Viewing custom messages in MiniProfiler

I have added miniprofiler and am able to see the timings for all requests. Can I display trace messages (or any other custom information for that matter) using Miniprofiler. Please help on the possibility. I'm Using it in MVC3 .net C# website.You can

Should I rewrite this LISP macro or modify it?

I try to write a macro, which given a name could be supplied in the function myfunc to create a class and make an instance of this class. Here is the code: (defmacro define-class (class-name) `(eval `(progn (defclass ,,class-name () ()) (make-instanc

Reassign a Java variable to a conditional state

I've got a variable, which is initialized and then dynamically reassigned in a conditional; as such: int a; if(b > 5) { int a = 10; } else { int a = 1; } It gives me this error: /path/to/file:4 a is already defined in int a = null; Why can't I reassi

Optimized python mode

Python can run script in optimized mode (-O) that turns off debugs like assert and if I remember also remove docstrings. I have no seen it used really and maybe it is just artifact of the past times. Is it being used? What for? Why isn't this useless

Comparing Enum values ​​for sorting

In a project I have an external enum (generated from a service reference). So I cannot change the enum values. How can I compare those enum values to each other in an effective way? Here an example for an enum public enum Values { A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Prevent the user from checking the check box by using JavaScript

I have following test checkboxes. A user can select any checkbox in any order. My question is how I can use javascript/jquery to prevent user to select checkbox randomly. I would like user to click first checkbox, than second and so on. ‚Äč1 <input typ

Solve the equation with a set of points

I have a set of points. Basically, I have P = f(t). I have, let's say, 50 measurements. 50 values of P, function of the time. And these values follow an established law. What I have to do is to find the values of the parameters in the law, that's all

Bland-Altman in Python

Is it possible to make a Bland-Altman plot in Python? I can't seem to find anything about it. Another name for this type of plot is the Tukey mean-difference plot. Example: If I have understood the theory behind the plot correctly, this code should p

Inherit Java class from Luaj

Is it possible, in Luaj, to have a Lua class extend a Java class? I tried using getmetatable() on the binded class but apparently it returns nil. Here, Wizard is a Java class binded to Lua, and SetupWizard is the Lua class that I want to inherit from

Log4net Error Overview

How to catch an error form log4net? I have a program with log4net. The log4net is set a MySql server as repository. If it fail to connect to the MySql server, it will print many technical statements to console but I don't want to show them. Therefore

pyplot: extend the margin at the bottom of a figure

The following screenshot shows my xaxis. I added some labels and rotated them by 90 degrees in order to better read them. However, pyplot truncates the bottom such that I'm not able to completely read the labels. How do I extend the bottom margin in

String separated by a separate comma NSString

I have a string as category=AC,Credit,Entertainment,Bars; I want to separate this string from comma in ns array for example myarray=(AC,Credit,Entertainment,Bars) myCategory=[restaurantInfo objectForKey:@"specialCriteria"]; NSMutableArray *newAr

VBA 6 + how to export the variable button to the button

I created the following VB6 code and I created two controls on my form - Combo1 (listbox) and Command3 (a button). When I select an item from the Combo1 list I assign a string to the form scoped variable param and display it in a message box and then

How to make a simple table join in Grails

I'm kind of new to grails and I'm having a lot of trouble with joining two existing tables through domain objects that have been created off of those tables. Does anyone know how to do this in grails? Here are what the tables look like and an example

Should I use Background Worker for this?

I am building a windows phone 7 application and I have a refresh button on my view. I also have a label saying when the view was last refreshed. I want to update the label once every minute but not sure what to use? Should I use a regular thread or a

How to install PyMongo

I am currently trying to install MongoDB driver for Python on my Mac OS X (mavericks). But when I run [ Dsl ~/Documents/python ] sudo easy_install pymongo I get the following output Searching for pymongo Best match: pymongo 2.7 Processing pymongo-2.7

PHP mysql_num_rows & ldquo; no results & rdquo; message?

I have a MySQL keyword search on my website and it works fine. The problem is when someone searches a keyword I haven't added, nothing shows up on the results page. Instead of nothing showing up I would like to have a no results found message. So I u

Can anyone help me find the output? it is in C ++

Can anyone help me find what the output is?? this is in C++... homwork A variable x globally defined in your program is assigned the integer value 3. A variable x defined in a function named f_name is assigned the integer value 5. Answer the followin

Edit the XML column using MS SQL

I've these 2 XML which is stored in 2 tables. Question XML <Question> <Choice ID="1"> <Value>Choice A</Value> </Choice> <Choice ID="2"> <Value>Choice B</Value> </Choice> <Choice

[Code works] How to shorten my code? Rock = / = rock?

I'm trying to make a simple 2 player game on python 2.7 . The program will determine the result of a rock, paper, scissors game, given Player 1 and Player 2's choices. The program will print out the result, score by each player and the total number o

Changing the Boolean value in another method?

When I use the following code in Java 8 within NetBeans it doesn't seem to work well. For example, in one method I create the following: boolean isGuessCorrect = true; It is then passed to another method where it can be used. However, if I then have

Ubuntu: command hadoop not found

I am trying to check my installation of hadoop. I did create the environment variables and when I call printenv, I do see my HADOOP_HOME and PATH variables printed and correct (home/hadoop and HADOOP_HOME/bin respectively). If I go to home/hadoop in