Pandas Date Single Date

I have a CSV file with data such as the following, Week,rossmann 2004-01-04 - 2004-01-10,8 2004-01-11 - 2004-01-17,10 2004-01-18 - 2004-01-24,9 2004-01-25 - 2004-01-31,11 2004-02-01 - 2004-02-07,9 2004-02-08 - 2004-02-14,8 2004-02-15 - 2004-02-21,10

Passing several parameters

I'm trying to convert an existing C function to Erlang but am having a bit of trouble understanding how it's going to work. Let's say I have the following function in C: void(int *x,int *y,int z,int a) { if(z<a) { *x = z + a; *y = z - a; } } How woul

How do I debug VHDL error 10476 - type of disagreement

I don't understand what I should do . Here is my code: use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.numeric_std.all ; use ieee.std_logic_signed .all ; entity M is port( clk : in std_logic ; rst : in std_logic ; data : in std_logic_vector(1 downto 0); CD : i

Adding FilterExpression to JasperReports with Java Help

I am developing a tool in Java which enable to make some automations in JasperReports (automatically printing, setting parameters etc..) I use mostly JasperReport library. Now I have to set Filter Expression using Java code. I know how to prepare par

Unable to find a way to resize an image using PHP

I want to resize any image uploaded to 200*200 pixels.I have been looking over scripts all over the net,have found many but unable to use any.I don't want any other controls just resizing it to specific size. <!-<?php session_start();?> <?php

ContextMenuStrip does not have the neighbor cursor

I'm trying to create an event that shows a contextmenu when I right click a row in my datgridview. Here is an image of the problem that is happening: And here is the code I am currently using: Private Sub dgvStudents_CellMouseDown(ByVal sender As Obj

The min / max value changes without cause

I've been racking my brain on this one and can't figure it out. When figuring out the min and max #'s from an array of numbers entered by the user, the min value changes on 4th or 5th interation to a number that is not the minimum value. I keep tryin

Use your own color for plots with guiqwt in python

Is it possible to use your own colour (maybe specified by a hex-code) in the guiqwt module in python? I mean something like this: my_colour = '#EE686B' figure('my figure') plot(x, y, '-', color = my_colour) show() Thank you very much in advance.Sure,

Center JLabel On JFrame

I've been reading around lately on centering a JLabel in a JPanel. I've seen a lot of the following two answers: label.setHorizontalAlignment(JLabel.CENTER); and in the creation of the JLabel static JLabel label = new JLabel("Some Text Here", Sw

Angularjs search filter based on drop-down list

I have an angular dropdown problem. I want to show projects with ng-repeat with dropdown selected value and split them into range. can anybody help me please? jsfiddle : Here are my codes: JS var app = an

(SOLVED) How to dynamically add drawables to a TextView

I have a listview that displays a list of textviews. I format the said textviews with a function tha goes something like private void myFunc(TextView tv){ if(tv.getText.toString().contains("A")){ tv.setDrawableLeft(; }else if(tv.getTe

How to store a JSON string as an attribute of the entity

I'm making a game (trying...) like Risk for college with Spring MVC. I'm using JPA and I need to save the state of the game (whose player turn is, units in countries,etc.) in a String field coded with JSON, and that's what's driving me crazy. First,

when to use the prepared statement statement?

When to use statement instead of prepared statement. i suppose statement is used in queries with no parameter but why not use prepared statement ? Which one is faster for queries with no params.I suppose statement is used in queries with no parameter

Windows Script - run silent but wait for full / return code

Here's my situation: I have a BAT file that takes a long time to run (1minute to 70 minutes) I schedule it with Windows scheduler to run every 10 minutes If it schedules again while it is still running, nothing happens (this is good) My problem is th

Using Dotfuscator for 32-bit and 64-bit Configuration

I am working on a aplication in vs08 for both the x86 and x64 platform I have created two configrations x86 and x64 for both the platforms but when I add Dotfuscator project in the solution of the project and then I am unable to prepare two above con

Matlab @folder confusion of class property

I using pre-existing code in matlab that is organized into classes. Instead of using classdef it uses @folder's. I'm not entirely sure exactly how it works and its causing me some trouble. The constructor format is as follows: function this = crazy_c

Changing the entire line color of the list box

So I've been trying for several hours to find a solution to my problem. On the internet we can find a method that is said to work (link). But after trying it, whenever I select one entry of my listbox only the text turns Blue (via the Foreground prop

Drying JQuery

I have a couple links and divs I would like to have the same functionality on. Basically, you click on a link/button/anything-chosen-as-the-trigger and the corresponding space slides open. The markup looks like... <!-- some code --> <li><a