Can I use kernels in GPU from C # WITHOUT code change?

I realise there are several questions on this subject but I believe my angle is unique. I have a mature C# app that I use for scientific number crunching. In the code I start 24 C# threads on my 24 HyperThread (i.e. I have 2 CPUs each with 6 cores/ 1

Mod_rewrite and Dynamic URLs

i know this is a common question but i cannot figure this one out. I have the following URL: What i wish is the URL to be:

How to load the text file into a sort of variable table in Lua?

I need to load file to Lua's variables. Let's say I got name address email There is space between each. I need the text file that has x-many of such lines in it to be loaded into some kind of object - or at least the one line shall be cut to array of

Marshalling XML file to Java pojo / domain object

I have an old Access database that is basically one flat file. I want to migrate the data to my new whizzy, object oriented, hibernate based wonder-app. The data is available as an XML file, and I want to map to three separate java pojos. I planned o

Update the DOM element with the specified data

I'm using DOM to create element and my question is how I create path like below FieldType Abstract="false" Name="New Entity0" m:HasStream="false" I have created tag with <FieldType> but I don't know how to proceed with

Jquery - Disable Button and Input with dynamic names

I have the a table structure similar to this, but a lot of other nested stuff above and below. I need to disable the button and link (or possibly change the button visibility, instead of disabling it?). The button ID and anchor names are dynamic (val

Replace white space by two in a datetime string for all files

I currently run some python code to output a set of values alongside a datetime string, into approx 400 text files. The outputs have different values but the same format. I have changed the format of the datetime string at some point to have a colon

Change the button text when clicked (plus / minus)

Using bootstrap 3 CSS, font awesome CSS, and the latest jQuery JS files. I am using javascript to hide/show a div of content on top of another div of content when a button is clicked. HTML <div class="col-sm-4"> <div class="HSconta

Managing JSON publishing data in PHP

I receive JSON post data .... {"split_info":"17076370","customerName":"Lahoti","status":"failed","error_Message":"fail.","paymentId":"17076370","produ

How to delete milliseconds from timestamps with sed?

My input file is as follows: 12/13/2011,07:14:13.724,12/13/2011 07:14:13.724,,LasVegas,US I wish to get the following: 12/13/2011,07:14:13,12/13/2011 07:14:13,,LasVegas,US I tried this, but with no success: sed "s/[0-9]{2}\:[0

How to Access the Nested JSON Key and Values

I am trying to access the key and values of my nested array like this: var obj = $.getJSON("mydata.json", function() { console.log( "load success" ); }); Object.keys(obj[2].type).forEach(function(key) { console.log(key, obj[key]); });

Python PIL - Does the function to divide mix two images?

EDIT: Code is working now, thanks to Mark and zephyr. zephyr also has two alternate working solutions below. I want to divide blend two images with PIL. I found ImageChops.multiply(image1, image2) but I couldn't find a similar divide(image, image2) f

Compile the socket of the error program in java

I've begun learning socket programming in Java. I have copied code from and run it in Eclipse. But the compiler gives me an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception. This is my code: //File Name import

to make a JSON file from the user input

I'm trying to use JSON as some kind of database for my application. So the user adds an input and it's written to the JSON file, then when I need that information I can loop through the JSON. I'm using 'fs' to write the JSON format of my object insid

Qlik Sense, separate count of a sum

I am trying to create an expression in qlik sense to get the count the distinct number of ID's where each prod is added up and is greater than 0. Qlik sense expression so far, but wrong: sum(aggr(count (DISTINCT ID), PROD1 + PROD2 + PROD3 )) I'm not

I can not insert into my database rails

i can't insert to my database whats is my problem? it's bowling game and i have two tables with name "Player" and "Result" view <%= form_for player_new_path(@player) do |f|%> <div class="text_field"> <p> <

How to store void * in a stack c ++ container

I'm using a library written in C and the library provides headers which only use void*. The library is used to create a kind of graph, which is stored inside the C data-base. The headers return void* to the nodes in the graph. To create the graph, I

PHP error when inserting into MYSQL with arrays

I have a script which inserts all data in array to MYSQL. But when there is just a single word in the array, the script gives no error, while when there are multiple words, it gives a Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 Here is my code <?

Maintain OneToMany links with a form

Imagine these 2 entities Intervention - items # OneToMany (no cascade) addItem() removeItem() Item - intervention # ManyToOne When I'm doing an Intervention I want to select the Items concerned. I use an Intervention form in which I can attach/unatta

Java getClass method with matrix types

So I've run into something odd and I don't know what it's called so I'm having trouble finding out information about it, hence my question here. I've run into an issue where if you create an array of any type and call getClass on this array in Java y