Implement Barcode Scanner in Android

I am making an application in android which read the bar code scanner. Is there any way i can implement the bar code scanner? The application should open the Camera and take an image of BarCode. After Scanning it gives me the code that i will send to

Searching for MySQL keywords in multiple tables

I have three tables in a MySQL database used in a music library application: The Genre table has columns: id title (string) The Album table has columns: id genre_id (foreign key to title (string) artist (string) and the Track table has colu

Tinymce clicks on a text box?

Im trying to implement a click on a textarea in tincymce through jquery but it does not seem to work. Anyway around this. I am not getting any areas Thanks $('textarea').click(function( event ){ alert('trigger'); }); you can't do that in that way bec

Get an orientation device in the iPhone for Opengl Es

I'm trying to convert the geomagnetic and accelerometer to rotate the camera in opengl ES1, I found some code from android and changed this code for iPhone, actually it is working more or less, but there are some mistakes, I´m not able to find this m

Java EE 7 Form Based Authentication

I'm currently working on a web application based on Java EE 7, PostgreSQL and the application server GlassFish 4. I need to implement a form based authentication, and to secure some URL knowing that : the users and the roles/groups (whatever they are

The border of the IE image will not disappear

I have an image with the following CSS: #index-img { border-width: 0; border-style: none; } Yet the typical blue IE image border still appears. It's not a cache issue, as I've cleared it. Any ideas? It's kinda annoying.If you're talking about IE10 -

Recovering data from the JDBC database to Jtable

Hi I have successfully linked my jTable to JDBC database. However, I am having trouble retrieving them. I want the saved data to appear when I restart the program but it is not working. alarm.setText(""); DefaultTableModel model =(DefaultTableMo

Convert a single character (hexadecimal number) to integer in C

So for an assignment I have to convert a character (0-F) to an integer (0-15), 0-9 works fine, but if any letter is given, it prints a random number: For C for instance, it gives 19, for D is returns 20. This is my method: int char2int(char digit) {

Coping with obsolete methods in Android

I'm currently building an app targeting API 23, with a minimum API of 19. In API 23 some of the methods of the android.widget.TimePicker component was replaced. For example: TimePicker.getCurrentHour(); was replaced by: TimePicker.getHour(); Now, whe

query sql to bring the last record to a group

I'm trying to bring the last record in a group. This is the query I tried to work with but it's bringing the first record in the group. SELECT "hba"."ID", "hba"."session_number", "hba"."u_c", &qu

Use FetchMany and Select in Linq to query NHibernate

I have Personne (person) entity with sub collections Polices and Procedures. I want to load a batch of Personnes with those collections loaded as well, using the power of Future queries. But! I was asked not to duplicate the columns of Personne in th

Double column in ASP.NET

A dataset will be shown in 2 different columns. Can I use for this the repeater-control or is there a more appropriate control ? Does anyone know a good example?You can use a Repeater, a GridView or a DataList. The easiest way to show a dataset in co

How to dynamically set the background color for InkPresenter

I added an InkPresenter in XAML. How to I dynamically change its background colour? Is this workable? ImageBrush ib = new ImageBrush(); ib.Stretch = Stretch.Uniform; ib.ImageSource = new BitmapImage(new Uri(@"/Images/WhiteBoard_1000.jpg", UriKin

Open with & hellip; a java program

I want to know how to make a java program that can be used to open stuff up. Ex: notepad++, win zip.... Do I have convert the jar to .exe first? Also, does the file chosen get passed in to String[] args? By the way, I know that it works with cmd but

JAVA - Interface Return List

I have this problem, I'd like to return a list of interface and implementation class only after the if block. public interface Lotto { } public class LottoImplSecond implements Lotto { } public class LottoImplFirst implements Lotto { } public class M

How to call an ASP.NET WebMethod in a UserControl (.ascx)

Is it possible to place a WebMethod in an ascx.cs file (for a UserControl) and then call it from client-side jQuery code? For some reasons I can't place the WebMethod code in an .asmx or .aspx file. Example: In ArticleList.ascx.cs I have the followin

selecting multiple labels as windows

suppose I have drawn 1000 labels on a windows form in like a grid formation and each label is uniquely identified (eg: S001, S002,...S999) in a 10 by grid formation. Would it be possible to draw a rectangle around some of the labels and thus selectin

Struggling with the lengths of JS paintings

I have this piece of code, when you look at it it would seem that the logic should run as follows: I create 3 empty arrays, I add one value to bankSelectedData, I print out the values, obviously bankSelectedData is now 1 and bankSelectionArrayCurrent