Call Controller Method from the Angular Js Range

JQuery to Directive I want to call a method from the scope of this directive but can't seem to work it out (if possible). $("my-directive").first().scope().loadData(); Directive Looks Something Like This I would like to call the loadData functio

View loading spinner when user tries to sort data

I need help modifying my jquery tablesorter plugin. I am using the plugin located at <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function() { $('table').tablesorter({ }); }); </script> I had help fr

Quick Collection for a look up in .net

I have a the following requirement to develop and am wondering what the fastest collection I could use in .net would be. "To search a static collection of strings to find all string that start with a given string, the string can be in order". Wo

Java: Should all static methods be synchronized?

I have a friend who said that all static methods should be synchronized in the context of a Java web application. Is that true? I have read many other stack overflow pages regarding this. What I have come to believe is that you only need to synchroni

Table Inside Bootstrap Grid goes beyond the grid

This might be hard to explain. See plunker: This is to mock an application that I am working on. In col-xs-2, I have a side panel/menu. In col-xs-10, I have a table that displays user for the data.

Creating list view elements with rounded corners fails

I am developing an application which has a List View in it. I want each List View item to be round cornered. I have tried to do so but I failed to achieve my requirement instead of each item in List View the entire List View became round cornered and

Rich: suggestionbox submits a partial string

I use jsf 1.2, richfaces 3.3.2 . For some reason my suggestionbox submits the value i typed (a.k.a suggestion string) and not what i clicked in the suggested list that opens. How do i fix this? <h:panelGroup> <a4j:region renderRegionOnly="fa

ORA- 00936 Missing expression from

Here is what I have; SELECT course.course_no, enrollment.grade, FROM course, enrollment, course_section, student WHERE course.course_no=course_section.course_no, course_section.c_sec_id=enrollment.c_sec_id, enrollment.s_id=student.s_id AND student.s_

Extension problem in ext 4

I have this treepanel and i want to call this.getId() method of mainpaneltree from inside "Expand all" button But all i get is method undefined.I tried to put scope:thisin config objects but no success. Ext.define('MA.view.patient.Tree', { exten

Windows - Can the console output inadvertently cause a beep?

I have a C# console application that logs a lot to the console (using Trace). Some of the stuff it logs is the compressed representation of a network message (so a lot of that is rendered as funky non-alphabetic characters). I'm getting system beeps

jquery-validation missing file folder

I am trying to add jquery-validation to a project in visual studio 2015. When I add "jquery-validation" to bower.json I see that the jquery-validation folder is added to wwwroot/lib/ but there is no dist/ folder. The jquery-validation package lo

OGRE No suitable conversion function exists

I'm having a hard time trying to get an app to compile in Visual Studio 2013. I've solved a good amount of errors but I can't find a solution for the last one. here it is: void Application::setupRenderSystem() { mState->dumpValues(); String val = mSt

Multiple groups of shapes on a single line in Bootstrap 4

Does anyone know if this kind of thing is possible? I've tried using inline-group and form-inline but then it doesn't seem to conform to fit the full grid width. Whereas form-horizontal seems to expect the entire form on one row. This code creates th

Configuring the Friendly URL IIS

I´m a noob with .NET and IIS, so, I have a system that need to handle friendly url´s and I would like to know the best strategy to proceed. So, I ask you: I need to do the follow rule: from: to:

Using a family of functions on mts objects

Using apply (or sapply) on an mts object removes its time series properties when sending to function. How should I apply same function (with ts input and ts output) on each of times series in an mts object and return it (preferably as mts) [I mean be

MySQL Trigger Update with select from another table

Just learning about triggers and I'm created the following trigger; CREATE TRIGGER `incremental_before_ins_tr` BEFORE INSERT ON incremental` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SET NEW.source = (Select source from crm_record where msisdn = new.msisdn order by dat DES

Invalid variant operation error

May aim is... I have a xls excel 2003 file... In first colums of first sheet, there are five a two b characters... With my delphi code, I want to output such that.. This file has 5 a characters, two b characters..... When I compile and run the progra

SQL Data Filtering Approach

I have a stored procedure that receives 3 parameters that are used to dynamically filter the result set create proc MyProc @Parameter1 int, @Parameter2 int, @Paremeter3 int as select * from My_table where 1 = case when @Parameter1 = 0 then 1 when @Pa

Segregating columns using the data type as a parameter

I want to know if there is a method in which we can select the columns of a table of a specific datatype in a table that has columns of various datatypes. Say a table has three columns - SSN, Name and phone number where SSN and Name are of Varchar2 a

Vector operations on vectors of different length

Let's say I have the following two arrays: R <- 101 v <- array(0, dim <- c(R,2)) v[,1] <-runif(101) t <- array(runif(5), dim <- c(5,2)) What I would like to do is to assign to each cell in the second column of v the outcome of the follow

Python .format cut a long string and add points

In Python, How can I make long string "Foo Bar" became "Foo..." by using advance formatting and don't change short string like "Foo"? "{0:.<-10s}".format("Foo Bar") just makes string fill with dotsYou'l

Return the number of 0 to Save summaries with 0 sub-records

I am using crystal reports XI. I am working with a SQL database that was created before I got here, and I can't make changes to the tables or link structure. There are 4 tables in the database that I need for this report. Table 1 - Companies || Field

SVN commit problem

I'm using netbeans and recently when i tried to commit my changes i got this error message: org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: Permission denied Commit failed (details follow): Can't move '/home/********/svn/db/txn-protorevs/1000-sk.rev' t