Using Reading in Programming Sockets

Is there any way to differentiate payloads from different packets while using blocking function read in c programming? I'm sending each message in a packet from TCP client and when i read(using read function) it in a TCP server i get all message toge

How do I enter the time when the parent control was resized?

I have a visual component derived from TWinControl. I need to do some work in my component when its parent control has been resized. In general case, the "Align" property of my component is alNone. How to catch the event of resizing the parent c

Delete multiple rows in the DataGridView (table)

I have a datable "myTable", which is bind with a DataGridView "dgv". The DataGridView "dgv" has a checkbox column. My goal is to delete rows checked in a button event. The datatable is updated of course. Now my code is only w

How to call the main class inside jar from the oracle function

This question is an exact duplicate of: Sending parameter to main class function in jar 1 answer I have one jar in oracle database and i want to call that jar and send some parameters to the main class function public getOffer(String name 1,String na

Closure without closing the child

I have a project where a setup dialog (Parent) pops. When the user hit continue a main dialog is opened (Child). From within the main dialog the user can re-edit the setup dialog (Parent). When the user clicks on X to close the setup dialog, the appl

Ask which spinner click

I took multiple spinners in single view. I know how to get when item is selected. public void onItemSelected(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int pos, long id) { parent.getItemAtPosition(pos); } @Override public void onNothingSelected(AdapterView&l

Define a JS object in asc order

I have an js object like { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 } I wanted to stringify the above object using JSON.stringify with the same order. That means, the stringify should return me the strings as below, "{"a":"1", "b":"2"

TextField superimposed to tableview

I initially load a hidden tableView with some data and show this when I press a button, simulating a drop down menu. In the same view, I have a UIButton which when pressed, programmatically creates another UIButton and a UITextField. The problem is t

AWK: assigns a variable to each field

I need to assign a variable to each field, to later generate HTML. My data file looks like this: field1;field2;field3 # << RECORD 1 this;is;second;record # << RECORD 2 Is there a way to generate an array for each record, based on the record nu

Find an alternative to take care of every day

I'm using Microsoft SQL server and storing lot of data daily. I'm taking full backup daily which takes more than 5 hours to complete. Is there any idea to complete my backup process within a hour ? An alternative things to do?Daily differential backu

Get AnyObject from Dictionary

I found several questions on stackoverflow about this but none of them solve my issue. I have a Dictionary <String, AnyObject> populated with different kind of objects (ints, strings, arrays). When I want to get any value based on key, the only way

The values ​​of ComboBox Keep adding to the list

I have a form with two comboboxes . combobox1 unitupc combobox2 production line First, the unitupc gets loaded and then for each unitupc chosen the combobox2 gets populated. The issue I am having is that for each unitupc chosen by the user the previo

AngularJS Show / Hide Toggle with NG-Repeat

I have a list of items which on click should open the single item, but currently when trying to open the single item it opens all items and on second click closed all the items - could somebody please advice where I am going wrong with my code below.

Bash: Passes the arguments of the file line by line

I am reading arguments from a file, line-by-line, but each line has several arguments. The gist of the code is below cat file.txt | while read LINE ; do echo -e `./ "$COUNT" "$LINE"` done #!/bin/bash echo "$2\t$3\t$4&

Django URLS, how to manage the root of the application?

I am pretty new to django but experienced in Python and java web programming with different frameworks. I have made myself a nice little django app, but I cant seem to make it match as opposed to I have defined ur

Video encryption for local software

I want to show some video files in my local software with some protection in case a user wants to copy them. I searched encryption methods and some DRM solutions, but I don't want internet connection, if that is not the only choice. I am developing m

How to Find List Indexes for Identical Items

This question already has an answer here: How to find all occurrences of an element in a list? 8 answers Identify duplicate values in a list in Python 10 answers I have this list list = ['c', 'h', 'a', 'l', 'l', 'e', 'n', 'g', 'e'] however when I cal

Installing the SDK for PHP

I'm trying to install the Parse SDK for PHP. I've followed all the steps in the Quick Start manual, PHP runtime is installed (PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.14), Composer is installed (1.0-dev), and I've created a file named composer.json in my project dir with

Problem with query in my file env.rb

I'm trying to learn rspec/cucumber for the the RSpec book from the pragmatic programmers site. Up until now all of the examples have worked and I think I'm doing everything correctly. However I keep getting the following error. cucumber features/code

Can PHP write the html command to another file?

I have one question to ask you. I have 2 PHP files first one is index.php and another one is body.php index.php contain HTML template like <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <? include('body.php') ?> <

How to detect a blank quench in rlang?

f <- function(x) enquo(x) e <- f() #<quosure: empty> #~ None of these work: > is_empty(e) [1] FALSE > is_missing(e) [1] FALSE > is_false(e) [1] FALSE > is_quosure(e) [1] TRUE You can use quo_is_missing(x), which is an alias for is_