Error: the corresponding MyUser request does not exist - Django

I am trying to include the username in the url, but I can no longer logout without getting this error: It traces back to this line in u = MyUser.objects.get(username=username) Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Here is my @login_requi

How to validate the settings in yii2?

How validate parameters in yii2? I try, but not work validate: I want validate in BaseData parameters - $key_active = '0', $login = '0' class MyController extends Controller { public function actionMy($key_active = '0', $login = '0') { $model = new M

Ruby via RVM fails

In constant battle to install Ruby 1.9.2 on an RPM system (OS is based off of CentOS), I'm trying again with RVM. So once I install it, I then try to use it: [[email protected] ~]# rvm use 1.9.2 Using /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p136 [[email protected]

Joomla 3.1.5 own module with database, sql ignore

I try create simple module for Joomla 3.1.5 Module in no problem install but code in sql install file is ignored. When I uninstall module uninstall script work. My code in instalaction sql CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `#__mylist_songs`( `song_id` int(1

Bash: Expansion variable in Single Quote / Double Quote

I want to add a variable ${date} in the following bash script: ffmpeg -i in.flv -vf drawtext="fontfile=Sans.ttf:text='Today is ${date}':fontsize=6" out.flv Obviously, ${date} won't expand in single quote, please also note that there is a double

Password hashed twice during editing - CakePHP

I have a user edit View. When people access this view it has the hashed password in the password block. If you click save, it (obviously) hashes the password again, due to this being in my User model. public function beforeSave($options = array()) {

How to send Android GPS coordinates to MySQL every 5 seconds

I'm trying to get GPS coordinates from Android and send it to MySQL database. Everything is working well, but the program enters into unlimited loop :because I used While (true) to updates the GPS coordinates and send it to Database every 5 secondes.

The Couchbase client is too slow on the production server

We recently purchased a new server for our project. After that I've noticed a performance problem with Couchbase client. Then I wrote a simple load tool to compare performance on different machines: internal class Program { private static IMemcachedC

How can I add the css to my project mvc?

I'm making a project mvc and I found a free css template and I trying to add to my project but I don't get successful Result. In the folder "Content" I have the files css. In the forder "View/Shared" I have a _Layout.cshtml wit

Highcharts: How to extend the x-axis beyond the last column

I have a Highcharts column chart with a couple of columns. Fiddle: The design calls for the x-axis to extend to the right, far beyond the last column. Any ideas how I would do that? This is what I'm aiming for: coff

The htaccess rewrite rule does not work

All, I'm trying to redirect the hits via htaccess redirect scripts. Below is my htaccess scripts. Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteR

WebSite - download link

I'm just playing around with HTML, and wanted to create a link to access a file in a particular location on the disk (not on the disk where the source code of the web page is located). I have tried to do the following: <a href="D:\MyDoc.pdf"&

How to Substring the String Using jQuery

I am using jQuery I have got below in my string str = "Michael,Singh,34534DFSD3453DS" Now I want my result in three variables. str1 = "Michael" str2 = "Singh" str3 = "34534DFSD3453DS" Please suggest! Thanksvar strs

PostgreSQL Group Command Set Totally Wrong

This is the correct ordered array with MySQL: [ [1330210800000, 1], [1330297200000, 6], [1330383600000, 10], [1330470000000, 2], [1330556400000, 5], [1330815600000, 9], [1331593200000, 2], [1331852400000, 4], [1331938800000, 8], [1332111600000, 8], [

My jQuery ajax does not work

Just started to learn jQuery ajax today, followed what tutorial said but it did not work. HelloWorld is the method name, but it seems not be recognized as a method name but a page name based on the error message. jQuery $(document).ready(function ()

Query showing only the returned value

I built a form to collect data in a couple different categories and I'm having trouble getting it to return all the values associated if multiple submissions are made with one person. I can query this looking for all the people that like "pie" f

Adding a new Namenode data directory to an existing cluster

What procedure do i need to follow to properly add a new NameNode data directory (, to an existing production cluster? I have added the new path to the comma-delimited list in the hdfs-site.xml file but when i try t

cast uint8_t array to uint32_t array, alignment is disabled

I am trying to cast a uint8_t array to uint32_t array. However, when i try to do this, I cant seem to be able to access every consecutive 4 bytes. Let us say I have a uint8_t array with 8 bytes. I would like to access byte 2 -> 6 as one uint32_t. The