How to connect to a mysql database that is on a virtual machine

I have a problem while trying to connect to my database. I have on my windows pc a java app and in a Linux virtual Machine (Ubuntu) a mysql Database. Is there anything i need to configure in order to connect my java app to my mysql database? ThanksFi

A secure way to verify the instance runs within AWS

I am a novice to this community and have just started the development with AWS java APIs. My question is following: Is there a foolproof secure way of verifying that the underlying instance from which the AWS Java API program is running is indeed run

React - sort messages in monthly sections

I am trying to group a list of messages in monthly sections. Every time the month changes I want to add a header <h2>Previous Month</h2> and then display all the messages from that month. Here is my attempt: MessageList.js import React from &q

ScrollTo scrolls to the top of the page

I have the following Javascript code. When the page is loaded it is scrolled to the right position. When I click on the link to run the function the page scrolls to the top of the page. How do I fix this? <html> <head> <script type="te

Visit a url without display

I have a Cronjob which is done every ten minutes on my site, for example on the page Sometimes, in the administration panel of my website, when the admin have made some modification, i want to automatically launch t

Retrieve the value of the JTextField text

I'm trying to retrieve the text value from a JTextField but first I need to cast a component object (java.awt.Component) to a JTextFiel... mi code is like this Component[] x = this.getComponents(); for(int i = 0; i < x.length; i++) { if (x[i] instanc

Update value Qt every second

i want to update the value of a label every one second from a command, so been trying to display it via while loop...however the UI does not load and does not work... any suggestions/help would be appreciated... below is the test code... #include "ma

Get the time to create the table in Big Query

How do you get the creation time for a table in the dataset? bq show my_project:my_dataset.my_table gives you Table my_project:my_dataset.my_table Last modified Schema Total Rows Total Bytes Expiration ----------------- ------------------ -----------

TinyMCE 4 does not show toolbar icons in IE9 (no mode)

TinyMCE has this easy to use code, but I cannot see the toolbar icons in IE9 (the imgs don't load it seems). <html> <head><!-- CDN hosted by Cachefly --> <script src="//"></script

How to Obtain Coordinates of an Object in OpenGL

I want to be able to get the coordinates of an object (e.g. triangle) after it's been translated and rotated, the reason i want to do this is so that later i can do collision detection and calculate the distance between objects using the coordinates.

Deleting an item from a collection (NHibernate)

I have parent child relationship between two entities(Parent and Child). My Parent mapping is as follows: <class name="Parent" table="Parents"> ... <bag name="Children" cascade="all"> <key column=&quo

Wiring document. Event: IE behaving differently

I am used to typing: $(function(){}); syntax to wire events and do other stuff in document readyevent. But I noticed that IE8 was giving problems with calling functions from some included js files. I would not not have been able to crack it if the pa

PyCharm 5.0.1 does not resolve built-in modules / methods

My PyCharm 5.0.1 installation does not resolve references to any builtin modules or methods: As you can see, I have installed python over cygwin. I already tried: reinstalling / updating the python installation (from 2.7.9 to 2.7.10) reinstalling pyc

How to reuse model data when publishing with MVC

I'm passing structured data to my MVC page when it loads initially. After the user submits a contact form, I want to re-use the same data (I just "leave" the same page up) so I don't have to hit the database again. I declared a variable global t

How do I view all users in the dockers group?

How can I find out which users are in the docker group and allowed to start docker containers? (Docker 1.12.1)You can use the following: grep /etc/group -e "docker" grep /etc/group -e "sudo"

Monitoring the tracker when using twinx

The tracker in the lower-right corner (highlighted in red) reports y-values relative to the y-axis on the right. How can I get the tracker to report y-values relative to the y-axis on the left instead? import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as

removeObjects from RLMResults

How can I remove objects from RLMResults. I mean in NSMutableArray there is a function like [self.dogs removeAllObjects] is there any funcation like that for RLMResults or RLMArray?Such a method exists for RLMArray with removeAllObjects. This means t

The intention of Android broadcast for audio playback?

I'm trying to build an Android app that uses a broadcast receiver to detect when music playback starts, and then offer gesture control to trigger sending a skip track intent back out. To begin, I just want to set the receiver up to trigger a notifica

How to Obtain All Windows Form Items in a List

I have a windows form application. Windows form consist of several elements. I can reach each of them by their name. (ex: textbox1.Text) Can I get all of form element in a collection?You can use the method below to traverse a tree and get all of the

Add a client-side property for Ria services

I've added a client side property to one of my ria services entities, but for some reason it's giving me the warning "the type "OLG.Entities.ViewList" in "....cs" conflicts with the imported type "OLG.Entities.ViewList"

OwinStartup does not fire in Azure's deployed Web site

My problem is the OwinStartup only triggers once when the web app is published but subsequent visits to the URL results in infinite loop between the MS login page and my url. When I attached the remote debugger I see that the OwinStartup doesn't get