Writing ICS files for multiple clients, including Google

I need to write a script for publishing .ICS files. I've read that it's difficult to do this right, either because some calendar clients are buggy (lots of people claim Google Calendar is extremely buggy especially regarding time zones) or because de

Application of simple sound game (.wav) in QT (C ++)

I am new to Qt and was trying to write a simple qt class that can plan a wav file. After some reading and looking around I wrote the class and the code is as below. Questions follow after code #include <QtGui/QApplication> #include "playsound.h

Generating labels from a small text content (such as tweets)

I have already asked a similar question earlier but I have notcied that I have big constrain: I am working on small text sets suchs as user Tweets to generate tags(keywords). And it seems like the accepted suggestion ( point-wise mutual information a

Does System.Windows.Forms have a non-static messagebox?

I would like something that I can use as follows var msg = new NonStaticMessageBox(); if(msg.Show("MyMessage", "MyCaption", MessageBoxButtons.OkCancel) == DialogResult.Ok) {....} But specifically non-static (I need to pass a reference

Unrecognized Swift switch sent to segmented instance control

I trying to add selector to my UISegmentedControl. segmentedControl = UISegmentedControl(items: items) segmentedControl.layer.cornerRadius = 12.0 segmentedControl.layer.borderColor = UIColor.purpleLight.cgColor segmentedControl.layer.borderWidth = 1.

IPhone: newsletter API API

I am planning to add weather report for selected country->state->city, for daily, weekly, monthly averages. I have googled it and also went through couple of discussion on stackoverflow threads and I got confused! Could anyone please tell me if ther

Control the user as the start page of the project?

I have a question. In my web application xxx.ascx is User control. Is it possible to set xxx.ascx as the starting page of a project?sashidhar ASPX is a page and ASCX is a usercontrol. A page can contain usercontrols... you can always replace a defaul

DAL / BLL Generic Classes

I'm currently building the Data Access Layer and Business Logic Layer classes for our new application, and I have a question (obviously). First, here are some details that may help: Using Entity Framework 5 for Model classes and data access Each "lay

Progress of downloading kernel files based on polymer-ajax

how do I add a progress bar. I use the code provided by eric bidelman here => Polymer Core-Ajax File upload downloadinit: function( event, detail, sender ){ this.files = sender.files; for ( var i = 0; i < this.files.length; i++ ) { var file = this.f

Obtain a base derived from

Suppose I have a class like so: template<class T> class Base{ }; Suppose I have another class like so: template<class T, class Other> class Derived : public virtual Base<T>, public virtual OtherRandomClass<Other> { }; Is there some

How does static field initialization work in C #?

Should static field initialization be completed before constructor is called? The following program provides output that seems incorrect to me. new A() _A == null static A() new A() _A == A The code: public class A { public static string _A = (new A(

Conversion of POJO to XML without a default POJO constructor

I'm trying to convert a POJO (Plain old Java Object) into XML using java.beans.XMLEncoder. My code works fine but I found one interesting problem that occurs when I omit the default constructor in my POJO. Classes are below. POJO without default cons

The battery size required for the bios interruption call

I am working on a small bootloader for learning purposes. Is there any specification/information available about the (free) stack size required for a bios interrupt call?before entering the interrupt handler, all registers are pushed to the stack alo

PHP youtube API v3 can not disable array key

require_once ('../google-api-php-client/src/Google_Client.php'); require_once ('../google-api-php-client/src/contrib/Google_YouTubeService.php'); try { $searchResponse = $youtube->search->listSearch('id,snippet', array( 'q' => $value, 'maxResults

Unable to Use ConfigurationManager in Unit Test Project

I'm trying to write a unit test for my project, but it will not let me use the Configuration Manager. Right now my project is set up like ASP.Net application (all aspx pages) ProjectCore (all C# files - model) ProjectTest (all tests) in my ProjectCor

VS 2010 ClickOnce - Specify the URL for offline installation?

I'm using Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition on a Win7 machine. I want to install a program using ClickOnce so that it will be available offline (available in my Start Menu). I have set the Publishing Folder to a location on my hard drive. I set the i

How to find a word from character arrays?

What is the best way to solve this: I have a group of arrays with 3-4 characters inside each like so: {p, {a, {t, {m, q, b, u, n, r, c v o s } } } } I also have an array of dictionary words. What is the best/fastest way to find if the array of charac

C #: Method to Add WCF Authentication, Username + SSL?

I've written both a WCF client and a remote internet WCF server. The remote WCF server is running WPF hosted in a traditional Windows Service wrapper (i.e. not IIS). Currently, its working perfectly with basic HTTP binding. I'm using Visual Studio 20

Are console applications faster than GUI applications?

I am relatively new to world of programming. I have a few performance questions: Do console apps run faster than apps with a graphical user interface? Are languages like C and Pascal faster than object oriented languages like C++ and Delphi? I know l

Full Page & lt; iframe & gt;

I have the example code below. This works fine with all browsers except for browsers on mobile devices. The overflow tag is the issue. Works with all except for mobile: margin: 0; padding: 0; height: 100%; overflow: hidden; Works with all mobile and

Avoid overlapping the image and text in a custom text box?

I've derived a new control from a System.Windows.Forms.TextBox which displays an image on its client area, as you can see from the following image: Here is the code: public partial class UnitTextBox: TextBox { public UnitTextBox() { TextAlign = Horiz

How to check if docker works or not

I am new to docker. I am writing a simple script for docker. I need to check whether docker is running or not. Is there a command to check with container nameIf you are looking for a specific container, you can run: docker inspect -f '{{.State.Runnin

Javascript object-oriented vs. Pure jQuery and data storage

My current style of programming is OO javascript using the Class.extend function by John Resig: http://ejohn.org/blog/simple-javascript-inheritance/ This has been fine but I find myself writing numerous setters and getters that only get used on init.