How to know if two PolyLines intersect

I have a problem finding out if two PolyLines intersect. Well the main objective is to compare last X and Y with the other PolyLine and find out if it's colliding aka intersecting with it. There are gaps in the data due moving the X and Y, so most of

Timed events with php / MySQL

I need a way to modify a value in a table after a certain amount of time has passed. My current method is as follow: insert end time for wait period in table when a user loads a page requesting the value to be changed, check to see if current >= end

.htaccess rewrite a url [help with rule]

I'm trying to rewrite a url of this: to index.php?q=$1&d=baz Where bar is not a fixed value, but baz is. RewriteRule ^(.*)\/baz$ index.php?q=$1&d=baz [L,QSA] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA] What i have above ki

How to get Struts Bean value?

I am new to struts. I'm just trying to build a simple application that gets the input from the user and display it. For which I got the input from the user and stored it in a bean and I have also displayed it in the next page using bean:write but how

Gem install rmagick fails on OS X El Capitan

I upgraded to El Capitan a couple of days ago and ran a brew update && brew upgrade It updated imagemagick which caused ruby's rmagick gem to stop working. No problem I thought, I'll just run gem install rmagick and it will recompile. Except it di

How to remove the line separator in iOS 7?

First screenshot is iOS7 that not what I want. First screenshot is iOS6 that what I want. Tableview's style is plain. Tableview's separator is none. And there is a backgroudView of that darkgray color. I have code like below if ([tableView respondsTo

How to express the type of function?

I am currently reading Hutton's and Meijer's paper on parsing combinators in Haskell For the sake of it I am trying to implement them in scala. I would like to construct something easy to code, extend

Delete an object when multiple pointers indicate it?

I've been told that when if I have multiple pointers pointing to the same object, I cannot delete it normally (using the delete keyword). Instead, I've been told that I need to set the pointers to NULL or 0. Given I have: ClassA* object = new ClassA(

Randomly generated values ​​in CASE statements return NULL

According to this post, the correct way of generating a random value in SQL Server is: ABS(CHECKSUM(NewId())) % 14 -- Returns a value between 0 and 13 However, when using this expression in a case statement, such as: SELECT CASE ABS(CHECKSUM(NEWID())

Bootstrap 4, align the elements of the navigation bar correctly

This question already has an answer here: Bootstrap 4 align navbar item to the right 7 answers Bootstrap 4 navbar items on right side 7 answers I have a basic bootstrap navbar, that collapses. Now i want all of the items in the <ul> tag to be on the

Changing the orientation of the manipulation with the fragments

I'm currently testing my app with a multipane Fragment-ised view using the HC compatibility package, and having a lot of difficultly handling orientation changes. My Host activity has 2 panes in landscape (menuFrame and contentFrame), and only menuFr

Sorting in T-SQL

I have some strings like "999" "555" "7777" "CC44" "AAAA" "BBBB" How can I sort so that the output will be "999" "7777" "555" "AAAA" "BBBB" "

How to replace the eval function in javascript?

For example: (function() { var proxied = window.eval; window.eval = function() { return proxied.apply(this, arguments); }; })(); But this code is not working.You can't. (There is a limited way of doing it, but it's quite limited and doesn't maintain

Add proximity filter to search for users

We have a user search set up on our application, so far just based on text content queries. So here's what I have: in models/user.rb def where("description ilike ?", "%#{query}%") end in app/controllers/users_control

& lt; option & gt; click on the topic angularjs

Is there any way to bind an event to option tag in jquery or angularjs. I am specifically looking for a click event to a specific option. Consider an example here <select> <option>Last Month</option> <option>Last Year</option>

Type errors when sorting my set of objects

I need to sort my array of Money objects in ascending order, but I get 3 compiler errors. error: bad operand types for binary operator '<' if (list[j] < list[min]) { ^ first type: Money second type: Money error:

Do batch scripts treat variables differently in blocks?

I'm running a batch file which updates some variables, notably %PATH%. My environment has a known bug where on of the directories in %PATH% is quoted, i.e. PATH=c:\windows;...;"c:\program files\foo"\bin;c:\program files\... I have a script which

translate SQL query to flask-sqlalchemy statements

I am changing my old SQL implementations of a web app to flask-alchemy and having some difficulties about the correspondence. The old code looks like this. It does the name query about some properties and returns a csv style text. header = 'id,displa

Origin of ++ postfix and prefix

Who knows about origin and reasons of ++ postfix and sufix form. I know that they are available even in C. But who invented them; perhaps even in other languages?Citing from the Wikipedia article on the B programming language: "B also introduced the

Appropriate manufacturer's call based on input length

I have a Point class. The point can be both in 2-D and 3-D. I am deciding this based on the length of the coordinate array passed to the constructor. double x, y, z; int dimension; Point(double x, double y, double z) { this.x = x; this.y = y; this.z

Need help with an xpath query

Can somebody help me formulating a xpath query please? I have this xml file containing info about post downloaded from facebook ... <Post> <CreationDate>Sun Mar 20 08:20:00 CET 2016</CreationDate> <Id>179618821150_10154060429226151