Define a local image in JavaFX HTMLeditor

I'm looking for a way to use JavaFX HTMLEditor's setHtmlText to add a local image. I can add a remote image no problem: HTMLEditor editor = new HTMLEditor(); editor.setHtmlText("<img src=\"\" width=\"32\"

How to force a table line to wrap_content?

I am trying to build a really simple TableLayout, with 2 columns and an undeterminate number of rows. In the first columns, I put a TextView, which MUST BE written on 2 lines : <string name="param_period_data_rec_text">PĂ©riode d\'acquisiti

Invalid subtable returned from Linq

Preparing data for jqGrid I get an unexpected array of cells for the subgrid. The simplified code looks like: var result = new { total = 1, page = 1, records = qstList.Count(), rows = qstList.Select(( c, i ) => new { Id = c.QuestionId, Text = c.Text,

Ruby -v showing the wrong version

I installed Ruby with homebrew following these steps everything was great but then I found out the developer i'm working with used Ruby 2.3.0 and when I try to run rails server to get started, it complains about that whole move from Big Int to Intege

Styling the Android viewview with matrix list adapter

I have written the code for creating a list out of some arrays shown below! code runs properly and output is as expected! update for people with same prob: nice tutorial for custom listview public class MainActivity extends Activity

Performing gcc steps manually, compiling, assembling, binding

If you have a simple C program, like int main(void) {return 0;} It can be compiled with gcc -o test test.c. As I understand, gcc performs compiling, assembling then linking. The latter two steps are achieved by it running as and ld. I can generate th

Check dual combination of inputs

<div> <!--first combination--> <input type="text" name="color[]" value="red" /> <input type="text" name="size[]" value="small" /> <input type="text" name=&quo

Run a program on Linux Server Over Putty?

I recently just set up a program on a Linux Server over Putty. I want this program to be running at all times and was wondering how I could do this without having to keep my own computer on at all times (because if I close Putty, the program is also

Data posted - ngResource AngularJS

Hello ! I develop a RESTful webapp with AngularJS, I use the ngResource module to send http requests. The webservice is developped with FuelPHP. I'm having a problem to creating a resource with the $save method of ngResource. My web service doesn't r

Removing dict if found in a new list in Python

Say I have a dictionary with whatever number of values. And then I create a list. If any of the values of the list are found in the dictionary, regardless of whether or not it is a key or an index how do I delete the full value? E.g: dictionary = {1:

AJAX - timed mySQL queries (please wait)

I need to make an AJAX page which queries the database on page load and then every 5-10 seconds after that. In the meantime I will display some kind of waiting page (maybe with a animated gif to keep my customers entertained :) ) I am working with pa

Country-specific calendars java

can anyone give me pointers to a library/way of getting country specific calendars. THis is because I am looking to implement Quartz and would like to use different calendars for different countries. THank youHave a look at this -> http://icu-project

Allowed characters in the Name property of UserDefinedProperty

I'm adding a custom property AT FOLDER LEVEL in Outlook 2010. MAPIFolder (and Folder) object has a property named UserDefinedProperties where one can add custom properties, but the problem is that these properties are not meant to store values with t

Android sqlite creating a database error

i am newbie with android sqlite database. now i just try to create my custom database manager and i got the error at oncreate() function. I already spent 3 days to figure it out but unfortunately i am still stuck in it. Any brilliant idea would be ap

by looping the values ​​of an ArrayList into C #

I'm trying to figure out what sort of information these messages contain that are being streamed via OSC. The messages are being stored to an ArrayList. Here is the code: public void OSCMessageReceived(OSC.NET.OSCMessage message){ string address = me

Matrix manipulation to extract some sub-columns: reverse idea

I have a matrix M and a cell X as shown below. A contains unique column vectors of M(1:3,:). A is introduced only to explain what I want, this is not an initial data. I try to modify the program below so that instead of finding the column vectors of

Form JQuery that changes colors and borders

I'm having a rough time coding a form that uses radio buttons to select a new font color and border for H2 tags on a webpage. I've pasted my code below - any tips? Thanks! <script src="

allocate memory for table 2d c

I've been reading a lot of the posts about allocating memory, and I think that I understand the concept, but I have been told that I have to use an approach that looks something like this: double ** malloc_array2d(size_t m, size_t n) { double **A; si

Convert UTF8 to int16 to javascript

I read a binary file (of 16bit integers) in my node.js code and send it to client using connection.sendUTF(data) of websocket. At the javascript code of the client side I receive an array of UTF8 and would like to convert back every pair to an int16

SQL maintenance cleaning task running but not deleting

I have a Maintenance Plan that is suppose to go through the BACKUP folder and remove all .bak older than 5 days. When I run the job, it gives me a success message but older .bak files are still present. I've tried the step at the following question:

Set the selected value for a drop-down list in GridView

I have a dropdownlist in my Gridview and I am binding a datasource to the gridview. Though all the records are displaying properly the dropdown value is not selected. How do I set something like <%# Bind("Country") %> for a dropdownlist in