet child_id values in multiple rows. For example: +-----------+----------+ | parent_id | child_id | +-----------+----------+ | 1 |

Why & amp; When should I use SPARSE COLUMN? (SQL SERVER 2008)

After going thru some tutorials on SQL SERVER 2008's new feature SPARSE COLUMN, I have found that it doesn't take any space if the column value is 0 or null but when there is a value, it takes 4 times the space a regular(non sparse) column holds. If

HTTP Download very large file

I'm working at a web application in Python/Twisted. I want the user to be able to download a very big file (> 100 Mb). I don't want to load all the file in memory (of the server), of course. server side I have this idea: ... request.setHeader('Conten

enable disable font-awesome icon

I have down arrow font-awesome icone. I try to disable the icon for some validation reason . But when i given a option 'disable' , it is not working. <div class="arrow bounce text-center" > <div class="fa fa-arrow-circle-down fa-3x

Zend Framework: Set a Validator for Start Letter as Capital

For my school project, I try to make a form in Zend. I would like to insert a Validator that the first letter has to be a Capital letter. What should I change in this piece of code to make this work? $voornaam = $this->createElement('text', 'voornaam

Unable to add Android support library to Android studio

Please, I'm having this error whenever I try to add The error is given below: Error:Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugManifest'. Manifest merger failed : Attribute

Is Csv possible with multiple tabs / sheet?

I am calling a web service and the data from the web service is in csv format. If I try to save data in xls/xlsx, then I get multiple sheets in a workbook. So, how can I save the data in csv with multipletab/sheets in c#. I know csv with multiple tab

Deleting Duplicate Entries from a Mysql Database

I've got a table with three columns, obj1, obj2 (both varchars) and the distance between the objects. Unfortunately the way the data was constructed, I've double the number of entries, for example, obj1 obj2 distance c1 c2 10.5 c2 c1 10.5 Want I want

Xaml - How to inject a StaticResource Canvas into DataTemplate

On Windows Phone 8 I have a few canvas item StaticResources that I'd like to inject into a DataTemplate but can't quite figure out how to do it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Here's a distilled version of my XAML so far: <phone:PhoneApp

inheritance of an implemented class

This is probably a simple question, please bear with me since I'm used to Java... Lets say we have an interface: class IDoable { virtual void do() = 0; }; Another class: class Base : public IDoable { //... virtual void do() { ... } }; And a last clas

Obtain errors when generating WSDL using the mvn command

The location to my project is C:\Users\ess\workspace\myproject1. I tried to generate the wsdl file via the mvn command but this error appeared The goal you specified requires a project to execute but there no pom in this directory c:\users\ess and Ma

Take integer parameter and return an array

I want to create a function that takes an integer as it's parameter and returns an array in C++. This is the pseudo-code I had in mind: function returnarray(integer i) { integer intarr[i]; for (integer j = 0; j < i; j++) { intarr[j] = j; } return int