Obtaining data on components jj knockout

I have seen many examples across the internet about how to display data with knockout js components. The params feature makes it easy to pass anything in to display. But nowhere have I seen how you can get data out of a component. How does one data-b

Ruby on Rails - possible at & ldquo; Group by & rdquo;

What I have is 3 collections of objects and 2 associations. My objects are "Owner", "Jockey" and "Horse", and the associations are OwnerID(Owner)->OwnerID(Jockey) and JockeyID(Jockey) -> JockeyID(Horse). Owner Name **Ow

C mathematical pointer with structures

Trying to learn pointer math better I wrote this code. The intention was to increment the pointer threw the structure and print it's members. I know how to print it's member easier ways but would really like to know how my pointer math is messed up.

Waste Values ​​and Buffer Differences in TCP

First question: I am confused between Buffers in TCP. I am trying to explain my proble, i read this documentation TCP Buffer, author said a lot about TCP Buffer, thats fine and a really good explanation for a beginner. What i need to know is this TCP

C ++ Random Graph Generator Library

I wanted to ask if you know a reliable library to generate random graphs in C++. I have some restrictions like a maximum number of nodes and a maximum connections per node. thanks in advance AltoberConstruct a random set of edges (node-node pairings)

How do I view HTML in ASP.NET MVC 2?

I am writting an application to store HTML pages in a database. I would like to have a "preview" button to show the page. What is the best way to display the HTML page on a MVC 2 view page? Are there any web page viewers that work with MVC? Than

Complex JSON to MySQL via PHP

I'm aiming to put a selection of info from a JSON result into MySQL via PHP. The specific issue I'm having is with accessing specific info from the JSON result, as it isn't a simple list format. Here is a screenshot of the kind of structure I'm talki

spring data jpa query to limit

This question already has an answer here: setMaxResults for Spring-Data-JPA annotation? 6 answers I have query as such : @Query("select a from Ability a where a.eventLogic = ?1 AND a.abilitySetId = ?2 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT ?3") BUt i get an erro

The bootstrap3 calendar does not work

Bootstrap datepicker is opening the calendar before even selecting the calendar and in the calendar it is also not possible to select any date as well. html --- <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"> <h6>datetimepi

Delete std :: thread after calling join?

I have some code that dynamically allocates a new std::thread from the C++11 <thread> header, like this: std::thread *th = new thread( /* my args */); Some time later, I call join: th->join(); Since I dynamically allocated the thread, do I also n

How to search for a string from a file in java?

I have written a program to download a file in java. Now i need to search for a string in that file and if the search is true it should notify through email. And furthermore have to schedule this program.. Needed HelpWell, you've got several differen

How to get query plans (showplan.out) from Access 2010?

I'm trying to figure out how to execute a dynamic append query in Access 2010 against an ODBC database table (see question 12592953) and someone suggested enabling the showplan debugging output: techrepublic link. But Access 2010 / accdb databases ap

php preg_replace replace each occurrence in a multiple match

I have a string which contains multiple * to represent a show rating. As people may use an individual * to represent something other than a rating, if there are two or more together (e.g. **) I will assume that only these represent ratings. I want to

Performance I / O in mzscheme

Being a Linux administrator, I used to write my scripts in Bash, TCL and, less often, in Perl. Just out of curiosity, I tried to write something in mzscheme, but what I found out was that the performance was so much worse. I cut the script to simply

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError although does not use all the memory

I'm running some Java code doing some crypto stuff and it gets a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. I modified the eclipse.ini from -Xmx1024m to -Xmx2048m. I opened the task manager and I run the app again and I saw that the JVM is consuming all the 2048 MB

What is the best network implementation for my application?

I am in the planning phases of a project for myself, it is to be a single and multi-player card game. I would like to track statistics for each person such as world rankings etc... My problem is I do not know the best approach for the client - server

Html.LabelFor labelText with HTML

Currently it's returning the HTML as a string. Is there an easy way to get this to properly output HTML? @Html.LabelFor(m => m.DisplayName, Html.Raw(Html.Partial("_Tooltip", new Tooltip { Title = Model.DisplayName, Description = "This is

The NET assembly adds extra ANDs when the bool setting is TRUE?

The following code written in C# in VS2010 for .Net 4.0: bool b = false; has the following disassembly: XOR EDX,EDX MOV DWORD PTR[EBP-3Ch],EDX which makes perfect sense. However, the following code: bool b = true; has the following disassembly: MOV E

Returning Overlap Date Records in SQL


Form Validation Joomla Missing Error Message

I am trying to develop my first component for Joomla. I have installed Joomla 3, and things are going pretty good. I want to add a form validation (client side) on the frontend, where I have a submission form. My code is: <?php // No direct access to

Open file: is this bad style Python?

To read contents of a file: data = open(filename, "r").read() The open file immediately stops being referenced anywhere, so the file object will eventually close... and it shouldn't affect other programs using it, since the file is only open for