Indocument GUI code written in a text editor

I am looking for recommendations on how to proceed given my situation. I have been tasked with modifying the Java Swing GUI of an application to incorporate some back-end stuff written in C++. The program already does this and my work is to include n

Translate js to C #

Need assistance with translating JS to C#. Original script: var target : GameObject; var fadeDuration : float = 3.0; function Update(){ if (target.GetComponent.<Renderer>().material.color.a > 0) target.GetComponent.<Renderer>().material.col

Lumen: Migrate - No such file or directory

I have a naked installation of the newsest Lumen version. php artisan migrate results in the following error: DB_HOST= instead of DB_HOST=localhost solved the problem!

Threading simple, why does this happen? (C # WinForms)

I'm currently exploring threading implementation in C# WinForms and I created this simple app: I'm just wondering why the memory usage of this app keeps growing after I start, stop, start, and stop again the application. I'm having a thought that my

Multiple Headers and Sources

Hey. I have this in a header file: struct something { int a; int b; }; int all[25][9]; This header file is included in all 3 .c files that I have on my project. One of the files (the main file) has the main function and the others have functions that

Picture of Byte Array does not show with Angular

I'm trying to display an image from byte array using Angularjs. I have tried each of the solutions I've found on the web, but none of them are working. Currently, in my HTML, I have: <img ng-src="data:image/jpeg;base64,{{company.imgCompanyLogo}}&q

Adding time in PHP

I am pulling a datetime from a mysql db and i would like to add X hours to it then compare it to the current time. So far i got $dateNow = strtotime(date('Y-m-d H:i:s')); $dbTime = strtotime($row[0]); then i tried $dbTime + strtotime("4 hours");

Find the Hex string substring

Well i got a socket that receives binary data and I got that data into an string, containing values and strings values too. (for example "0x04,h,o,m,e,....") How can i search for an hex substring into that string? I.e. i want to search "0x0

query sql giving an error

I have a sql query and it is giving soem error saying "Group" is not used correctly. I am using one of the sql wraper creted to interact with db2 tables. Can some one please guide me what is wrong.I can not use PIVOT so tried this. with CTE as (

How to add an item in a multiMap?

I'm using a multimap to sort my words by length. The integer is the word's length. I was wondering how I can add words to the List. Map<Integer, List<String>> mmap = new HashMap<Integer, List<String>>(); Say I have two words, "

Provide alternative images if Adobe Flash is not available

Are there any ways providing an alternate GIF/PNG image, in case the user has no Adobe Flash installed and/or deactivated. I've found recommendations, like the following from W3C, which determine via JavaScript the existence of Adobe Flash on the cli

How to detect a click of a grid in an iframe?

I have to put a grid inside a iframe. I select a row then the detail is loaded in the main page hosting that frame. How to do? An image is better than 1000 words. I want to reproduce a master-detail view like wufoo. The "black" grid is inside of

PhoneGap: Make a phone call in the app

Is there a way to initiate a phone call within an application using PhoneGap? I know it's possible to use tel: hyperlinks to invoke the dialer, but this means that the application is paused. I'm trying to get this to work from within the application.

How do I create a single property of a template to update?

My viewmodel has a property called Recipient. That has a Property called MobileNumber I'm trying this in MVC 2: UpdateModel(viewmodel, new[] { "Recipient_MobileNumber" }); // I expected this to work I also tried "Recipient.MobileNumber"

Java, how does it add to arrayist work?

I am trying to get more familiar with java recently. A question occurred to me which I couldn't find the answer online. I am wondering when java adds an element to an arraylist, is the added element associated with a variable name? For example in the

How to open a C # (Minidump) dump

Our C# application calls MinidumpWriteDump upon an unhandled exception. I have received some crash dumps from users where i cannot seem to open the crash dump with SOS and see the exception that caused the crash. The dump type we're taking is MiniDum

How to get an object from PK in the Django model?

Inside django template, I would like to get object's name using object's pk. For instance, given that I have pk of object from class A, I would like to do something like the following: {{ A.objects.get(pk=A_pk).name }} How can I do this?From the docs

Javascript converts a URL to a BASE64 image

I am building an Ionic2 app. I am trying to convert an image url to a base64 image. I have found this which I am trying to make use of. I have the following code: var imgUrl = ''; let base64image =

Compile files without certain substrings

I'm new to bash, I was wondering how I would go about compiling files in a certain directory that don't contain certain strings in name. So say I have as my files in directory. How do I compile files t