Pause on thread creation in Visual Studio debugger

Can I set the Visual Studio debugger to break on thread creation? (Note this is not the same as breaking on context switch as asked for in this other question: Can I set a breakpoint in Visual Studio (c++) to break on a thread context switch?)I've fo

Jump to an anchor via javascript

I'm trying to create a function in JavaScript which will take the user to a HTML anchor. The only thing is, I'm trying to create it in SharePoint within an .aspx page... I have a hidden table, which I unhide with a JavaScript function, but the table

SQL Server - Several keywords FROM?

The search term is to ambiguous for google aparently. I am looking at a SQL call and it has 2 FROM keywords? I've never seen this before, can someone explain? SELECT TOP(5) SUM(column) AS column, column FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT column, column, column F

OpenCV - Find end-of-edge points?

I'm looking for a way to get the end points of a thin contour extracted from a Canny edge detection. I was wondering is this is possible with some built-in way. I would plan on walking through the contour to find the two points with the largest dista

Get line numbers in which a certain word / text occurs

What I have: I have a file which is read line by line. These lines are not counted within the file. What I want to do: I want to count each line within ONE stream and return only the numbers in which a certain text occurs. What I have so far: public

How to connect a code in two git repositories?

I have an iOS project in my Xcode. I want to push my changes into two separate git repositories. (One is repository in our local network and the other one is a repository in my servers on Internet). Is there any options to connect the code to two rep

how to add a new world jewel in RVM?

I've a RVM stable installation and i want to add ruby-debug gem in my global set so that i don't have to install it in every gemset, that is, i want to be able to access it when i'm already inside any gemset i create i added ruby-debug to my global.g

iPhone - Text in text

I would like to have a text in a text... I mean like in the newspaper: when there is a picture, the text fits and follow the border of the picture. For example: look at the pictures... the text follows them! Is it

Make Custom: Path for Paperclip

belongs_to :attachable, :polymorphic => true ## Paperclip with amazone s3 has_attached_file :avatar, :storage => :s3, :s3_credentials => "#{Rails.root}/config/amazon_s3.yml", :path => "/notes/:id/:filename" Currently my pat

Iterating through a HASH in perl

I used: print Dumper $decoded, where $decoded is the HASH variable and I got this as the output. $VAR1 = { 'Case_345' => { 'Notes' => 'test2', 'Submit_Date' => '2015-11-21 00:53:22 UTC', 'Last_Resolved_Date' => '' }, 'Case_512' => { 'Notes'

xml - StreamResult - walk around the spaces bug

I've just faced an interesting bug. I tried to use user.home for saving path; The thing is the user.home in win xp is starting with X:\Documents and Settings\ ... sure the spaces take their place. The exception says C:\

winrt has a gesture

In the android world there is a cool utility called Gesture Builder that allows you to associate a pre-recorded gesture with a command. For example, they can do an X on the screen and it would close the app, or draw a heart and have the app send a va

Get rid of the file: /// c: // in the HTML file

I save my html in my local driver (c:/). I do the next in my html file: <td><a href="">Google</a></td> When I open it, and click on the link, it enter to: file:///C:/ How can I get rid of the f

Pass arguments with spaces contained in the variable in bash

Consider passing some set of arguments to a function, e.g.: awk -vv1="Hello there" -vv2=Bye 'BEGIN {print v1,v2}' Note that the first argument contains a space. The output is: Hello there Bye Now, I try to store the arguments in a variable. Cons

GET & amp; Command - Incorrect

I'm trying to make the command but I get an error.. URL Link: Datas.php $EM_URL = "" PageView.php <? echo '$ ?><?php print $_GET['Channel']; print "_URL"; ?><

Access the inherited method when building the base class?

I have a weird C++ problem where I'm not sure if it works correctly this way or If I missed something. There is a class A which inherits from ABase. ABase and A both have a method Generate() while A::Generate() should overwrite ABase::Generate(). Gen

Sending of multiple emails - solutions used in large systems

Previously I asked you about ways to test sending multiple emails at once. Now I would like to ask you about the solutions used in large systems - to send multiple emails at once. My question is somewhat complex: 1) I'm very curious about solutions w

In Android, how to configure the image in DialogBox?

I created a dialogBox in my Android application.i want to show with image in that dialog Box.But i Cannot create image.kindly help me. Thanks in Advance here my Coding; public void createbtnteam_adelaide() { AlertDialog alertDialog = new AlertDialog.

Font-awesome ultra hardcore with css

I need font awesome much thicker. Trying to increase only height for default icons. Something like that as in picture for icon <i class="fa fa-exchange" aria-hidden="true"></i> I already try all bold property's and font awe

Set the background / opaque of all JLabels

See my code: package hsleiden.webcat.exercise12_08; import java.awt.*; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.border.Border; public class newFrame extends JFrame { public static void main(String[] args){ newFrame frame = new newFrame(); frame.setLa

How to optimize if-statements statements?

How to optimize PHP?? I'd like to optimize this code with if-statements in PHP. $head = make_number($_GET['id']); if(isset($head)){ echo $head; } else { $head = make_number($_GET['id']); if(isset($head)){ echo $head; } else { $head = make_number($_GE

Sockets: my select () function logic has undefined behavior

I implemented a program that receives from one socket and sends/receives from the other socket. For this i use polling of select(), in socket 1, i receive data at a high data rate, while in the other socket i receive periodic message and requests to

When to use Hibernate projections?

I am a little confused about Hibernate's projections and criteria. When to use projections and when to use criteria? Please help me. Thanks!They're not mutually exclusive, you can use both at the same time. Projections are generally used in the conte

Php board cache

I have a big database, and I get data from there and stored in an array. I am working in this data, but I don't want to get every time this data from the database, I want to cache it, it's enought for me to get each 5 minutes. How could I cache an ar