Summarizing the month columns to exercise with SQL Server

I want to summarize a table that is mostly made up of a sequence of months. Each month's column has a header in the format of MMMYY. I need to dynamically summarize this table by fiscal year. Our fiscal year starts in November, so the input to output

SQL: user variable increment for each row

EDIT : my question is not clear, so I've reformulated it here : Order sql result by occurrence of a set of keywords in a string I'm improving my search system for my website. I'm trying to use and increment variables in sql request, like that... SET

Replace string characters with javascript

I have a string like (which is a shared path) \\cnyc12p20005c\mkt$\\XYZ\ I need to replace all \\ with single slash so that I can display it in textbox. Since it's a shared path the starting \\ should not be removed. All others can be removed. How ca

SQL Server User History History

I need to run a query that pulls a user(s) query history to determine long running queries. This information will be pulled every 5-10 minutes and stored in a table for a weekly report to run against showing the top 10 longest running queries. I was

Recover data from and display in a table layout

I am able to retrieve the data, according to the logs, but not sure how to display them. I have created an activity with a table layout and tablerow with a textview to display the categories. any help would be appreciated. Logs: If you just want to g

Joker boolean While / If

Sorry for the question but i am bad in jquery. I created a menu on my website which is openable with a click, and i want while/if this menu is opened that the opacity is 0. I created a variable var IsOpened = false; //bool and in my function: $('#sid

SQL syntax error, PHP simple form connection problems

I have a simple form that inserts data in a table on my server. I have set up a special user to handle this, with insert permissions only. I'm getting connection and syntax errors. Here's my form: <form id="form1" name="form1" metho

Core Data: Persistent Store works in Xcode but not on a device

I am using Core Data in my iPhone apps. It works fine when I use it in the simulator but when I deploy it to device, the value of my Core Data store is not found to my application. If I insert a value on the iPhone it finds the value in Core Data. I

Why do I have to type the getline (cin, string) code twice?

need your help in getting user inputs. I want users to type a string that has spaces. i cant use cin>>variable as the space in between makes the problem go wrongly. if i use getline(cin,string_variable) it works correctly. but i need to type twice i

Why does the shell script give me too much argument error?

#! /bin/bash if [ !\(-f new.bash -o -d new.bash\) ] then echo "Neither" else echo "yes" fi it works but leaves an error: /file_exist_or_not.bash ./file_exist_or_not.bash: line 3: [: too many arguments yes BTW, Why the inner parenthesis

Jquery Validate what image clicked

I have a form with 5 icons and I want to validate which one is clicked. I thought to add a hidden text box and write a rule which checks the value of it. This works on form submit, but I need the error message to be cleared on clicking the correct im

Twin Slider control .net

Has anyone seen a good twin slider control for .Net (Win forms or WPF). I'm looking for something that will allow me to select a range from within a set so the first slider would be the start of the range and the second would be the end. I remember s

How to edit a downloaded file in CodeIgniter

I am uploading an .ini file using CodeIgniter. Once I upload the file I use PHP's INI parser and get the file contents as an array. Now I want to edit the contents of that file. How do I do it? My Code: function do_upload() { $config['upload_path'] =

Class not found with maven JDBC mysql

I'm getting the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ${jdbc.driver} whilst trying to set up a netbeans maven project which can switch between MySQL and hsql by activating different profiles. It gets connection data

Prevent from hiding Abbr Tooltip on the click

When I use the <abbr> element, I typically add a dotted border under the abbreviation to indicate that more information is available: The tooltip takes around two seconds to appear*, and since it's not immediate, it seems natural that a user would c

Android: How to Highlight EditText Programmatically?

requestFocus() moves the cursor to the edit box, but does not highlight it. I want to highlight it like as if it was touched. How can I do this?Try this: _field.setSelection( int startIndex, int endIndex); The first parameter startIndex is the point

Vertical alignment in a single div

This is a very simple question, but after a few hours surfing the web I've realized that probably I'm not getting the concept. I have: <style> #more{width:190px; height:44px; border:1px solid #CCCCCC; padding-bottom:3px;vertical-align:middle;} </