The listview update does not work

So basically I'm collecting data from a json url in my listview. It's a chatroom type of app and in the lists I want to sync the chatroom contact lists with latest message and timestamps. When the json gets updated I'm calling the fuction. public voi

How to get related data from the second table in Laravel?

I have two tables: users and students. These table are connected by fields: = studetns.user_id I try to get information using request: $students = User::where(function ($query) use ($request) { // Filter by name if (($term = $request->get(&quo

Java Sqlite thread-safe?

Im using sqlite to store chat history i am now concerned weather my approach is thread-safe. The method below is the one i use to add my messages to the database. Is my approach thread-safe? public class dbHistory { public synchronized void addMessag

Adding two account results (*) together

I have these two queries and I want to add them SELECT count(*) FROM table2 GROUP BY table1_id SELECT count(*) FROM table3 GROUP BY table1_id I tried something similar to the accepted answer in this question. The difference is that I have a group by

Is the output of the Java Scanner uneven?

I'm writing a loop that will exit when the Scanner receives the String value "end". However, when test with an "end" value, the loop continues. Logically if file = the input, then if(file=="end") is false, even though i typed

ms excel 2007, vlookup # n / a error

This question is an extension of this - click me: So I have 7 ordered checkboxes, generating 128 possible combinations of being checked/unchecked. Each checkbox is linked to a cell showing its state - true =1, false =0. I then have a cell that concat

Unmodifiable list by default in Google Collections

I was looking for a decent implementation of a generic lazy non-modifiable list implementation to wrap my search result entries. The unmodifiable part of the task is easy as it can be achieved by Collections.unmodifiableList() so I only need to sort

Qt Python radio button: activate the event

I am developing a project for one customer, where the design has a radio button with exclusive options. Here is a piece of the code that runs and show two nice radio buttons: self.performGroupBox = QtGui.QGroupBox(self.centralwidget) self.performGrou

EntityFramework do Paging on a Query with a Join

I have a query with a left join in it: var query = (from v in context.Vehicles //left join vehicleAttributes join va in context.VehicleAttributes on v.VehicleId equals va.VehicleId into vAttributes from vehicleAttributes in vAttributes.DefaultIfEmpty

php codeigniter base_url does not work

I am currently using codeigniter to write out templates for a website. The problem is that I'm trying to achieve absolute paths for attributes such as href and src, but they aren't working. I've checked my results, and the link's and scripts point th

can not access to magento: report errors magento

After install sample data, can't access magento. when enter It shows "The requested URL "" cannot be found or is not available. Please check the spelling or try again late

CSRF Token in Phonegap using AJAX

I'm developing an app with Phonegap that uses Django back-end. The back-end uses csrf, so I need my Phonegap app to use csrf so it can work with Django. I've read that you can use csrf via Ajax, but I haven't been able to make it work. Could you plea

htmlentities with exceptions

I have some set of possible tags for example "<main>", "<text>", "<tag>". Rest of characters I would like to treat with htmlentities (htmlspecialchars) <main> <text> <tag> <> X&Y

drupal php: problem of hosting a new drupal site

I am a newbie to drupal. I try to host it on a free hosting (german), mysql5.0) To test what I have done locally , on the site : 1- I create the database using phpmyadmin 2 -I copied what I have under /var/ww using FTP Once I launch

The aspx ASP.NET page code runs while impersonation is disabled

I have a blank test app created in VS 2005 as ASP.NET application. MSDN says that By default, ASP.NET does not use impersonation, and your code runs using the ASP.NET application's process identity. And I have the following web.config <configuration>

prevent children from inheriting css3 transformation

I have a div that i'm tranforming (scale and translate), but inside that div i have another div. Now i would to see that the inner div isnt affected by the transformation of its parent, in other words. I would like for the inner div to not scale like

Start node function from the PHP button

Someone Could tell me how start node function from PHP. For example I want to load some data from node http request and load it to PHP website. Please put any tutorials or part of code.You could use php's exec -

OS X: Cycle between Windows in Visual Studio Code

I'm trying desperately to figure out how to cycle through windows in Visual studio code. In Finder, there is a menu item Cylcle Through Windows which I use frequently. However, this seems to be a Finder option. So I looked through the global shortcut