Label Autopostback

I have Two Dropdown boxs in my Asp page. Once user changed the value one of a dropdown, it fire the Autopostback and display a new selected value on a label. label.text = Convert.ToString(Convert.Int32(DropDownList1.SelectedValue.ToString())+Convert.

Debugging of accidental discharges in VS2010

After watching the latest hanselminutes on 9 video, I went to our dev environment and grabbed a dump of a few different services. After opening the dump file I noticed that some were able to be debugged in Mixed mode and Native mode, and others in Na

How to get rowNum as column in sqlite IPHONE

I have an Sqlite database table like this (with out ascending) But i need to retrive the table in Ascending order by name, when i set it ascending order the rowId changes as follows in jumbled order But i need to retrieve some limited number of conta

Replace text in jQuery

HTML: <textarea></textarea><br /> <a href="#">Generate</a> <span id="output"></span> jQuery: $('textarea').bind('keypress', function(event) { var charCode = event.which; var keyChar =

Datagrid binding in MVVM and editing

I've just tried to start with MVVM after years of using code behind. I'm trying to get ThisClaimValue to update when PercentageComplete changes. ThisClaimValue is meant to show the percentage of ContractAmt, based on PercentageComplete. Either while

SBT including version number in a program

I want a program I'm building to be able to report its own version at runtime (e.g. scala myprog.jar --version). Traditionally in a maven project, I'd use resource filtering (pom.xml -> -> read value at runtime). I know there's sbt-f

How to apply an ajax call in hover?

Having imagemap with hover, showing total no. of occurrence happened under the same location. Another php page: getOccCount.php <?php $query = "SELECT COUNT(occurrence_id) FROM major_occurrence GROUP BY location_id"; $result = mysqli_query($l

Using the Squid proxy server to redirect the Web request

I am trying to set up a squid3 proxy on my laptop. I am new to all this, I was able to configure my desktop to use the proxy just as a pass through. The next thing I would like to do is redirect web requests. I've added this line in my squid.conf fil

How to store images in the sqlite database and view them?

In my application I need to display questions along with images in Android. I have stored questions in sqlite db and displaying them. I have created a folder DBimages in assets folder. Now all my images are there in DBimages folder. I have created tw

VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN / Incorrect URL

I have installed VisualSVN on our server PC,and installed TortoiseSVN on 3 other(clients) PC,I'm finding it impossible to connect to the repository created on the server,Ive tried 192.168../folder/folder etc,mapping the server IP to a "name" usi

SQL, get accounts for each date with a slight twist

I have order, and ordereditemline where ordereditemline is each line(product) in the order. Each line (product) has an associated date. (You can think of a ticket product which has a specified date) I've simplified the tables as below. create table o

How to Observe Network Changes in RxAndroid

I'm using the code given here. I put those code blocks as classes in my project's util package. And then in the main activity class I wrote this.. class MenuActivity { // Variable declaration private final CompositeSubscription mConnectionSubscriptio

Python: set the negative values ​​in the list to 0

This seems like it would be simple, but I am having an issue with setting negative numbers in a list to 0. Here is my code: def subtract_lists(list1, list2): list3 = list() for i in range(0,len(list1)): list3.append(list1[i]-list2[i]) if i < 0: i = 0

To get content with from another domain

Is it possible by this request to get specify content part by class or id. This code is: $.getJSON('' + encodeURIComponent('') + '&callback=?', function(data){ $("#content").html(data.conten

How to synchronize DB2 databases / tables on different hosts?

What kind of strategy we could use to sync DB2 database and/or tables located on different hosts? I'm searching for a strategy that I could configure some parameters (like host, port, etc.) and just write a table name. After this the tool, script, or

Comma-separated variable assignment

This question already has an answer here: Python: setting two variable values separated by a comma in python 2 answers Can someone please explain to me what line 4 is doing? 1 def fib2(n): # return Fibonacci series up to n 2 ... """Return a


How do I transform this DB::table('partners')->insert(array($data)); laravel Query to have ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE the structure look like $data['program_name'] = $program['program']['_']; $data['program_id'] = $program_id; $data['status'] = $program