Remove items from the list where a match is found

I have 2 lists ListOfItemsToControl and lstRemoveItems. I want to remove ListOfItemsToControl where lstRemoveItems.sItemName matches ListOfItemsToControl.sItemName How can this be done ?Here's a LINQ one-liner. I haven't tested this, but it should wo

How do I retrieve video location information from youtube?

I'm writing an android app to play a youtube video. I want to play the video and, at the same time, to display the location info(latitude, longitude) in a map where the video was taken. I managed to play a video by using Youtube Player Android APIs,

Trigger event during a css transition

I want to add a class / set a custom z-index during a css transition. In my researches, I didn't find anything except webkitTransitionEnd which don't do the work. I have an animated div on hover but if I hover multiple div, he go below the other, tha

Optimal database to use for metro applications?

I am new to windows 8 metro apps development and i need your help in figuring out my doubt about the database support to metro applications ? i am developing a application which requires reasonably huge amount of data to be stored in its database , i

Read the BSON file in Python?

I want to read a BSON format Mongo dump in Python and process the data. I am using the Python bson package (which I'd prefer to use rather than have a pymongo dependency), but it doesn't explain how to read from a file. This is what I'm trying: bson_

Conversion of OpenGL C ++ to Java / LWJGL

I am following the book OpenGL SuperBible: Sixth Edition, and they work with C++ there, however I prefer to program in Java, I am doing quite good at mapping all functions, LWJGL is after all pretty straight forward, however now I have some concerns.

How and when to abandon the use of arrays in C #?

I've always been told that adding an element to an array happens like this: An empty copy of the array+1element is created and then the data from the original array is copied into it then the new data for the new element is then loaded If this is tru

Are there GUI clients good, cross, Mac, Win32, * nix?

It should also support SSH2 and public key auth for starters. secondly on Mac/Windows it should have a decent installer.As of 2011... It's an old question, but still very relevant. Over the past few years I have had to work on projects on various pla

HTML align table rows on top

I have an HTML table. It looks as follows: <table> <tr> <td>Content one</td> <td rowspan="2"> Very long content right</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Content two</td> </tr> </table> As

Analyze digits from the argv command line

I want to change a perl script that executes a loop some times, and I want to pass the number of loops by command line option. The program now receives some options, then I need to change it to receive a new parameter, but it is the first time I see

Confusion on MVC routes

What is the problem below? routes.MapRoute( "Default2", // Route name "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = "test" } // Parameter defaults )

Moving Android application development to a new machine

I have an Android application that was programmed using Eclipse as the editor on one laptop. When I exported/published/signed the application to create the .apk, I did so on this machine, creating a new keystore in a folder on the C drive. I want to

Compilers targeting .pyc files?

Out of curiosity, are there many compilers out there which target .pyc files? After a bit of Googling, the only two I can find are: unholy: why_'s Ruby-to-pyc compiler Python: The PSF's Python to pyc compiler So- Are there any more? (as a side note,

Why can I continue to query while the server is offline?

I'm using SQL Server Management Studio. I log in my server, open a "new request" window and write a query that select ALL the element of a table. SQL Server then display a table with the content queried. However, as this request work when i'm co

Java BufferedImage gets a single pixel brightness

I want to convert coloured image to a monochrome, i thought to loop all pixel, but I don't know how to test if they are bright or dark. for(int y=0;y<image.getHeight();y++){ for(int x=0;x<image.getWidth();x++){ int color=image.getRGB(x, y); // ???ho

.htaccess rewriting

I have this .htaccess that I've been using to rewrite URLs like these:

How to bypass null objects in Java?

I am currently working on a program which has a method which computes the average of a course which contains five students. My question is what to do to the average method so that it ignores any student object which has not been created? Here s1, s2,


id - a_id - a_type --------------------------- 1 9 Granny Smith 2 9 Pink Lady --------------------------- 3 3 Pink Lady 4 3 Fuji 5 3 Granny Smith --------------------------- 6 7 Pink Lady 7 7 Fuji 8 7 Fuji 9 7 Granny Smith Ok, assuming we have an App

Multiple radio group in one activity

I'm Developing an android app in which the Questionnaire activity contains radio buttons for every question.And I've designed the activity in Linear layout.So now i wanted to check whether the user as answered all Questions.The problem I'm facing is

UiBarButtonItem without toolbar or navigation bar

I like the look of the UIBarButtonItem buttons. Is there a way to put these on a screen without using a UINavigationBar or UIToolbar.. so the button are just placed straight onto a view? (or possibly put them onto on nav bar or toolbar whose content

Python file writing format problem

The Code def rainfallInInches(): file_object = open('rainfalls.txt') list_of_cities = [] list_of_rainfall_inches = [] for line in file_object: cut_up_line = line.split() city = cut_up_line[0] rainfall_mm = int(line[len(line) - 3:]) rainfall_inches =

How to improve the accuracy of the decision tree in matlab

I have a set of data which I classify them in matlab using decision tree. I divide the set into two parts; one training data(85%) and the other test data(15%). The problem is that the accuracy is around %90 and I do not know how I can improve it. I w

find max () of the specific multidimensional array value in php

See array for example: here Basically, I want to find the max() for array[]['time'] in that array. I can figure it out if I loop through it, but I was hoping there was a more elegant solution.Think array_reduce if you want to compute some single valu

Multidimensional arrays with multiple data types in C #?

I want to create a multidimensional array that includes an integer element and a datetime element. I want to be able to sort on the datetime element and grab the integer elements according to the sorted datetime elements. Is there a way to do this wi