XSLT - extract a string in parentheses

I have a node <example> Test1 (10) test2 (20) ... </example> And i need to transform this to: <example> Test1 <number>10</number> test2 <number>(20)</number> </example> Therefore i need a function that will

Copy file, unwanted file

I have the following code for copying file: var copedFile = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PathToFirebirdDB"] + ".001"; using (var inputFile = new FileStream( ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PathToFirebirdDB"], FileMode.

Set the background color for the scope of the search bar

There is a default grey area for UISearchbar view. We can see the grey area while scroll down. I need to set backgroundColor for the grey area. I have added UISearchBar to UITableView header. And there is a refresh control in the UITableView. Now the

What is the difference between STACK and TOP_STACK?

I am using ┬ÁVision IDE - Keil, and there is a .map file, which includes an Image Symbol Table. I am confused with "STACK" and "TOP_STACK". (Image below) Why isn't the "TOP_STACK" pointing at the same address as "STACK&qu

Favicon not displayed by Firefox

I DO know this question has been asked at least a thousand times in this website alone, but I HAVE read many of those threads, I DO consider myself very knowledgeable and rarely ever ask anything, instead prefer to do my own research. However, THIS i

Alternative DONGLE for cloud software

Our software is currently USB dongle-protected. If we want to run it in a cloud environment, obviously that's no longer an option. The cloud itself would be under control of our customer - they have already set up such an environment. Are there any g

View iPadApparque and presentModalViewController problems

In the iPhone, I have a tableview, and touching the cells, I have one method calling presentModalViewController, and opening another view, with email and this kind of stuff. When the user press the cancel button, the viewWillAppear method in the prev

How to access controls in an iframe using WatiN?

I am trying to access a checkbox within an iframe, using WatiN in C#. The documentation suggests using this: var frame = browser.Frame(frameId); However, I have tried that format, like this: var edUsrFrame = browser.Frame(Find.ByName ("ctl00_ContentP

How to compile code in C # Dot Net running?

So I would like to compile a whole folder of .cs files and then create a DLL file and then use that DLL in my project on runtime. I searched the internet and found out CSharpCodeProvider can help me in this. But what got me confused is that most of t

Unable to insert the byte [] in MySQL using java

Following is the code I have used: byte[] bkey = key.getEncoded(); String query = "INSERT INTO keytable (name, key) VALUES (?,?)"; PreparedStatement pstmt = (PreparedStatement) connection.prepareStatement(query); pstmt.setString(1, "test&qu

How to add the Atlassian Bamboo variable in PowerShell?

I'm having hard times to figure this out, I have the following powershell script , simple one: $BambooPath = 'C:\StartFolder\*' $RemoteWebPath = 'C:\DestFolder' Copy-Item -Path $BambooPath -Destination $RemoteWebPath -Recurse I wan't to replace in $B

Jquery ui - Autocomplete - UTF8 charset

im working on this jquery data entry form in which i need a specific field to be autocompleted with data from mysql i got everything working, autocomplete retrieves data from the sql through php matching is great in english/latin characters problem i

Loading data in Neo4j from csv

I'm uploading iteratively nodes and edges from several csv files, one per node type. Loading nodes works well, but loading edges does not always work. Indeed, some of the nodes have numbers as identifiers - if so, all nodes of that type have numbers

Sign in to Google Account via an app

I want to create an application that would allow the user to login to Google without going to the Google page. Is there some guidelines on how to do this?No. The whole point of logging in with google is that google does the authenticating. Your users

The menu will not appear on Android

Hi i'm trying to show the menu when the user presses the menu button. I'm using the code from the Documentation but the options menu won't show up. I guess i should have a listener for this menu button, but how?? This is my class so far: public class

Where was I wrong to topple a table in Java?

My Code: public static int invertieren(int[] werte) { int[] werte1 = new int[werte.length]; for (int i = 0; i < werte.length; i++) { for (int j = werte.length - 1; i < j; j--) { werte1[j] = werte[i]; } } return werte1[0]; } This is my code, I develo

C # Development with Mono

I have a webservice.asmx file with a webservice.asmx.cs If I make changes to the file... How do I reset Mono, so that it will pick up these changes? I have tried an apache restart - but this only restarts apache, not the mono engine. It seems mono sc

C # TableLayoutPanel Replaces Control?

I was wondering if it was possible to replace one control in a TableLayoutPanel with another at runtime. I have a combo box and a button which are dynamically added to the TableLayoutPanel at runtime, and when the user selects an item in the combo bo

How do I add a class to the first PHP element on WordPress?

I've created a custom post type that utilizes Twitter Bootstraps carousel. I did some modification and can't seem to add the class 'active' to the first element. The place I'm trying to modify is on line 53 Pastebin code EDIT: So I'm following this t

C # Parallel.foreach - Make the variables secure

I have been rewriting some process intensive looping to use TPL to increase speed. This is the first time I have tried threading, so want to check what I am doing is the correct way to do it. The results are good - processing the data from 1000 Rows

printed media queries and stylesheets are ignored

i'm having an issue with a @media print {...} in my css. i want the left navigation bar to not display when i print the page. when printing, i currently see the crude image on the right while i would like to see the crude image in the middle: screen

Paypal integration with java

i want to know how to integrate paypal payment gateway with java. I need steps or sample codeThere's a complete Java SDK for the Classic API's as well as the new REST API's at http://paypal.github.io/ Additionally, "paypal payment gateway" doesn

How to create a hidden field with Sencha?

I'm try to make a hidden field on my code with ST 1.1, but I've error in console log. I have this code: var hddNumClient = new Ext.form.Hidden({ xtype : 'textfield', name : 'hddNumClient', id : 'hddNumClient', value : '' }) I need to create a hidden