How to create a route

I want to use URL such as /Image/sample.png I create route, but it does not work, it say "The resource cannot be found" What is the problem? (action GetImage is in controller home) routes.MapRoute("Image", "Image/{id}", new {

Is there a more pythonic way to build this dictionary?

What is the "most pythonic" way to build a dictionary where I have the values in a sequence and each key will be a function of its value? I'm currently using the following, but I feel like I'm just missing a cleaner way. NOTE: values is a list t

`Return` in Ruby Array # map

I have a method where I would like to decide what to return within a map function. I am aware that this can be done with assigning a variable, but this is how I though I could do it; def some_method(array) do |x| if x > 10 return x+1 #or wh

Cucumber Cleaning

SO Folk, Anyone around these parts know if you can keep Cucumber from cleansing test data at the end of a run? I've a few tests that continue to fail and I'd like to have a look at the data backing those tests... Any ideas? Thanks! Cory WilkersonIn y

Animation and Opacity ListBoxItem

I have a Listbox with styles, including Listboxitem with styles. I am trying to create an animation that changes opacity from 0 to 1, to make items show on the list. I've managed to do this with the following code: <Style x:Key="ListBoxStyle1"

What is the name of this concept?

I have a negligible attention span, and since I'm immersed in La Vida Powershell at the moment, my code will be formatted as such I apologize in advance if this has been discussed elsewhere, but since my problem is that I don't know what this is call

Ajax does not work with Href (solution)

I was having many problems trying to find the reason of why my ajax function was not working on Safari, Chrome and sometimes Firefox, but worked very well on IE. I made a little change, and everything start working perfect (in every browser), but I s

How to invalidate particular sessions?

I want to invalidate few particular sessions that i saved using "httpsession".Is it possible to invalidate selected sessions and keep the remaining sessions alive?there are two way to invalidate session in servlet/jsp 1--session.invalidate(); 2-

DOS-based printing via ASP.NET

Well my situation is like this: I am generating a report as a text file at the server which needs to be printed using DOS mode on a dot matrix printer. I want to avoid Windows printing because it would be too slow. Is there a way in ASP.NET through w

If the instruction does not work as expected in ASP Classic

I have an if..else statement that will display whether or not the student is qualified to go for competition based from the value in database. But, my code is not working correctly. My code is as follows: <% If (rs_view.Fields.Item("StudentStatus&

How to run a DLL as a service?

I know how to write a dll and how to write a service and how to run a dll with rundll32, but now I want to write a dll that install as a service in windows I don't know if that's possible or which function in dll should be exported? How can I install

Tkinter calls only after_idle once

I am new to Tkinter, so I apologize if this is easy, but I have search for a couple of hours and can't figure it out. What I want to do is after the mainloop is idle, I always want to call the function checkForGroupUpdates(). When I run the code belo

Is the debug variable passed to the python interpreter?

In a script of mine I am using a Python module and I know I can turn on that module's DEBUG prints by just doing: LOGLEVEL=DEBUG python I am new to (real) debugging, so this is for sure a stupid question. What's the name of this kind of v

Compare two tables and highlight different values

Hi I have two tables Test1 and Test2. One is a copy of the other so they have the same columns (ID, LastDiaryEvent, Impact, Prority, Status, Name) and values. Test1 gets an update and changes a value in one of the columns (say Status as an example).

Openerp-How to delete the editing option on the image?

I have this related image (read only) field and in the form view once I click on edit that particular image field shows edit option in it. Please Help me to remove it Field:- 'emp_img':fields.related('employee_id', 'image_medium', type='char', relati

Add an element to an associative array PHP

1=>america,2=>India,3=>england Above is my associative array. How can I bring 3=>england to front of the array?Use array_pop and array_unshift. $lastItem = array_pop($array); array_unshift($array, $lastItem);

What are the best practices for handling JavaScript errors?

I'm looking to start making my JavaScript a bit more error proof, and I'm finding plenty of documentation on using try, catch, finally, and throw, but I'm not finding a ton of advice from experts on when and where to throw errors. Should every piece

Global static variables in Python

def Input(): c = raw_input ('Enter data1,data2: ') data = c.split(',') return data I need to use list data in other functions, but I don't want to enter raw_input everytime. How I can make data like a global static in c++ and put it everywhere where