PHP, MySQL DB memory and memcached

I've a site which is running in a shared host without memcached. So, how about make a MySQL memory DB as object cache just like memcached?I would say that if you operate a website that would need memcached, you shouldn't be running it on a shared hos

Sinatra app in the form of Rails 3 subpath

I'm trying to get a sinatra app as a subpath in my rails 3 app. Specifically, the resque queuing system has a sinatra based web interface that I would like to have accessible through /resque on my usual rails app. You can see the project here: http:/

Jsch: how to keep the session alive and up

I'm writing java GUI program for static route management using SSH. My code is as follows: import com.jcraft.jsch.*; import*; public class Konsep { String status; static String username; static String hostname; String inputcommand; String ou

Escape of several characters "%" in Android

In <string-array name="versions"> I have this beast of an entry (boiled down to a reasonable minimum to reproduce the effect): <item>100% foo 40%bar</item> which produces these errors: Multiple annotations found at this line: -

EXCEL-VBA Change a range with a loop

Set rng = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("B2") I have the above and would like to run a loop that changes the range I use/evaluate. I have tried variations of the following. for x = 2 to 10 Set rng = Worksheets("No-Funding").Rang

Avoid object aliasing in Python?

I am trying to write a function to check whether a list is sorted (returning True or False). How can I avoid multiple variables pointing to the same thing? def is_sorted(t): a = t a.sort() When I do that, it sorts both a and t. How can I avoid this?H

How to access application settings when using the Facebook sdk

I've decided to integrate new facebook unity sdk, so far I've been using custom web page with embeded unity player. I've configured Facebook App by enabling "Unity Integration Enabled:" and providing URL of Unity Binary with my application. Ques

Run the Windows 8 or 8.1 phone emulator without using Hyper-v

As you know , for running wp8.X emulator , hyper-v is necessary and this feature is on windows 8.X pro version . so now i have windows 8.1 standard . i wanna know is there any solution for that , without buying windows 8.X pro version . for example i

Eclipse stdio.h error

I just downloaded eclipse and made a new c project. This is my code: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("hello"); } It's giving me an error saying that stdio.h library is not found. How can I fix this so that my code runs and compiles?

Nonlinear Video Editing Tool / API?

Can anyone recommend a good library that would enable me to write an application that can blend multiple input videos into one output video (for example into a split screen). I don't care about the programming language (C, C++, Java, Ruby and Python

Jquery - Deleting the flyby before the animation ends

Here is the code: $('.rightside').click(function(){ if($('#clickForm').is(":visible")) { $('#clickForm').hide("slide", { direction: "left" }, 500); $('.left_slider').animate({left:"0"}, 500).css('background-image','

How to enter IP: PORT with regex?

Okay, so I'm creating a small IP:PORT scraper in PHP. Problem is that I'm pretty unfamiliar with RegEx. So I've been piecing together what I can. Here's what I've got: /\b(?:(?:25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.){3}(?:25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0

More optimal way to combine more than 100 images together

Python3.4 PIL I am combining 100+ 16x16 tiles together to randomly generate terrain for a test app and save as a .png file for storage. My concern when testing is that I am receiving the following finish times: 100x100 map(1600x1600 pixel) = 1.16 min

Strange behavior of an elementary CUDA code.

I am having trouble understanding the output of the following simple CUDA code. All that the code does is allocate two integer arrays: one on the host and one on the device each of size 16. It then sets the device array elements to the integer value

Recovery of specific data

I am new to xcode.. and I would love to learn about retrieving data from XML.. This is a draft code that I have been stucked with for days.. I manage to display a list of XML codes XML CODE: <find> <set_number>038881</set_number> <no_

Ruby IDE (from a background of Visual Studio)

For a university I was advised to learn Ruby before starting. I have a strong .NET background (with C#) and would like to find an IDE for Ruby. I'm currently very familiar with/used to VS2010 and VS2012. Which IDE has the most similarities with Visua

How to get json data in python

I have this code , in this code i get a json object from a url(ajax) and i need to get internal data, this is my code: url = URL_BASE9 req = requests.get(url) statusCode = req.status_code if statusCode == 200: html = BeautifulSoup(req.text, "html.par

circular references between javascript functions

How can one define a pair of functions that call each other in Javascript so that JS-lint does not complain that 'factorial' is being used before it is defined? function factorial1(n) { return factorial(n); } function factorial(n) { return n === 0 ?

Exercise 39 of the LPTHW problem understanding loop

I'm working through Learning Python The Hard Way and I am having some trouble understanding, and finding information on, a certain loop in the exercise. Here is the code. statesAbbrev = { "Oregon" : "OR", "Florida" : "FL

make my mobile created for free on tumblr

Im trying to make my tumblr mobile friendly. As in when i go to the site on a mobile it will look and act the same as the main site but then smaller. At the moment its way too big. I have tried making @media codes in and out of .css. I have also adde

JavaMe: generation of random numbers of 14 positive digits

I want to generate a random number of 14 positive digits only and I use the below function for it: public void random() { Random number = new Random(); long l = number.nextLong(); number.setSeed(System.currentTimeMillis()); long num = Math.abs(number