Saving a file share link in a SharePoint list column

I have to save a fileshare link in a sharepoint list and i want that file to be opened when the link is clicked, the normal sharepoint hyperlink column does not work for me in this case as it embeds the http:// with the url. How can I handle this sce

Haskell Source Coding

The Haskell 2010 Language Report says: Haskell uses the Unicode [2] character set. However, source programs are currently biased toward the ASCII character set used in earlier versions of Haskell. Does this mean UTF-8? In ghc-7.0.4/compiler/parser/Le

Real-time preview in browser

I want to know that how I can view my codes in browser at same time when typing codes just like I am using sublime text 3 and chrome browser please suggest me how to achieve it..I would recommend htmledit when you type code it will produce

Importing Python to the VS function level. Module Level

When in doubt, I typically place my import statements at the top of the module. Often, this cuts down on repetition, which is nice. Is there a performance downside, though, in the case where only a single function (or class) requires the import? does

Field Mapping in BLToolkit to Class Properties

My table schema (excerpt) create table dbo.MyEntity ( MyEntityID int identity not null primary key, Name nvarchar(50) not null unique, Description nvarchar(500) null, -- these two are optional fields MaxCount int null, MinSpace int null ) Entity clas

MYSQL selects the best time and lowest clicks for each user

I'm really struggling creating a select statement that will return the record with the fastest time for each user. If there is a tie on number if seconds, the lowest 'clicks' should be selected. If I have the following records in my table user second

The php scripts are displayed as text on CentOS6.5

I am setting up a production server: CentOS 6.5, Apache, php 5.5, no panel. php is definitely running: php -v PHP 5.5.30 (cli) (built: Oct 16 2015 09:21:15) Copyright (c) 1997-2015 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2015 Zend Techno

Thread to a dict

This question already has an answer here: Convert a String representation of a Dictionary to a dictionary? 10 answers I have a string output which is in form of a dict ex. {'key1':'value1','key2':'value2'} how can make easily save it as a dict and no

Unable to override wsdl location in apache cxf 2.4.6

i have placed the wsdl files in E:/testworkspace/projectname/docroot WEB-INF src com test wsdl if i give the full path say wsdlLocation = "file:E:/testworkspace/projectname/docroot/WEB- INF/src/com/test/wsdl/some.wsdl" , it picks the WSDL file.

Java Polymorphism - Specific Example

I've got some problems with the following example (to be more precise, with one specific line). Here's the code (question follows afterwards): public class Up { public void cc(Up u) {System.out.println("A");} public void cc(Middle m) {System.out

Assertion writing for objects

This question already has an answer here: Object comparison in JavaScript [duplicate] 10 answers I am trying to create an assertion method that the objects in question contain only scalar values (i.e., simple values like strings or numbers). It is OK

XSS without server involved - is it dangerous?

We've been discussing about a client-only solution in javascript that provides means for a site visitor to annotate a page for printing and it's exploitability in terms of XSS or similar attack vector. Rationale: There's a potentially long process ch

Unable to access label

I'm a total beginner at iPhone development so I have a little question: This is my viewcontroller.m // // ViewController.m // Conversie talstelsels // // Created by Stijn Hoste on 16/11/12. // Copyright (c) 2012 Stijn Hoste. All rights reserved. // #

Obtaining Data from the PHP File Using Ajax and JQuery

Im trying to get data from my php file using success function(data) When im using console.log(data) i get; true/false/exists But i cant make a if statement, if i do it dosent alert!! Heres my js file function ajaxCall(username, email, password){ $.aj

Get Word Frequency from Vector In c ++

I have googled this question and couldn't find an answer that worked with my code so i wrote this to get the frequency of the words the only issue is that i am getting the wrong number of occurrences of words apart form one that i think is a fluke. A

C # The zero value type generates garbage

Does a Nullable value type generate garbage? For example: A struct is not created on the heap but on the stack because it's a value type. But when that struct is made nullable, is it still a value type and still created on the stack? I ask this quest

Crossover assignment operators?

It's time for my first question now. How do you cross assignments operators between two classes? class B; class A { public: A &operator = ( const B &b ); friend B &B::operator = ( const A &a ); //compiler error }; class B { public: B &

Fill an html div with json data received from a server

I need to have a html div populated with the json data received from the server which is a json-rpc server and it retruns an application/jsson-rpc content type and i can see the result in the chrome and firefox dev tools... I need to view it as part

VB newline escape char?

In C I use "1st line 1\n2nd line" for a newline, but what about VB? I know "1st line" & VbCrLf & "2nd line" but its too verbose, what is the escape char for a newline in VB? I want to print 1st line 2nd line I tried u

Formatting the Output of a Tree Map

I have a TreeMap that looks like the following when printed private Map<Double, Double> map = new TreeMap<Double, Double>(); System.out.println(map); output: {1=2.9, 3=5.4, 5=98.4, 4=90.1, 2=87.7} I'm wondering how I can print the map to look

How to specialize in a projection of type in Scala?

Statement of the question Consider a type T that contains an abstract type member A: trait T { type A } I'd like to create a class that takes a T0 <: T as a type parameter, but specializes on the type projection T0#A. For example, in the following, c